Advanced cutting tool more be to one's profit

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Make cost for depress, the preference purchases cheap cutting tool since Chinese enterprise is long-term. But theory and experience explain, this kind of practice often thes loss outweights the gain, create the situation of advanced level of the world after Chinese cutting machines a level to fall. According to Chengdu tool institute Zhao Bingzhen is written civil point out, consensus reachs in industry, machine economy through cutting analysis and treatment practice are double the point of view that confirm is: In component production cost, cutting tool cost occupies 3~5% only, although cutting tool buys purchase price division,drop so 30% , the enterprise can save the component below to make cost is nevertheless 1% ; But if cutting ability can get through choosing the cutting tool with superior performance,improve, improve treatment efficiency then 20% (use name of new cutting tool material for example) , so the enterprise can save the component that come down to make Benkeda 15% . In addition, be apt to of Li Yi of general manager of big China division is in Shanteweikekeleman this company shows on the press conference September 22, of efficiency of cutting tool cutting rise, still mean the workshop cost that reduces share of single product place effectively and labor cost to wait, reduce the average production cost of single product then. How should the method that raises level of cutting tool application do ability to raise oneself cutting cutting tool to apply a standard so? Zhao Bingzhen thinks enterprise but from the following at 3 o'clock proceed with: One, use name of new cutting tool material, with getting used to workpiece material and cutting condition better; 2, choose advanced cutting tool structure, include to rise but cutting tool of circle of hard alloy of whole of the applied scale of dislocation cutting tool and coating cutting tool, application, and the development that carries advanced cutting tool and cutting craft or the innovation that machine a method are united in wedlock, drive the progress of cutting craft; 3, strengthen the cooperation with tool manufacturer, level of cutting tool application and treatment efficiency improve below its help, shorten date of delivery. Current, the concept of a lot of tool manufacturer advocate is as double as client implementation win, strive to save considerable cost for manufacturing industry client. Character of place of be apt to of leave behind of plum of no less than, the is hopeful consistently China hard cutting tool user of tool industry is managing the manufacturing cost that amounts to 18 billion yuan of RMBs. Chinese knife assist association of technology of cutting tool of cutting of metal of machinist job of 20 projects China (abbreviation " Chinese knife assist " ) also realise, cutting tool and cutting technology are backward, the labor productivity that is Chinese manufacturing industry still lags behind far one of reasons of the industrial developed country such as beautiful, Europe, day and area, although China already developed now,become the world to add workshop. To improve this one condition, this association is begun at putting forward in September 2004 " Chinese knife assist 20 projects " . Alleged " Chinese knife assist 20 projects " , it is Chinese knife assist in " improve efficiency " the frame sex proposal that offers below overall train of thought and target, also strive for the time that influences with 2 years to improve cutting efficiency namely 20% . Its core grooms to carry a talented person and the application of advanced cutting technology improves cutting efficiency, do one's best builds the environment that gives engineer of implantation cutting tool and king of new generation cutting. Particular form includes to drive each only appoint can (branch) , area knife assist the delibrate that develops cutting application technology with party member unit and groom, hold expert of forum of high level of advanced cutting technology, organization to undertake technical lecture to key enterprise. Say according to Gao Xiang of this association vice-president, from this " 20 projects " since beginning, unit of the member that already had ministry branch was achieved beforehand improve cutting efficiency the target of 20% , but from overall, should achieve this one goal inside countrywide limits, still need further effort and new thinking put forward with carry out. Coming back to will reach the China that in Hunan individual plant continent city holds 17 days on October 15 namely knife assist on congress and forum of high level of advanced cutting technology, association will review in summary before on the foundation of experience, put forward new thinking and tack. And this the theme of forum will be: Update cutting concept, improve manufacturing efficiency. At the appointed time, also will carry out by member unit introduction " Chinese knife assist 20 projects " successful experience CNC Milling CNC Machining