The grinding of stainless steel is machined

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Spare parts of 1 introductive stainless steel asks to achieve exterior quality and treatment precision, use grinding to machine a method normally. As a result of stainless steel tenacity small, stretch model measures big, coefficient of thermal conductivity small, reason machines middling to put in following problems in grinding: Easy conglutinate of 1) emery wheel jams; 2) machines exterior easy burn; Phenomenon of 3) treatment sclerosis is serious; 4) workpiece is changeful form. See not hard, the choice of emery wheel and grinding fluid affects grinding efficiency and treatment precision directly. The article jams to affecting conglutinate and the element of exterior surface roughness undertakes the experiment studies. 2 experiments condition and material of methodological test specimen choose 1Gr18Ni9Ti, its machinery function: σ HB=187 of =40% of B=530MPa, σ , hardness.

50mm of φ of diameter of test specimen dimension, long 300mm, φ 50 outside vehicle of round face fine, two end panel hit heart hole. The experiment undertakes on MGB1420 cylindrical grinder, emery wheel is P400 × 40 × 203, grinding means is outside round fore-and-aft grinding, to raise the dependability of test result, undertake duplicate tests, observe average effect, remove the effect of random element, carry grinding condition as far as possible at the same time basic and changeless, through changing the granuality of emery wheel, hardness, abrasive, change dosage of grinding fluid, grinding will study the effect that investigates pair of grinding effects. 3 tests result is analysed 3.

K of the Bai Gangyu that the impact that the granuality of 1 emery wheel leads to conglutinate chooses, hardness, granuality is respectively 36, 46, 60, 4 80 emery wheel, the circle outside undertaking to test specimen is fore-and-aft grinding, grinding length is 600mm, detect conglutinate rate, if the result expresses 1 to show: Express 1 conglutinate to lead deepness of %<DIV Align=center> grinding / Mm0.




Granuality of 04 emery wheel 36103222334642444345604365- - 808985- - </DIV>   from the watch 1 in can see, emery wheel is finer, conglutinate is more serious, because grind,this is existing between bead empty, bits is cut to be able to be put at when grinding empty in; And emery wheel is finer, empty smaller, emery wheel loses the space that hold bit very quickly, cause jam. 3.

The impact that hardness of 2 emery wheel leads to conglutinate chooses abrasive to be Bai Gangyu, granuality 46, hardness is the emery wheel of class of H, J, K, L respectively, undertake grinding to test specimen, grinding journey 600mm, detect conglutinate rate. If the result expresses 2 to show: ? Deepness of?<DIV Align=center> grinding / Mm0.




  of H18171616J22212021K36363838L42444345</DIV> of granuality of 04 emery wheel from the watch 2 in can see, emery wheel hardness is taller, conglutinate is more serious. This is as a result of the emery wheel with low hardness, grind bead to be below grinding strength effect, fall off from emery wheel surface easily, form the new space that hold bit, jam not easily. 3.

3 abrasive affect abrasive of commonly used emery wheel to have Bai Gangyu and green carborundum to what conglutinate leads two kinds, the experiment makes clear, two kinds of abrasive are affected to what conglutinate leads, the difference is not big, green carborundum can reduce conglutinate phenomenon a bit, the reason is the gender is fragile and sharp. 3.

4 grinding fluid uses emulsion respectively to the influence of exterior surface roughness 3 kinds, fluid of inorganic salt grinding is mixed fluid of oil radical grinding, join sulfur, chloric etc extremely press additive, observe the exterior surface roughness of the workpiece after treatment, the discharge of grinding fluid is 600mm for journey of 20L/min, grinding, if experimental result expresses 3 to show. Tension of surface of fluid of grinding of watch 3<DIV Align=center> / × 10-3N. / M-1 pole presses emulsion of M of μ of Ra/ of additive surface surface roughness 36.

8Cl   2.



8S   2.



Fluid of grinding of 9011 inorganic salt 38.

7S   1.


1 oil base grinding fluid 32.

3Cl   0.


2</DIV>   by the watch 3 can see, exterior pulling force is small, contain extremely press additive, the exterior quality that grinding acquires is good. Fluid of reasonable use grinding, can improve medicinal powder hot condition, grinding fluid can worry grinding bit bead to rush with what fall off, form oily film in metallic surface at the same time, have lubricant effect, reduce workpiece surface surface roughness. 3.

The influence workpiece rotate speed that 5 grinding dosage leads to conglutinate, feed and grinding deepness are affected to treatment not quite, from the watch 1, 2 also can see, the change of grinding deepness, very small to conglutinate rate influence. When stainless steel of grinding of 1) of 4 conclusion   , the conglutinate block that reduces emery wheel is the main factor that improves grinding efficiency, want in treatment often nap emery wheel, those who hold cutting blade is sharp. The emery wheel of 2) grinding stainless steel chooses good from acute sex emery wheel is main goal, it is good to choose emery wheel effect commonly, but also cannot choose hardness too low, did not grind bead otherwise fall off dully. Recommend choose J course. 3) is the conglutinate block of the emery wheel when reducing grinding, should choose the emery wheel of thick granuality. Use when kibble 36, 46 granuality, 60 granuality are chosen when essence of life is ground. When 4) grinding stainless steel, use GC emery wheel to be able to improve grinding efficiency. 5) grinding fluid is chosen give attention to two or morethings lubricates and must clean two kinds of action, supply is ample, can choose exterior tension small, contain extremely the emulsion that presses additive, can acquire high exterior quality. The choice of 6) grinding dosage can decide according to mental allowance. Discover in 7) experiment process, the organization of emery wheel and bond have certain effect to the grinding process of stainless steel, accept experimental method restriction at present, remain to study further. CNC Milling CNC Machining