Prejudicial aperture is machined on lathe

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Graph 1 graph 2 show 1 times like the graph, a kind of spare parts that is my factory treatment, prejudicial set, its requirement and outside round offset is 25 ± 0.

02mm, and the parallelism of requirement axes is in 0.

05mm, beat roundly outside degree for 0.

04mm, for this, we design a kind to suit lathe to machine this prejudicial covered clamping apparatus. Clamping apparatus is shown 2 times like the graph, it waits for composition by body of fixed position axis, clamping apparatus and gland. Its design a principle is: Clamping apparatus body and inside aperture has an offset 25 ± 0.

02mm, its are prejudicial directional as it happens and workpiece are contrary, good treatment outside the circle inserts the aperture inside clamping apparatus body, pin with gland, mix clamping apparatus body, gland with bolt flower disc 4 coupling are together, locate those who contain Mohs taper the axis inserts aperture of person lathe main shaft next, be together flower disc and coupling of lathe main shaft with fixed position axis. Through treatment of this clamping apparatus prejudicial Kongji satisfied blueprint to ask, assured product quality again. Note: (1) is putting work before body of person clamping apparatus, ying Xianqing is washed clean, dispel burr. (2) divides prejudicial aperture outside, treatment of the others place comes blueprint dimension. CNC Milling CNC Machining