Machine tall hard data to establish milling cutter with MRBH230 ball head

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Japanese day is the demand of contented treatment high accuracy, high quality mould into tool company, developed the MRBH230 ball head that is used at processing tall hardness data to establish milling cutter. Head of ball of the long neck that should establish milling cutter to be machined to get used to late pattern antrum standard stands milling cutter, its characteristic is: ① used the new coat with wear-resisting superior performance, treatment from arrive from hard steel when hard steel of temper by dipping in water show longer cutting tool life; ② is had can realize tall hardness material the form of optimal cutting blade that stability of thick, essence processes; ③ has the figure of the chamfer that hold bit with a good bit. Should establish precision of R of head of milling cutter ball to be ± 0.

005mm, norms dimension is R0.

3 - R3, effective length limits is 2 - 50mm, share 37 kinds of norms. Machine example: With MRBH230 R0.

Head of ball of 5 × 5L stands milling cutter (each 1) to STAVAX of tall hard data (HRC52) mould workpiece has thick, half essence and precision work. Machine deepness 5mm finally, handling time makes an appointment with, the exterior surface roughness that machines a face achieved Rz=2 μ M, cutting tool wears away position is good, still can continue to machine. From this knowable, MRBH230 ball head stands milling cutter is the cutting tool with the most effective treatment of antrum of late pattern of mould of tall hard data. CNC Milling CNC Machining