The machine that fold a turn controls a system

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● of functional brief introduction can store at the same time the mould library of 300 above, convenient debug with treatment. Clamp of ● automatic computation nods clearance of stage of mould position peace, automatic compensation loses curved pressure. ● has mould fixed position and workbench to reach the designated position detect function, assure rigid security and the accuracy that process work. This ● system is used modular, 1, control of buy of 4 position of axle, supportive pace is entered and servo electric machinery. The I/O function with powerful ● , reduce the design of machine tool circuit, increase systematic stability. ● handwheel teachs type operation, convenient machine tool is adjusted reach software process designing. ● Gao Liang spends LCD to show, in / English interface, clear and friendly. ● mechanical key-press, convenient parameter setting and function are operated. ● has I/O to diagnose a function, convenient debug reach safeguard. Company name: Numerous do a contact to promote Xi'an of limited company of numerical control technology: Liu Dalian phone: 029 - 62960652 province: Shaanxi visits a town: Xi'an city CNC Milling CNC Machining