Ike this special the compositive application of XTCAPP and Windchill in equipment manufacturing industry

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Below the concussion of economic globalization tide, our country manufacturing industry is in a brand-new development phase. Regard the high end of manufacturing industry as the domain, equipment manufacturing industry centered the concentrated dot of new and high technology and advanced management pattern in manufacturing industry, it is the trade with the largest space of the profit in manufacturing industry. It is controlling the trend of whole manufacturing industry, deciding the level of whole manufacturing industry. Equipment manufacturing industry includes heavy machinery, shipping, plane commonly, generate electricity the large equipment such as machinery of equipment, large boiler, metallurgy, mine machinery, special device produces manufacturer. Create a company unlike average machine, its production mode has typical much breed, small lot, odd even or press order custom-made characteristic. The product has a technology concentrated as concentrated as capital feature, the design of the product, production, consign and installation service have certain provisionality characteristic. In recent years, manufacturing industry of our country equipment also introduced a lot of advanced techniques and product, the technical level of partial product arrived basically international level. But, the business government field that is in an enterprise still the administrative pattern of extensive of continue to use, widespread presence weighs technology, small administration, weigh the issue of hardware, light software. To all sorts of resource of the enterprise lack optimizes management effectively, quality of the labor productivity that causes a trade, date of delivery, product, production cost (impersonal labour) , congener enterprise is having capital turnover rate and respect of service water equality and international bigger difference. According to investigating statistic, the resource utilization rate of manufacturing industry of our country equipment is inferior, production cycle however with times plan. Can say equipment manufacturing industry and international are advanced horizontal photograph has very big difference than be being returned on the technology. For better service at manufacturing industry industry, assist an enterprise to realize manufacturing industry informatization, american PTC and Beijing Ike this special even if aed string of 1000 cash,the company was made for equipment manufacturing industry together the PLM solution of whole product development cycle, the Windchill system that the core of this plan depends on PTC company and Ike this particular XTCAPP product is compositive application, organize relevant data and business for the center with the product, contented equipment manufacturing industry produces the informatization demand of each link in technical preparation. The angle that knows associate company level analyses the lifecycle of component, join the relevant business circuit of craft branch, OK and clear see, technology business is component afterwards the phase of a lifecycle after design phase; Through the business flow of unifinication is being defined in Windchill, technology business does not have the complete lifecycle management that seamed the ground to blend in component, not only those who achieved business flow level is compositive, in the unifinication business that still can make technology design blends in an enterprise better. Following plan institute notify the major servicing procedure with Windchill and compositive XTCAPP: In light of the angle that never is the same as part application, following plan institute show business course: Below brief introducing the implementation process of each business segment: Determine the lifecycle position of component in Windchill above all, derive BOM gives XTCAPP the system, component entered craft phase, following plan institute show: The product structure that receives in XTCAPP (BOM) following plan institute show: Receives BOM pursues as follows: Technology design is completed in XTCAPP, pursue as follows: What XTCAPP offers technologist is scale of diagram of craft of a support / of an organic whole of editorial graph article " be seen namely earning " working platform, this platform has function of powerful auxiliary technology staff: Product and component data are OK and direct get from product structure tree, must not repeat an input to express head area information (product name. Product model. Spare parts date. Spare parts name. Material name and norms) implementation trends is shared, linkage is revised. Working procedure shift, duplicate, delete, support many pairs of line process / labor situation operates whole travel at the same time / entire line is duplicate, stickup, delete, adjust indication style to weave page of page of automatic line feed, automatic add, automatic additions and deletions, automatic number, automatically page an organic whole of second graph article, support all sorts of CAD platform with OLE means, include AutoCAD, CAXA and mainstream 3D software to provide data broadcast function, information of one office technology is changed, craft file information is changed accordingly related other offer resource data correlation to input, cite automatically data of associated technology natural resources has computational function, can install computational formula, after undertaking technologist of automatic batch computation completes these documents, after referring Windchill, the system hangs his automatically the node of corresponding product structure in receiving Windchill, undertake evaluate and administrative: Can be browsed in Windchill and evaluate craft file, pursue as follows: The document that passes evaluation is released formally and bring into Windchill system government, make controlled technology file: At the same time technologist indicates clearly the task of craft phase is finished, component undertakes next lifecycle phase is made automatically. This solution has the following characteristic: The business flow level that achieves Windchill and XTCAPP is compositive the unity that technology business the very good complete lifecycle that blended in component runs implementation product technology to intend professional work passes PTC company and Ike this special the advantage of the company is complementary with high-end product system compositive job, can better land gets used to this solution at present stage business development develops products plan, technology the design is compositive the requirement that uses with PLM, already was in MII electron the business such as production limited company of the first machine applies 54 place, Harbin successfully, the result is favorable. Be opposite as the country of informatization of equipment manufacturing industry drive further, ike this special company general is mixed with mature technology, product old informatization experience, provide the informatization service with more perfect more for equipment manufacturing industry. CNC Milling CNC Machining