Hai Dehan workpiece measures a head to improve manufacturing efficiency

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Use workpiece measures a head to be able to shorten setting time, increase machine tool working hours and the dimension precision that improve work finished product. Can the setting that the hand moves OK also and automatic executive workpiece to measure a head, measure and monitor a function. Measure a head to basically apply at milling machine and machining center, can carry out a large number of measuring to measure the task, include sheet among them production and serial production exercise measure the task mediumly. Face actual multipurpose to apply basis of design     to use a requirement, workpiece measures a head to be divided to be two old series: Workpiece of series of Hai Dehan TS measures a direct installation to be in machine tool main shaft. Usable cable or infrared ray transmit signal. The typical task that measures a head includes workpiece to be opposite, origin is set beforehand and workpiece is measured. The function that cutting tool of Hai Dehan TT measures a head to be able to be offerred according to machine tool of NC numerical control is full automatic the ground measures a machine tool to go up to still be mixed rotate cutting tool. When without attrition optics sensor ensures the   of long-term stability   that measures a head should hit dish of deviate freedom state, the optical sensor that Hai Dehan measures a head is generated spark signal. Lenticular system gathers together the beam of light that LED gives out and focusing is on differential photocell. When position of bougie deviate freedom, the spot position on photocell produces change, give out spark signal. The optical switch that is not a contact makes there is attrition between optical sensor, accordingly Haidehan measures a head to be able to maintain long-term stability. The examination measures the optical video that optics shows to     can use Haidehan to measure a head to the head leaves whether correctly or close. Monitor is passed ablaze represent be all set. Bougie deviate expresses with Chang Liang when free position, this makes the user uses a hand to move when exploring very convenient. Working hours lengthens TS 640 of   of   of one times   and edition of TS 440 standard to measure a head to use more convenient. Electronic circuit is OK after improve more economic ground works, because this changes,the working hours of batteries lengthens one times above. Now, TS 740 measures an actual working hours to be 800 hours about, TS 440 is 200 hours about. Pass next exemples to be able to mirror these improvement: Assume exploration task occupies 5% working hours, the factory works every year 220 days, a day 3, TS 640 measures a head 3 years not to need to change batteries, TS 440 is measured the head does not need to change inside 3/4 years batteries. Can use a variety of batteries     the batteries that Haidehan measures a head to be taken oneself is lithium battery. Of lithium battery change cycle is the longest. Hai Dehan measures a head to eliminate usable lithium battery outside, still can use a level alkaline batteries and charge batteries. Because use advanced electronic circuit design, although batteries voltage is very low,also can use normally. But of these batteries change cycle is shorter. TS 740, the infrared ray of high accuracy measures standard of head     to measure a head, for example TS 640 and TS 440 make sensor with optical switch. The pressure that the core component that exhibits the TS 740 that rolls out first on the meeting to measure a head in EMO 2007 is newest development infects feeling cell. When exploration workpiece, position of bougie deviate freedom, make master piece is used on these component. Variation of size getting power is generated to spark by electronic circuit processing signal. This kind explores 1 µm of ± of exploration precision ≤ , explore repeat ≤ of σ of precision 2 0.

25 µm. TS 740 measures a design to be used at taking the modern machine tool of the fast function that change a knife. Same, also won't cause the signal with controlled blame to spark with sudden slowdown quickly quickly. In 0.

The exploration precision that the TS 740 when 25 M/min explores rate measures a head than TS 640 and repeat precision taller (TS 640: 3 M/min) , because explore force smaller. But because electronic circuit is more complex, because this batteries changes,cycle measures head weak point than the standard. Brand-new TS 740 infrared ray measures a head to apply to carry out on the machine tool measure the task, because this pair measures head precision and repeatability,ask taller. Graph 1: The Hai Dehan TS 740 in the job     TS 444, of air drive without batteries TS 444 of   of   of the   that measure a head is an user to offer innovation, intelligence to change a solution: At the same time it is explored with oneself motivation cleanness place. Compress air to use TS 444 through ability of main shaft air feed only. Air flows to through awl handle measure a head and drive measures the turbine inside the head to turn. Turbine changes through handing in magnetic field generates electricity, in defending the report that issue capacitance of existence high capacity. Measure a head with convention same, ejective air is explored with Yu Qingjie place. Measure that is to say while the head charges, clean also exploration place. TS 444 measures a head not to need to install, tear open below, save or deal with any batteries. Charge time depends on pressure size: Pressure is higher, charge time is shorter. Finish to assure to be able to be inside reasonable short time charge, proposal air pressure not under 5 Bar. For example, if sky is baric,force is 5.

5 Bar, measure a head to need 3 seconds to finish about charge. After measuring a head to fill report, can undertake 2 minutes exploration. This kind measures a head not to allow to interrupt treatment absolutely to serial production and the moment of truth the application that the process has batteries changes is very useful. TS 444 measures a head also very agree with to be used rarely measure a head but the application that does not allow to cause delay for lack of the supply of correct norms batteries absolutely. Graph 2: Hai Dehan TS 444 measures a working principle cutting tool to measure     to measure cutting tool to be able to shorten on the machine tool nonproductive time, improve treatment precision and reduce increase workpiece percent defective and rate of do poorly done work over again. The 3-D of contact of TT series blame of Hai Dehan company touchs hairdo to measure head and TL series laser to measure a system for cutting tool offerred completely different measurement technique.   of   of TT 140   sparks the optical switch that signal does not have attrition by is given out, reliability is accordingly high. Disk type measures a head to change easily. Insert in measure a head to touch dish inserting a needle mediumly is a rated breakpoint inserts a needle. It can prevent effectively to operate personnel accident operation to cause damage of the physics that measure a head. Laser of series of Hai Dehan TL measures TL Micro series of   of systematic     and laser of TL Nano series to measure a system to be not osculatory ground to measure cutting tool with specified rate. Have the aid of measures what head institute takes to measure a loop, can measure cutting tool diameter and cutting tool length, examine each where a thing can be put to best use appearance and wear away and damaged circumstance. Graph 3: TT and Hai Dehan of   of   of TL   conclusion measure a head to have brand-new advantage and innovation character. Especially Haidehan measures a working hours to grow, support batteries of a variety of standard type date. In addition, the clean nozzle that Hai Dehan measures a head / rinse implement can charge to measure a head, make measure a head not to need batteries drive completely. Outside dividing standard optics sensor, hai Dehan still offers freeboard precision new-style sensor, for current the modernest machine tool offers highest precision to measure a head. CNC Milling CNC Machining