MH500 PLUS of machine of horizontal machining center

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The fixed position of MH500 PLUS of machine of horizontal machining center of machine of Yi Da essence is changed at high speed, high accuracy, modular. Market fixed position: Industry of steam engine treatment, mould processes course of study and trade of spare parts treatment. Item characteristics is as follows: 1, structure of BOX In BOX: Structure of main body of axis of X, Y forms box of two Gao Gang sexes structure. 2, design of X axis double screw: As a result of saddle up and down two end are designed have slippery course of ball screw and linear, accordingly axial thrust can bring to bear on on average at saddle, fast to high speed feed and feed of low speed cutting can provide the biggest stability. 3, small amount high speed changes a design: Saddle weight is about general T uses the pillar weight in column structure 50% ~ 60% what can reduce the place when displacement of X axis high speed to cause considerably is inertial, achieve the possibility that high speed changes then. 4, high speed changes: Use big lead screw to design (Lead=16mm) , 3 axes are highest send speed and acceleration quickly to be MH500 Plus Vmax=60m/min A=1.



02G. 5, tall tigidity: 3 axes use tall tigidity to provide maintain implement slippery course of sex of roller molded lines (design of Roller Linear Guide) , can offer excel to be not had commonly maintain implement the rigid performance with slippery faster track of sex of roller molded lines. 6, absolutely servo: Use servo of very form Encoder, can raise treatment precision to reach considerably reduce reopen machine time. 7, APC rotates type is automatic workbench exchanges a system: Use absolutely formula servo, can achieve high speed to change reach stability demand (6.

8sec/180? , use design of type leaving place, can raise the stability when full load runs and precision considerably. 8, B axis workbench: B axis workbench collects a center to give oily design. Worm of special worm gear is designed, top rotate speed can be as high as B axis 75RPM. 9, platoon bits: Adopt the intermediate design that discharge bits, add man-hour to cut bits to fall into conveyer of lower part scrap directly, and by is rear eduction, efficiency of the processing that cut bits can amount to maximize. 10, heat changes a countermeasure: Hollow oily cold screw is designed, the heat that to screw high speed locomotive place produces changes can control effectively inside stable range, can improve mechanical precision performance considerably. Servo is motor an oil extraction cold design, can isolate the majority comes from the heat source at servo motor, reduce the fuel factor that arises to screw, raise mechanical precision then. 11, system of APC knife warehouse: Main shaft and ATC use the synchronous design that hit a knife, do not have backwater latency time completely, can reduce blame cutting handling time considerably. Door of ATC knife library uses cam drive design, synchronism of tie-in main shaft makes knife system, t-T time can be amounted to 1.

9 seconds. (Library of knife of test condition BT50/10kgf/60Hz)ATC is collected modular high capacity design, cutting tool amount chooses to have 60/120/180. Knife library uses absolutely formula servo can raise fixed position precision and rate. 12, main shaft system: Complete machine is planted main shaft adopts design of straight form type, the noise that can reduce the place when belt-conveyor effectively to arise and shake, improve treatment surface quality then. Top rotate speed can amount to BT50/BBT50/HSK100A main shaft 10000/12000/15000RPM. CNC Milling CNC Machining