The recessing of small part series and outline are machined

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Use private plane to machine intricate work to have good economy. Ma handkerchief solution: Ma handkerchief develops plan of private plane of type cutting tool, have high accuracy and technology reliability to use private plane to machine intricate work to have good economy. These characteristics of modern production, if machine metre weak point, batch small, and product life cycle is short wait, requirement treatment system is had flexible. Accordingly, MAPAL research and development develop type cutting tool, its have good dynamic balancing when high rotate speed, backlash is so dinky, precision is very tall. And MAPAL develops type cutting tool applicable product range is very wide, use MAPAL to spread out type cutting tool to be able to bring good economic benefits to the client. Additional, according to the cutting tool of the client that uses a design actually, have settling time short, repeat the characteristic with tall precision. MAPAL spreads out main characteristic of – of type cutting tool (parameter) : - can use at treatment of high rotate speed: Top rotate speed can be amounted to 6, 000 turn / minute - driving force is small: In 6, 000 turn / when minute<4, 000 N- can use at private plane and production line individual or many main shaft - the handling time of whole workpiece is very short - measure the cutting tool plan with custom-built body for the client, have very high technology reliability and precision - settling time and treatment metre are short - dynamic balance compensates a system, in slide block every position can undertake balancing compensating to its. Machine case: The material of small part workpiece of ABS brake system: Material of ETG 100 razor blade is qualitative: Take diameter of workpiece of coating hard alloy: Speed of cutting of 4 - 8 Mm: Rotate speed of 73 - 145 M/min: 5, 800 turn / minute treatment metre: 2.

5 seconds principle: Cutting blade is controlled through pull rod developing type cutting tool is move central pull rod to undertake controlling through drive or be being pulled, pass special inclined toothed, the radial that can change the axial shift of pull rod into working slide block is mobile. The arbor that according to the effective treatment of every client the circumstance designs (4# ) , be gotten on in working slide block by installation (3# ) , the journey of slide block is: Radius 12.

6 Mm, diameter 25.

2 Mm, and have backlash hardly. Because use MAPAL to compensate a system evenly, no matter slide block and arbor move that position, can undertake trends balances compensation, this makes sure highest turn up arrives 6, 000 turn / the treatment when minute won't brace up knife. These are mixed to cutting tool life treatment surface has positive effect, also be the treatment method of bearing of main shaft of machine tool of a kind of protection. Advantage and but custom-built plan - arbor can process work according to every custom-built - high rotate speed is accurate dynamic balancing, can use razor blade of coating hard alloy or PCBN bit - construction of cutting tool design is compact - sealed design, lube is used up little - can design according to the client's requirement with machine tool main shaft coordinate measure - the cutting tool that machines external diameter and internal diameter can choose CNC Milling CNC Machining