3 coordinate of SCM543B are measured machine

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3 coordinate of SMC543B are measured machine is extensive use at opportunity of of all kinds business the checkpoint of job shops, regard complex part, tool as clamping apparatus detect tool. The popularizes degree to already made the technical standard that measures a country important sign of coordinate machine, in advanced industrial country coordinate machine has become special all-pervading to measure an instrument, be in our country popularity rate is very at present low, the coordinate that this project place develops measures the precision of machine and function to already reached level of foreign congener product, can replace an entrance, its price is the 1/2 of foreign product, domestic average company can be accepted, be helpful for coordinate machine gain ground. 3 coordinate of SMC543B are measured machine use technology of gas surplus slideway, computer technology, technology of accurate mechanical design, grating the new technology that wait. Classics Sichuan saves appraisal of hall of science and technology: "3 coordinate of SMC543B measure the appraisal index of machine and basic function to all reach 90 time last stage congener product level " , obtain Sichuan of 2 00 3 year to save award of third class of outstanding new product. Main technique index: Measure range: 400 × of 500 × 300 (Mm) dimensional precision: 4.

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