Large forging tubal a model shapes technology research

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Providing a model is the large and exact pattern that is used at producing unit of pipeline of centrifugal nodular cast iron, industry of the canal that belong to casting basically uses up a gender to spare parts, market demand is huge. Tubal model distinguishs by producer type basically whole forgings centrifugal casting provides tubal model and hot standard way model. Large whole forgings tubal model asks to equipment tool, workmanship and product quality extremely strict, forging production difficulty is great. The article basically discusses in lack the case that tool of experience and special metallurgy develops related large forging tubal a model to fall, how to use have much fire of short core club the technology program that second section shapes, because make cycle of special metallurgy tool grow to affect the issue of product date of delivery thereby,solve. Innovation method solved the technology that selects enlarge with wrong anvil effectively to unplug long process preform " hold in the arms dead " the problem of core club. Reach product quality through optimizing core club to unplug senior technology makes sure forging shapes smoothly. Main technique asks this provides a model is 1 forging thin wall of typical especially big norms is long cover kind of forging, the external form is complex, length amounts to 9in, bear the mouth carries external diameter 2in, and the wall is large only 175mm(graph 1) . Forging material heats up mould steel for 21CrMol0 character, cr content is achieved 2. 3 % ~ 2. 6 % . Supersonic detect according to JB / T5000. 15, class of 1998 standards Ⅲ is carried out. Metallographic organization asks strictly by relevant GB: General and loose, ingot slant analyse is not more than 3 class; Field trash of brittleness, plasticity is more than 1. 5 class; Banded structure is more than 2. 0 class; Organization of family name of the Kingdom of Wei is not more than 1 class; Brilliant granuality is not less than 5 class; Normalizing organization is not more than 2 class. 2 forging engineering technology analysis is long cover kind of forging to forging technological process: Smelt one steel ingot presses one ingot casting gate, pour arris one heat cuts the shoulder, trail that cut ingot one Dui is thick, unplug grow next makings one punching reaming of one horse bar unplugs beforehand long make semifinished product one core club unplugs grow a finished product. The tradition forgings the core stick that length uses to be more than forging overall length commonly when the method shapes is carried out unplug foreword of long-term hired hand. Be more than 9in in the absense of length (2)1400mm is special club of big norms core, and make this tool technically time limit for a project is too long, affect date of delivery badly, for this, bold innovation forgings craft, the plan uses existing overall length the club of 1400mm short core of 5131 is carried out unplug foreword of long-term hired hand. Have short core club to cross water without the center rake of cooling Kong Ju is small, unplug club of the core in long process is long be heated expands, and the generation after core good press press is out of shape, extremely easy with preform " hold in the arms dead " do not move, make core strong cannot advance and retreat cannot finish sequel to unplug foreword of long-term hired hand. When preform length exceeds 5i11, unplug club of the core when growing is in what the advance and retreat in preform reachs anvil to control makings seat hard essence of life allows to control, press easily empty. As a result of forging exterior complex, norms is tremendous, need to use forging greatly the club that measure core unplugs foreword of long-term hired hand, unplug in order to rise long efficiency. If shape,process generation preform bends be out of shape, criterion core club enters preform very hard again, nap process will be very bad proceed. Forging coaxial spends the influence that reachs quality of surface of inside and outside to machine a process to later period bigger also. Additional, unplug preform wall is followed in long process thick decrease thin Wen Jiang to accelerate, forging when temperature is reduced considerably crackle of easy occurrence surface, must increase forging fire second. Moreover size of the hole inside forging is large and mural thickness, unplug long later period is more difficult binding off, ministry of end tubal a model appears easily " horn mouth " blemish. 3 engineering technology innovate to overcome core club length weak point brings about unplug long operation is difficult, avoid preform and core club effectively " hold in the arms dead " immobile problem, unplugging before long operation, raise the warm-up temperature before core club is used appropriately, expand in order to reduce what core club enters preform hind degree. Unplug long process uses the method that section shapes, unplug one aspect of the matter of model length a canal comes first namely 4. 5in, turn around next unplug long additionally one aspect of the matter comes final technology measure. Method of this kind of figuration made up for core marvellous length effectively to be less than the inadequacy of forging overall length. Unplug long early days must be used press next quantities, old point of view to retroflexion greatly, of short duration not binding off, grow with assuring to unplug quickly and core club is successful advance and retreat. Final phase is used " the club that retreat core " plan, should appear " hold in the arms dead " when the phenomenon, with wrong anvil the method that nod enlarge makes the aperture inside forging and core club produce space to become loose, along tubal model circumferential direction hints enlarge a week, use core club and the little space of wall tubal a model to quit core club, see a picture 2. Forging tubal a model has the characteristic with thin wall, when growing, core club unplugs long efficiency is far under common long cover kind of forging, unplug beforehand long fire must be divided after making semifinished product second shape. Along with preform wall thick decrease thin, should decrease ceaselessly pressure fall to measure and turn over corner to spend, bend with avoiding to asymmetry is out of shape and arise, make sure forging coaxial is spent reach exterior mass. Unplugging phase of binding off of long later period, according to metallic flow rule, make core marvellous termination unplug the tip spends plan, if pursue,3 are shown. Along end tubal a model the ministry rotates to be pressed gently, make carry ministry metal gradually the wall outside clingy core club, eliminate effectively " horn mouth " blemish. In production process of 4 production test and verify, use much internal heat second section shapes, final phase " the club that retreat core " unplug long, wrong anvil nods marvellous termination of enlarge, core to unplug the tip is spent wait for engineering technology, ensured forging shapes effectively quality. Two classics tubal a model are over all dimension, supersonic detect reach function to examine, all satisfy requirement of user technology agreement. 5 conclusion (1) uses short core stick, use much internal heat second section shapes plan carries out Bao Bi to grow cover kind of forging tubal a model to unplug foreword of long-term hired hand, have engineering technology feasibility. (2) raises core baton warm-up temperature, use wrong hammering block dot enlarge and unplug long stage forgings greatly the technique such as the quantity can be solved effectively forging club of the core in the process and preform " hold in the arms dead " immobile problem. CNC Milling CNC Machining