The mould machines the analyse of control method explore of precision

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Summary: In mould production process. Raise the treatment precision of the mould only, ability promotes his integral performance characteristics, the article needs watchful point in process of treatment of main interpose mould. And cause its precision to miss accurate element. Offer specific solution finally. Main purpose is to be in the process of dug treatment craft. Promote the technology of mechanic the standard, the choice turns treatment tool suitably, collect machine tool parameter, for the mould treatment offers understanding to draw lessons from. Pass catenary word: Mould treatment; Precision; Control method controls the precision that the mould machines, basically be to show treatment is medium, choose proper manufacturing technology. Control machines the treatment machine tool with knife, right choice, form whole to machine control technological process. Be in usually, the treatment tool that often uses has: Control machines craft, control to machine machine program of cutting tool, control, the dimension precision that ensures in mould finish machining level controls good part, form the technical parameter such as tolerancepublic errand, internal stress, stimulative mould machines craft to refine direction to develop towards essence of life. One, the treatment of the tool controls a point (one) the treatment precision that mould of logical choice machinery machines craft to be control mould, above all, be aimed at the actual demand of the mould, choose proper treatment technology, from inside a variety of types the sieve singles out proper technology, compare the actor bad of a few kinds of craft and similarities and differences, get proper program finally. The treatment craft with wider now application includes lathe work to machine craft, benchwork to machine craft, punch to machine the technical measure such as craft. But the craft characteristic that every kinds of craft has him. Be opposite so of the mould finalize the design and the effect that essence of life spends definitely is endless also and same, need the requirement that the basis works consequently, optimize technological process, raise the exact rate of the mould. (2) in process of treatment of mould of appliance of treatment of mould of foreign seeds extractor, uses treatment appliance sort and amount are more, the treatment weapon that in the light of each treatment level place uses also is met very much identical. For example, when the mould applies forging to machine a law, allow to spend to promote the spirit of the mould, forging in control in the process of temperature, need chooses furnace pincers, because the clamp head of pincers is in,the meeting below the influence with cold alternant heat malfunctions, so the choice of appropriate pincers can affect the precision of the mould directly. In the use of benchwork craft, can use a file, how to choose right file kind according to mould characteristic can of sale mould shape the effect. Accordingly, to ensure the promotion of mould precision, want to undertake be handlinged correctly to machining appliance, choose appropriate treatment tool. (3) those who control a medium in optimizing a mould to machine a process, processes mechanical mould type also provides diversification more, include the mould of column form, cone-shaped pattern among them, still have the pattern of a few irregular appearance. Integral treatment process is so medium. Uses treatment raw material is put in bigger difference. To satisfy the diversification of tool type, want the effective demand state in mature production, what such ability implementation work is efficient change. 2, mould precision controls strategy (one) the problem in solving treatment precision, in promoting treatment quality to machine a process in the mould, the factor that affects mould precision basically includes the following fields: Blemish of mould of occurrence problem of process designing of error of treatment go-between labour, machine tool, machine tool. The cause that causes these accidents is varied, among them because machine the problem that not to be pooh-poohed appears artificially,most frequent accident is, bring about precision finally to drop. This basically is when work as a result of the worker attention is not centered, the operation is non-standard, technical control does not reach the designated position the precision computation deviation that waits for an element to bring about a mould, affect mould precision; Additional, the machine tool controls the problem of process designing, basically be as a result of the process designing of numerical control machine tool that apply the program is in open loop shape, cannot produce the adjusting control effect that its intelligence changes adequately. Besides, the type selecting in the process is machined in the mould precision of itself of not accurate, mould is insufficient the machines craft precision that waited for an element to also restrict a mould. (2) the specific strategy that escalates a mould to machine craft machines craft to raise a pattern, need will study direction centers at the following respects: The first, the precision that optimizes mould treatment controls a method, avoid to because technology design and operation standard are less than,be in in process of / Ⅱ N-r, cause a few relevant problems. The 2nd, discriminate singles out appropriate auxiliary treatment tool, and had controlled whole treatment flow; The 3rd, make machine tool of good numerical control optimize, control the treatment strength of the mould, ensure the precision that the mould machines. Additional, for better control its precision, on the base that needs to machine precision in combinative mould, notice a few little job detail, on this foundation the standard operates circuit: The first, promote the treatment of the mould technology, make according to machining demand its more specialization. Current, although the member that a few moulds machine a person has adept operation technical ability, but bigger question exists on the precision problem that machines in the mould. Accordingly, should enhance technical ability of operation personnel major, undertake vocational training regularly. Strengthen the application of new technology, new technology and new material, the integral technology level that pays attention to the member that education mould machines a person, the job that nurturance detail changes is used to, a series of problems that appear in the process that derate machines. The 2nd, mould treatment is too medium, should be checked regularly and safeguard a mould to produce equipment, the control in because machine a process,avoiding is not stable, and influence mould machines precision; The 3rd, want to join actual construction case, adjust parameter of numerical control encode, ensure the rationality of construction. 3, spare parts precision controls measure (one) spare parts of spare parts heat treatment is after course heat treatment, need undertakes non-traditional machining, so not only have higher demand to the hardness of the spare parts. Also want to control the internal stress of the spare parts at the same time, this is the best method that ensures the spare parts machines dimension stability. Consequently need chooses material function stability, deflection small, temper by dipping in water shows the stuff with good sex, can choose CrWMn, Crl2, 40Cr, Crl2MoV for instance mouth of steel of tool of this kind of alloy] . Undertake quenching handling after rough machining. The spare parts after the course quenchs still can withhold greater stress, because stress is the change that external object is caused by external environment influence, main show is an object immanent between two kinds of force inside active force, such inside active force still should hold the position with original object, can use oneself consequently inside action master piece is used at the spare parts. This kind of original active force is very strong, the part that can allow finish machining is in of two kinds of active force make each other judge next craze, consequently spare parts beforehand heat treatment had better choose a ball to change anneal technology. Such ability gain stability the grain with even mark of good, material; Quench craft notices to do not have the temper on subsidise wheeler in quantity of heat certainly, such conducing to eliminate quenched stress, ensure the integral stability of the spare parts and precision, can ensure stress control is inside specific limits at the same time, avoid the force drawing of stress resile, affect the precision that the mould machines. (2) round grinder of grinder of surface grinding of spare parts essence, inside and outside, inadvertently grinder is the machine tool that spare parts essence grinds middling to see, commonly used grinding method has: Become filing of molding sand annulus, clamping apparatus filing. Because grinding collides each other between need object, produce quantity of heat, make thereby grinding deformation, the surface that this meeting lets a mould appears of different level be out of shape or grinding crackle, normally the circumstance falls, this kind of deformation does not observe through naked eye, but this kind of small error can produce bigger effect to follow-up non-traditional machining. The attrition frequency of emery wheel and feed should be controlled when so essence of life is ground. Prepare enough cooling fluid, need to pledge according to different capable person additionally, choose grinding work of appropriate essence of life to provide. Grinding flat kind because the spare parts wants to maintain workpiece parallelism, can use mat tall piece undertake grinding for the standard. Axis of additional explicit grinding kind when the spare parts, the round jumpy out of tolerance that should notice circumgyrate place arises, to avoid this one error, the layout form that needs the check the number that notes runner, whole, still the position presents means. Ensure each crucial points to resemble correspondence, evenly, ensure irrigate the high temperature in building a course, low pressure, such ability raise the precision that the mould machines effectively. 4, epilogue machines precision for effective in real work control, need combines the effective demand of the mould and treatment technology, the element of a few respects such as the encode parameter that considers tool of professional skill, treatment, pattern, summary gives the treatment method of the mould, raise treatment precision further thereby. Origin: Author of institute of profession of project of yellow matutinal Hubei: Yellow dawn CNC Milling CNC Machining