The material of cutting tool of high speed cutting

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Although we always hope to get having tall hardness already in order to assure the wearability of cutting tool, again tall tenacity prevents the disintegrate of cutting tool, but the cutting tool material that current technology develops to had not found so superior performance, the fish cannot hold concurrently at bear's paw. Accordingly, we can be in actual in choose righter cutting tool stuff according to need: The tenacity of material of first consideration cutting tool when rough machining; The hardness of material of first consideration cutting tool when finish machining. Diamond, cubic nitrogen changes the technical long-standing of boron and pottery and porcelain, their common characteristic is hardness tall, brittleness is big, cannot bear bigger impact. Signal of function of cutting tool material and in recent years the development of film technology, make fine grained hard alloy is in maintain its taller tenacity while, raised its to fight high temperature and the ability that fight concussion load, apply for high speed cutting more economic cutting tool offerred a technology to assure. The skill of Tiger · Tec that like Waerte the company establishs (we weigh Chinese for " tiger razor blade " ) , used special film technology to make the around knife face of bit appears respectively black and aureate two kinds of color, the join structure between film of alumina of face of face of the knife before passing improvement again and fundamental film enhanced the strength of film, the ply of layer of oxidize aluminous film got buildup, of bit fight high temperature capability to rise greatly. Because the unit of bits condition is cut to change when high speed cutting, tiger razor blade from basically suit to machine cast-iron treatment, patulous to suit cast-iron treatment not only, suit steel as much treatment. CNC Milling CNC Machining