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Make bigger, lighter, more the trend that saves oily plane, the manufacturer that supplies chain to the aviation of acumen people created really opportunity. Manufacturer people the capability that needs to have taller treatment titanium -- also include to machine new Ti 5553. On the dreamy plane that is 330 people of 210 ~ in new capacity carrying a passenger, titanium, steel and aluminous content are equivalent to 3 times what board generation plane. Once the landing gear with high strenth qualitative rolled steel, turn titanium into alloy nowadays; Once aluminous qualitative airframe, turned into today composite material and titanium alloy; Bridge, slippery lever is made this kind by 300M of high strenth steel before, now can be Ti 5553 or Ti 10-2-3 material pledge, but this still is not all. No matter you are in,the which place of the plane discovers composite material or plastic, find the element with titanium adjacent in chemical periodic chart metal probably, because adjacent element has as more similar as titanium heat,expand characteristic, reach better combinative strength with matching with titanium alloy. Above developed a trend to had caused the difficulty that aircraft component creates. Because even if below optimal cutting condition, machine most the titanium alloy that often machines, its handling time also is met decuple at machining aluminium alloy, fourfold at processing high strenth steel. Normally, every purify unit of a bulk, treatment titanium alloy needs to consume more power, need bigger torque. It is new Ti 5553 next (molybdenum of vanadium of 5Al aluminium, 5V, 5Mo, 3Cr is chromic) alloy, the Ti 6Al4V tower above that its intensity compares the main trend 35 % of 20 % ~ , but treatment difficulty is latter however is fourfold. As the growth of the application of Ti 5553, the production of the plane makes corresponding also ground encounter obstacle. The obstacle is best business chance well-known, titanium is to be compared a metal today by the high strenth weight of favour. This rate means weight reduce, the fuel efficiency with this will direct taller translate into lowers greenhouse gas discharge. Pardonable say, the growth rate outclass of the application of titanium is other metal, and the evidence that does not have go no further. The market demand that machines titanium is to rising certainly, this is clearly, if your palm accused,process the technique of titanium so, became correct market fixed position, so, basic lock decided future. But the difficulty that machines the difficulty of titanium to compare treatment aluminium or stainless steel mostly. Its machine the reason with inferior efficiency is many sided. Its high strenth is meant need to consume higher power, ability generation cuts bits. And stretch model quantity is relatively inferior, in treatment, compare at aluminium or steel, the trend of blade of titanium deviate cutting is bigger, accordingly, bit needs to take sharp cutting blade, in order to ensure the dimension common difference of workpiece. Unless cutting blade keeps sharp, reach in feed otherwise when retreating a knife, face of the knife before bit is easy occurrence crescent moon is depression. The low coefficient of thermal conductivity of titanium means cutting area heat in metal cutting more concentration, bring about attrition, cold welding thereby, final generation accumulates bits tumour phenomenon, this is harmful to cutting tool and workpiece. To this, series of the milling series that Yi Sika company has opened those who issued whole set to be used at titanium alloy to machine, turning series and Kong Jia work. Can say none exaggeratively, when these cutting tool are machining mainstream titanium alloy, rate of its metal purify can compare average level tower above 40 % above. Cutting tool analyses the common characteristic of these forward position cutting tool: Very sharp cutting blade, cutting blade passivation handles the generation that accumulates bits tumour with defer; Helix cutting blade, make cutting tool cuts work light; Heat-resisting coating holds concurrently with the refrigeration inside cutting tool belt via is designed, make cooling fluid nonstop cutting area, make in order to reduce cutting area heat in metal cutting jointly. Optimize the choice of matrix: Below successive cutting or idealer cutting condition, the matrix with optional much better wearability; In bear to pound load or be in rigid not below the cutting system of beautiful, hang greatly extend, interrupted cutting arises brace up below quivering circumstance, choose the matrix with much better tenacity. The purpose of two kinds of choices, it is for pursuit have but the long cutting tool life of foresight. So cutting tool needs to retain the reliable treatment that counts day continuously, is not just with minute will check for the unit. The report report that comes from an aviation industry to produce handlers of a gleam of goes out, it is alloy brand newlier IC380 merely, when machining titanium alloy and super alloy, life of every cutting blade improved bit one times. When milling titanium alloy, the form of two kinds of typical invalidation of bit is: Collapse blade, hot tearing arises on cutting blade, cause bit life reduce. Produce collapse blade to prevent cutting blade, yi Sika developed a tenacity tall, solid hard alloy matrix. Answer cutting condition not the thick mill treatment of alloy of the titanium when beautiful, use the matrix with tall tenacity to be able to prolong cutting tool life effectively. In a few application, comparative at other any hard alloy brands, life of its cutting tool can be amounted to 3 times longer even. To aerospace industry, the output of component is so important. Another safeguard of cutting tool dependability comes from at bundle demon coating (SUMO TEC) technology, this technology 2007 underside city, coating aftertreatment technology makes coating surface slick, improved cutting tool performance, reduced the attrition of cutting area. Current, this coating technology applies Yu Yisi extensively already to block milling cutter, lathe tool, aperture to machine cutting tool, in order to answers the treatment of titanium alloy. Come from the feedback report of the airframe manufacturer that updates cutting tool at first to show, renew bit name merely, machine titanium alloy airframe, can promote cutting tool function effectively 25% ~ 40% (graph 1) . The treatment composite material of graph 1nextpage composite material is used at making high-powered product, and application is wider and wider. Basically use in the requirement to pledge gently, in the wing that needs to hold industry of strong numerous and new-style aerospace below astringent condition and airframe component. Composite material is made in advanced product in have distinct advantage, but unless treatment course is reasonable,control, otherwise composite material is damaged very easily also. Result from the property of composite material: Blame all qualitative, anisotropy, enhance its by abrasive component solid sex, the treatment that compares metallic data so creates difficulty much, and because of this classify is embarrassed process data. Composite material workpiece is in treatment process, suffer easily cannot susceptive harm, and of cutting tool wear rate tall also be to make a person cannot be accepted. Operate not careful or the operation is undeserved, the treatment process of composite material may damage workpiece (if ground floor is statified when bore) . The milling cutter of forward position, boring cutter can offer complete solution to process composite material, yi Sika's PCD (diamond) cutting tool, because its wear away small and be accepted generally by the user. Newest progress should machine reaction engine component, be based on advanced cutting tool, choose different better solution, can shorten greatly handling time and reduce amount of use cutting tool. Overcome afore-mentioned treatment difficult problem, can use the cutting tool of new series, use at the cutting tool below high-pressured refrigeration condition namely, cooling pressure 70 ~ 120bar. Use this kind of cutting tool to be able to promote cutting speed 2 ~ 3 times, and won't shorten bit life, marked improvement cuts bits figure. This series cutting tool is weighed for Jet HP series (HP= high pressure) , at present standard knife has ISO lathe tool, turning - grooving knife and cut off knife set (graph 2) . Graph 2 nowadays, the machine tool manufacturer of the mainstream but basis user demand, for the high-pressured pump of level of the put inside the machine tool, can realize cooling pressure 60 ~ 100bar. Provide the modern machine tool of high-pressured pump, use correct cutting tool, the user can get a lot of benefit. Profit is as follows: Cutting rate is higher, the appearance of improvement that cut bits, maintain temperature of treatment process low cutting, longer bit life. Aperture processes the new project that cutting tool company throws, in treatment domain and global development trend keep consistent, offer the most effective, tall productivity to reach settle way suitably. Updated DR-TWIST set, use more advanced bit appearance to process aluminium alloy work, bit norms is SOGX, take 4 cutting blade, can place directly hold at standard DR-TWIST drill pipe. Bit periphery is ground make, cutting blade is very sharp, coil to bits chamfer is treatment aluminium alloy only and be designed. Use this bit, the high accuracy that in safeguard aperture machines while, but great raise cutting speed and feed. Bit surface polish is handled, make a generation that can avoid to accumulate bits tumour phenomenon when bits, improve bit life of every cutting blade, maintain high accuracy to get at the same time cut expression. This series also can be used at machining titanium by the proof. Helix shape drill pipe, intensity is high; Big helix angle discharges bits chamfer, discharge bits easily; Combine special alloy brand, below the premise that machines precision in the cutting tool life that keeps identical and aperture, can achieve higher cutting rate. SUMOCHAM bundle demon chameleon gets set, rigid and much better, bring up chamfer of bits of helix angle platoon, the chamfer that discharge bits is bright and clean degree tall, platoon bits is fluent. Clip holds ICM knife head, can use at machining titanium alloy and Inconel alloy, in the precision that maintains aperture while, can get taller cutting parameter. Additional, knife head clip holds a system to make knife head life longer, same drill pipe can change knife head number is more, for more economic solution. Machine aluminium alloy, use ICN knife head, because its are big before the chamfer discharging bits of horn and polish, make the control that cut bits much better, restrain the generation of phenomenon of the tumour that accumulate bits. When undertaking bore with a reamer cuts an operation, introduce Bayo-T reamer series, machining the Kong Shi of diverse demand, can choose the reamer head that different form makes. Serve as what operate easily, economic solution, can use at treatment all sorts of by treatment material. And the reamer head that is used at machining titanium alloy, to be not coating brand, bring up before horn, special oriented role, cut in order to ensure bore with a reamer of high speed big feed. CNC Milling CNC Machining