The new development of equipment of domestic Sheet Metal Fabrication

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Foreword is flexible production system is by the computer compositive management is mixed one control, efficient the ground makes some kind in the automation of component of small lot much breed makes a system. It has two kinds or the treatment craft means of two kinds of above; Memory of a stock carries a system, can carry between machine tool and stock storage equipment former complementary makings, workpiece, cutting tool; The basic characteristic such as the output function of moving information. U.N. Europe classics appoint to its the definition is: By two or of two above flexible treatment unit is formed, have transmit a system automatically to lead to workpiece library and cutting tool library, deferent between the machine tool tray, workpiece and tool, whole system controls government by the computer. Go up century 7, 80 time, ban material is flexible production system already began to apply in abroad. At the beginning of 90 time, jinan casts institute of forging press instrument to design development to give our country the first turns with numerical control the Ban timber that tower punching machine and numerical control right angle cut a bed to be lead plane is flexible production system, move in switchgear plant of day water Great Wall up to now, obtained very good economic benefits. On the fair of technology of Sheet Metal Fabrication of the 18th international that in the Germany end last year Hannuowei holds, abroad is worn if the manufacturer of equipment of Sheet Metal Fabrication of the name is SALVAGNINI of German TRUMPF, Italy, Finnish AMADA of FINN-POWER, Japan, all exhibited the its most advanced Ban capable person that represents different technique characteristic is flexible production system, production technology of gold of Ban of sufficient watch palpability is being digitlized forward, compositive change the direction with intelligent informatization to develop, reflect for equipment of Sheet Metal Fabrication by only type to numerical control much chance is compound model change, by multitask foreword treatment, artificial auxiliary operation machine means to change to whole process unifinication, the direction that controls the autonomic management that turns to network, intelligence by general process automation develops. Develop quickly to get used to domain of current home Sheet Metal Fabrication, field of stimulative home is right flexible the demand of production system, jinan casts institute of forging press instrument newest development development gives C1 Ban capable person flexible production system, it is had strong cut compact and fast and compound, efficient, complete, technology advanced wait for a characteristic, this equipment already was in the success on exhibition of machine tool of the 9th China International exhibits this year, push further to field. Material of the composition of FMS of C1 Ban material and characteristic C1 Ban is flexible production system rushs with numerical control cut compound machine to be lead plane, configuration has go up automatic and stereo storehouse, automatically makings device, numerical control is grading etc of the unit that pile up a battlements assists device, undertake to its by the computer and numerical control system unit and all fronts are controlled, realize the automatic treatment process that expects to Ban. This equipment has the following function and characteristic: 1, Ban stuff goes put in storage into the battlements, can additional inside very short time stock. 2, exercise of Ban makings put in storage does not affect all fronts to move. 3, can automatic place of corrective Ban stuff. 4, the Ban makings unifinication that the province when the province expects is strong cut treatment. 5, work is grading and painstaking battlements of automatic and orderly code. 6, automatic monitoring is perfect, make sure facilities is safe. 7, remote the program is transmitted. 8, mode of operation is agile. 9, software is reliable, but automatic or optimize a makings artificially. 10, all fronts structure is compact and exquisite, cover an area of an area small. The list of main technique parameter of this equipment is as follows: The structure of each component of FMS of C1 Ban material and function are stereo storehouse is expected by work or material rest, Ban statified device, Ban expects tabulator, access the composition such as car of stage of makings of tray of wood of elevator, steel, pass in and out, finish those who need treatment Ban material automatically to stock extraction, management statistic, statified fixed position, prepare for device of the makings on sucking disk. The goods of work or material rest put tray on case, in order to deposit makings of different specifications Ban. Ground floor is car of stage of makings of pass in and out, it is storehouse and the carrier that exterior exchange Ban expects, can be in in ground ground course along laid two positions run storehouse inside and outside automatically, access Ban to expect to storehouse. Its upper part is layer of the makings on sucking disk, deposit tray and Ban makings carry Ban makings to convey to lead plane for expecting device is sucked on sucking disk at this. This flank installed magnetic force statified reach first tabulator, can prevent the adhesion when Ban makings is sucked and deflection effectively. Access elevator by translation and spiral lifting device two parts are comprised. Former the tray that gets on commodity standard or stage car is pushed or pull, latter makes translation setting chooses the tray of different position, the both and collective tray that finish reachs what Ban expects to access a process. Expect unit is main on by moving beam and sucking disk bracket two parts are comprised. Goods shelves of library of Wu Cang of moving beam connection and extend comes upper part of lead plane workbench, drive sucking disk bracket to make level and litre fall motion. Underside of sucking disk bracket distributings have many vacuum acetabulum, the suction of Ban of steel of width of cloth of can self-reacting size is carried, and a group of acetabulum return outboard can swing, such as statified as magnetic force device cooperates, can avoid makings of double deck Ban effectively to be sucked at the same time. Lead plane rushs for hydraulic pressure of new-style numerical control cut compound engine, it is included strong, cut two shares, be turn in numerical control tower punching machine and numerical control right angle cut a bed on the foundation of two kinds of stand-alone compound and into. Strong, cut lead plane to become independent relatively, basic function is as same as its stand-alone also, and common a servo sends into the system, bear system of makings workbench, hydraulic pressure and numerical control system. Strong, those who cut main engine move with changeover, by machine program automata, will strong cut two working procedure close together confluence. Equipment moves in, ban expects the pincers clip that is sent into the system by servo is being held, preexistence completes all punch treatment in the program in punching machine lead plane, need not locate afresh like that, turn into lead plane shears a bed to undertake dividing shears directly, and finished product reach flotsam to be outputted automatically in time by conveyer, complete whole treatment process continuously. It has fast, efficient, low cost and software function to wait for a characteristic by force, satisfied well flexible the requirement of production system. Numerical control is grading the unit that pile up a battlements by leather belt grading type of conveyer, roller carries fixed position stage and numerical control to suck the part such as car of stage of formula of makings stacking machine, swap and tray to comprise. Leather belt is grading carry a seat number to carry workbench at lead plane, can retroflexion raise with fall, open thereby with shut fall makings passageway, implementation is grading with carry a function, it is included flotsam mixes small two grading passageway. Roller type carries a station Wu Pi belt is grading of conveyer, how to accuse tabulator of number, have fixed position to carrying the work that come. Numerical control sucks makings stacking machine to be two axes numerical control, the shift that controls sucking disk wearing through servo electric machinery locates, carry roller type the workpiece on the stage to be sucked, dictate according to the program orderly code battlements is in on tray appoint the position. Right at greater work, numerical control stacking machine can be assisted from the makings below lead plane workbench and big Ban directly a battlements is absorbed on the stage, improved efficiency. Tray has workpiece code pile two can be chosen alternately, tray is borne the weight of by dynamoelectric stage car, take away workpiece from its very convenient. Electric control system basically includes the control system of FMS of C1 Ban material and working technological process central control computer, storehouse and on system of numerical control of makings PLC controller, lead plane, grading PLC controller, treatment runs software of software, automatic process designing, and relevant communication interface and other and local control equipment. Can see from inside the chart below, central control computer serves as flexible the control center that processes a system, undertake centralized management and monitoring to other and departmental cent, run software and software of automatic process designing through the plan, create corresponding program and convey to storehouse, on makings, lead plane and grading and unit control part are carried out. Use controller of 3 water chestnut Q02H of Japanese PLC, control storehouse and on of makings part move; Lead plane uses system of Japanese FANUC18i numerical control, outside removing the rod of 5 numerical control that controls lead plane, still control grading and unit 3 servo axis at the same time; Additional, grading and unit return configuration to have controller of 3 water chestnut Q02H of Japanese PLC, provide more overall control pattern and function. Above is departmental cooperation of split phase each other, can realize all fronts to move automatically, can reach by automatic storehouse again on makings device and composition of lead plane combination are strong cut treatment unit, work alone. By plan management software formulate gives treatment plan on computer of user centrally control, pass software of automatic process designing, wait to process, overall material utilization factor undertake optimizing, generate by workpiece graph directly rush thoroughly cut unifinication machine program, control all fronts moves automatically circularly. Its are general measure is: The tray in storehouse rises fall access device to move, will deposit the tray that remains to machine Ban to expect by goods take out in case, expect on the acetabulum that puts library of stored in a barn. Magnetic force is statified device stands by Ban battlements flank, make most surface layer two pieces of Ban expect each other are detached. Ban expects tabulator movement, rely on stratosphere Ban makings to tighten position post. Makings device runs upper part of consummate makings tray to stop on, sucking disk wears be issued to lower levels, return in Ban of steel of sucking disk grip, sucking disk movement swings in the meantime, prevent to suck carry of reinforced material. Makings device sucks the makings that carry Ban to move to upper part of lead plane workbench to stop on, workbench origin locates link stopper rises, ban expects pincers is opened. Sucking disk wearing drives Ban makings to rely on to tighten fixed position link stopper, catch stuff of Ban of pincers shift clamp, finish on material process. Makings device releases Ban makings to be returned to storehouse on, according to the program the instruction chooses to reach the designated position to stop or be entered suck Ban loop the next time. Lead plane is started, executive machine program, ban expects first by complete punch, like that by cut bed general workpiece and flotsam to cent is cut and be outputted by leather belt conveyer, enter numerical control grading the pattern processing that the unit that pile up a battlements expects by Ban norms chooses automatically to differ. Flotsam falls into waste case, lesser workpiece falls into small material or blank bin, type of roller of general work preexistence carries the fixed position on the stage, suck by numerical control stacking machine like that put what go up at tray of next makings stage car to appoint the position. Next material processes are finished, lead plane restoration, enter the next to machine a loop afresh. Hope reader passes above introduction, have more comprehensive knowledge to equipment of current home Sheet Metal Fabrication. Believe Ban material is flexible the way that treatment system can be perfected increasingly and makes Ban material machine a domain to develop and target. CNC Milling CNC Machining