Vertical machining center machines aircraft carrier to use cam

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DCN international namely French shipping is built bureau began in May 1994 bear build 38000t class to wear aircraft carrier of tall cornopean nuclear power, entered the water to enlisted in army 2000 in July 1998 surely. Through various effort, aircraft carrier entered the water in May 1999 eventually. Because flight deck is shorter, so the length of rope of block the way has 320ft(1ft=30 only.

5cm) , shorter than U.S. Army aircraft carrier 25ft. American engineer had done the data analysis below the poorest condition, when as a result plane of indication E-2 early-warning is descending may deviate center, its front-wheel drive will stop in the foremost edge of board of travel of inclined Xiang Fei, such since descendent risk factor is higher. Although security got accepted, but because flight deck length is insufficient, air man is anxiety-ridden to this still, french authorities also considers care. Graph 1 staff member is looking at blueprint discussion to machine medium detail expert to point out, its make the cam on successive and rotational valve the flight deck that norms and length are 320ft is not tie-in. Main function controls cam namely the force of block the way of the rope, if cam off quality, risk may produce when opportunity for combat descends so. The expert lets American Lai overcome the production division system of base of Hess spy navy to make the new cam of a qualification. The production department that American Lai restrains base of Hess spy navy provides archetypal production support, engineering capability the research and development of maintenance of design of analysis, blueprint, ejector and relevant equipment, and have detect newly technology. Although warships faces contractor break a contact and other emergency, they also can solve a problem quickly to assure the normal movement of ship vessel. Via test and verify, 4340 beforehand sclerotic steel agrees with cam production. Above all, software of use Mastercam of a few staff members graphical piece changes dot of 500 many data to be inputted next in the computer; Clamping apparatus of another some of responsible development, administer the treatment that provide and checks sample. A staff member wrote 18 programs to include more than 2700 code, this assured the accuracy of treatment. Assume Bencijia to be versed in the machine of the task is machining center of vertical of Ha Si VF-4. The staff member says: "Although the program is trival, but Ha Si VF-4 has an user friendly model interface and can compatible other program, undertake storing initial to carry out when need next. " graph before 2 staff members are watching treatment process, the cam of this kind of dimension has been machined without the person in the group. If use the number of 1~10 to chase class to show the complex rate of treatment, so in level of this kind of treatment 10 it is the superlative degree namely. Because time is close, this difficulty is very so great. Whole process resembles the job that is an artist. The staff member says: "The accuracy of last pace cut matters to the success or failure that workpiece machines. " as the slick cam surface like the mirror, it is use diameter for 1.


The result that the razor blade of the hard alloy that mount a tooth-like part of anything of 54cm) machines. The staff member uses new method to have fixed position to main shaft, how much does the width that asks finally with measuring span more accurately still differ. Be aimed at whole treatment process, the staff member had made detailed plan, each pace has time to restrict, this closes quality to father namely. Whole process is very successful, their working schedule is compared even the most hopeful it is even a lot of better to predict. The staff member checked 300 several foothold on cam, it is perfect that the precision of cam and quality can say. CNC Milling CNC Machining