The size range of pipe bent of brief analyse CNC Milling reachs working procedure

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Introduction: The design of the craft course of the treatment of CNC Milling must consider all sorts of factors in the round, those who note working procedure is correct differentiate, of order and working procedure of treatment of mill of reasonable arrangement numerical control and common working procedure join. The treatment of numerical control mill and average milling machine machine photograph comparing, machine working procedure more concentration. According to the treatment characteristic of numerical control mill, of the treatment working procedure of numerical control mill differentiate have 3 kinds of forms. 1, divide working procedure according to installing clip fixed position to delimit. This kind of method applies to the work with treatment not much content commonly, basically be to will machine place cent to be a few parts, every working procedure is machined among them one part. When processing an external form like numerical control mill, when clamp of less than antrum machines lumen, with appearance clamp. 2, differentiate with thick, finish machining working procedure. Machine spare parts of mill of metabolic numerical control to easy generation, considering the treatment precision of workpiece, be out of shape wait for an element, the principle that can part by thick, finish machining will differentiate working procedure, namely first thick hind essence of life. 3, the journey that changes knife time to decrease, the principle that can accept cutting tool to center undertakes delimiting dividing working procedure. In working procedure in differentiating, the element such as the function of mill of the installs means, workpiece treatment craft sex that wants the structural demand according to workpiece, work, numerical control and factory production organization and management masters neatly, do one's best is reasonable. Force is engaged in accurate and special machine tool into major research, development, make, sale, have accurate and special machine tool to consider to develop ability and rich nicety to make experience. The treatment of numerical control mill, can estimate control information accurately beforehand, realize the standardization that processes information easily, already assisted with the computer at present with make organic union be together, it is the foundation of modern compositive production technology. The   of   of   of size range of pipe bent of mill of small-sized numerical control (1) planar treatment. Plane of milling of numerical control machine tool can divide the horizontal that is pair of workpiece (XY) treatment, to workpiece planar (XZ) treatment and the side plane to workpiece (YZ) treatment. The numerical control mill that should use two platinic half control to make only can finish such planar milling to machine. (2) curved surface treatment. If complex curved surface needs milling,use 3 rods the numerical control mill of linkage of more even axis. CNC Milling CNC Machining