The perfect union of contemporary milling cutting tool and CNC

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Technical standardization to making it is very important, because be passed only,standardize our ability with same kind the language undertakes communication, understand the limit of existence. But be in actual in, the standard also is met sometimes the pace that block up technology progresses, at this moment, we need steer clear of these limitation, introduce better solution, and the development of milling cutter is a such example. The milling cutter with CNC milling machine and process capability of machining center need and stronger versatility -- in a few years in the past, tool supplier results from namely to the development of more advanced milling cutting tool this kind of demand. In the past, when the production to large quantities of quantities, special cutting tool often is exclusive and effective solution, and nowadays, what the user needs is more quick producer style, new milling cutter idea provided the cutting tool that has more extensive process capability. The design of contemporary cutting tool and make can realize more complex cutting tool idea, use CNC machine tool to raise high yield, treatment process also becomes more credible. The development of cutting tool technology is by ISO the standard is given before milling cutter and razor blade normative, accordingly, the user is in different supplier can buy the cutting tool that has interchangeability in the hand. But should accord with a standard, also set for milling cutter and razor blade issued limitation. ISO standard appointed the appearance of bit, ply, described not only circumferential and the collet that still shows palpability is used at inserting bit and the dimension that wedge places, and cutting tool is noumenal dimension. The bit brand, abrade, design that break bits confine was in in certain limits. If user and tool supplier observe ISO standard completely, also mean them to will face serious craft and function restriction. CoroCut catling is provided undertaking widening the photograph of standard milling cutter with ISO is compared to a groove, present milling cutter concept can offer more freedom for tool supplier, optimized cutting tool and razor blade are designed, provided more powerful general process capability for CNC machining center. Introduce new cutting tool idea, make precision of treatment safety, treatment, surface bright and clean spend, the suiting that machines method to differring rate of purify of ability, metal, cutting tool is dangerous extend and high speed machines these problems to be able to get better solve. To get used to present unit operation of cargo handling and material, after course of notional milling cutter is optimized had been accepted extensively by whole industry place, for instance: Shanteweikekeleman the milling cutter of about 80% is CoroMill milling cutter. Compare with photograph of ISO standard cutting tool, the rate of metals of these excision of notional cutting tool should go quickly multiple, cutting force is a few smaller, the guiding of force direction often more appropriate. In the meantime, compare with photograph of ISO standard cutting tool, of notional cutting tool jumpy want small much, can assure less spare parts common difference, fewer cutting blade wears away. Axial and radial are jumpy the smallest, mean taller cutting blade precision, can improve the appearance bright and clean degree, acquire less spare parts common difference and longer cutting tool life. These cutting tool still can allocate treatment load more equably, can mix with lower noise, vibration wear away undertake faster cutting. The cutting tool of these contemporary notions still offerred the technology of treatment of milling of rotate speed of implementation tall main shaft, fast feed and hard part treatment, increased to realize Gan Xi's opportunity. The design character of CoroMill makes design of notional cutting tool more concise, needs adjustment and safeguard fewer, good by the cutter hub rigidity that the rolled steel with hard temper by dipping in water is machined and becomes beforehand, precision is tall, the bit that contains exact location can offer different pitch alternative, apply to all sorts of treatment circumstances. The milling cutter of sequential use outdated of use outdated milling cutter may affect the security of the economy of treatment and production badly, accordingly, use the job shops that is not contemporary notion milling cutter to be in treatment is emulative go up to be met apparently inferior at others. Mere invest in is advanced machining center or other whirl main shaft mill machines machinery, do not update the user of milling cutter and razor blade however, get can be one-sided only rise. Some production manufacturer still is using out of date up to now special milling cutter, boring cutter or other and special cutting tool, now, the progress of technology of cutting cutting tool and CNC process capability brought new development latent capacity for them. But, be only or these vintage cutting tool often are used. That is to say, each measure that machining center wants to be each component deploy alone whirl respectively cutting tool. Cut off the cutting tool of new CoroCut 3 with grooving to be told from some kind of meaning with Yu Jian, using these dimension to as if through the standard cutting tool that designs technically was to return the period that finishs boring mill treatment with the special machine tool with milling machine or axial limited process capability again. Especially to inside exterior treatment, each diameter, each surface, pour horn and groove, although dimension differs only between each other a few millimeter, need to provide a kind of cutting tool alone. Adjustable bit is used on collet, can obtain limited flexibility only sometimes. As the wide application of machining center of CNC of much main shaft, the motion of cutting tool can be restricted no longer. Accordingly, although a cutting tool cannot finish overall cutting to machine, also can finish job of a few treatment at least. Had become a quite simple issue to process designing of method of different cutting tool, and still can use diagonal and circular arc interpolation. The flexibility of cutting tool is stronger, territory is more extensive, should undertake simple procedure adjusts only the different measurement that can apply to a component go up. Cutting tool decreased, manufacturing time increased manufacturer of an Europe cross-country car to be in subsequently its horizontal machining center is flexible there is results quite after contemporary notion milling cutter was being used on product line. This product line is the axle of round of type fork-lift truck to machine the housing of different form. This transforms the one part that is project of overall beneficial result only, its purpose depends on raising transmission to fasten the manufacturing function of the component, want to produce efficiency to improve the treatment of side housing through rising especially. Before, this flexible product line uses special boring tool to undertake machining to the cast-iron side housing of different measurement. Each component know exactly about sth the internal diameter of different measurement and inside the face should undertake machining. After the course is analysed, people realizes notional cutting tool can replace a few kinds of boring tool that using, and not the dimension of aperture of bureau be confined to. For instance, small diameter grows blade cutting tool to be able to undertake interpolation, can machine the central aperture of a variety of dimension so, those who machine different measurement to need to do is to change traverse order merely just. Cutting tool has versatility to different measurement and working procedure, notional cutting tool of the standard also uses at face mill so. The handlers of contemporary turning cutting tool that Swiss type treatment uses people still think, the security that notional cutting tool lets machine a process rises to a new standard, this also is one great progress. The adjustment of cutting tool and safeguard more simple and reliable. CoroMill cutting tool uses central bolt, obtain correct torque through following the TORX spanner that add, bit easily clamp. This is not the movement with big what, but the safe sense that machines a process to safeguard is great. Used interface of compositive type of CoroMill concept milling cutter and Coromant Capto to still bring a lot of profit, for instance: Treatment installation time shortens 25% , cutting tool number decreases 50% , order and degree of manufacturing process safety is higher. New treatment method still simplified the spare parts installation on the machine tool. According to estimation, can shorten again through improving treatment the manufacturing time of 10% . The notional cutting tool that new idea cutting tool updates, if CoroMill 390 grows blade cutting tool, bit dimension is alterable, can agree with a variety of application circumstances; Still have the milling cutter of face of CoroMill Century 590 that is used technically at machining aluminium alloy. Contemporary milling cutter length blade, a few kinds of bit are provided in treatment, it is to have below machine tool power one kind of very effective metal to excise a tool. As a result of the reason of form of chamfer of razor blade of the horn before losing, the utility of this kind of cutting tool is restricted previously, basically be to be used at burden cutting. The development of cutting tool of 390 long knife provided the cutting tool with a kind of flowing fabricating characteristics, the power comsumption that can use lowest realizes tall workbench feed. The milling cutter of face of CoroMill Century 590 that aluminous material treatment uses at aluminous material to machine is cutting tool of new generation concept, its application range is extremely wide -- produce the high demand working procedure to spaceflight aviation industry from the batch of auto industry. 590 cutting tool can be chosen arrive from hard alloy razor blade a variety of razor blade of razor blade of much brilliant diamond, achievable thick to superfinishing. For quite a long time, people is anxiouslying expect the significant progress of cutting tool of aluminous material milling all the time. Of Century cutting tool roll out provided a kind of new measure, treatment performance can improve when machining all sorts of aluminium alloy, ensure craft security and quality consistency. This kind of cutting tool is machined for high speed only and design, can use at be as high as the main shaft rotate speed of 40000r/min surely. A few components, weight is used when the design light, belt high speed edge (cutting blade) bit outfit is in dentate the razor blade that arrange on, beat in order to assure the smallest. Cutting tool is used easily simply, one is used to adjust bolt to be able to undertake adjustable essence of life decides on an axial, can decrease stay machine and maintenance time. CNC Milling CNC Machining