Arnaud pushs out to squeeze shape bolt

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Heart of German A Nuo shapes technical company is new roll out Tapitite 2000 series to be squeezed oneself shape bolt. Squeeze oneself shape bolt attributes skill of join of a kind of direct bolt, can reduce the technological process segment in producing a course effectively. In car production, 15% what the cost of bolt itself occupies the join component place related treatment and this bolt to require cost, still put in a lot of spaces to be able to control cost. Squeeze oneself shape join use beforehand mould bolt aperture, the finished cost of such every join components can be reduced 0.

25 euro, do not affect quality at the same time. Use beforehand the bolt aperture of mould, leave out bore and the measure that attack whorl, and corresponding tool also becomes redundant. But if be bolt of average the metric system, machining center includes to clean bolt to join the rinsing equipment of the dot is indispensable. Additional, the pump general that the drossy place that bore generation handles in process of installation of bolt of the metric system wants and corresponding technology, and the measurement that makes sure bore dimension place needs to purchase instrument equipment, if use,squeeze oneself shape bolt, OK leave out. Accordingly, especially new-style product line, use squeeze oneself shape bolt, the investment field that can be in machining center creates the vacuum that huge cost optimizes. Additional, the efficiency on each link time raises manufacturing technological process to be produced to whole also is active cost. Of Arnaud squeeze oneself shape join company of manufacturing business bridle realized a car spare parts that has precedinging to apply successfully, bridle company basically devotes oneself to the research and development of motor component and production. Arnaud shapes technical limited company is business of production of a fastener, produce per year fastener 3.5 billion. Professional research and development and the join that produce whorl record. In the car that German churchyard produces, average every fastener that uses 250 to be produced by Anuodesheng. Arnaud is international Wuerteji's round wholy-owned subsidiary. Group of Wu Er spy is had in the whole world 314 enterprises and more than 46, 000 employee, asset exceeds 60 billion euro. CNC Milling CNC Machining