The design of system of numerical control of engine of CNC carve mill

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The design summary: of system of numerical control of engine of mill of carve of CNC of a kind of high speed? Burn the  that record Kuo to mast ancient name for a water catltrop those who say small car of impossible of bazoo basketry  looks exhausted  of have a nightmare of  vomit  arranges the numerical control system of C of full  Zuo is different and open change a form, on this foundation, what introduced system of numerical control of engine of male pillow of numerical control of a kind of high speed in detail is modular design thought and the design that card controls in the four position of axle that its are based on CPLD. Keyword: ?  climbs;CPID; of machine of female acute of low?CNC of the impossible that wring  the large bamboo hat is pulled make calorie of 0 introduction in recent years, as the development of modern manufacturing industry, especially CIMS 〔 ComputerInt EgratedM AnufacturingS Ystems, the development of CI MS) , what the product replaces rate is ceaseless accelerate, small lot produces proportion in increase and numerical control system expands what use a field ceaselessly, make an user right does the demand of CNC system appear diversity: ? It is OK that instruct ㄐ throws system of NC of Zuo of  of play of Zhu  correct realize communication; to be in with the system such as CAD/CAM/CAPP systematic flexibility, can transplant sexual respect asks CNC system is had modular with the characteristic that can configure afresh but the user demand with diverse basis, the compose of rapid, efficient, low cost builds the control system that faces an user. And because traditional CNC system is special the gender is strong, the function is patulous and difficult, software transplanting sex is poor, difference of ability of group net news report waits defect a moment, already did not follow to go up apparently the requirement of development. Have the demand of flexible, flexibility and versatility more to satisfy logarithm to control a system, appeared to study to what open construction of system of the numerical control that put type. Current, a lot of countries on the world send a person to this much labor power, material resources and financial capacity, fetched not small gain, for example of Europe. SAGA (Open namely the OMAC(bogus of ~ Architecture For Control Within Automation) , United States, the PC of OSE(Open System Eavironmeat)i31o of En Modular Architecture Controller) and Japan (PC) , function of ability of operation of the standardization as a result of its hardware, high speed, open bus line, network and rich software resource, make it shows in the user interface that improves CNC system, graph, trends is emulated, numerical control process designing, breakdown is diagnosed, it is OK also that the functional respect such as network news report showed composer of incomparable advantage; system all sorts of function module (controller of the motion that be like an axis, LO interface card) the system that accept a person, run outfit of 〔 ;AD/CAM software into the system and dominate machine tool machine program directly. Accordingly, the system of open mode numerical control that is based on 1C already became numerical control system to open the main way that change. Be based on PC, basically be IPC(industry PC) the join that opens system of type numerical control to press numerical control component and PC, be like next forms: (1) uses sheet piece the athletic control unit that machine or DSP regard numerical control as the axis, use double port storage technology or string / collateral communication and lead plane (PC) exchanges data, implementation CNC controls; (2) to use capacity of operation of PC high speed, hardware function bate, be being used at CNC pilot hardware is simple interface; (3) uses EPCD only, the massive parts of an apparatus such as CPLD, as be based on L, interface of one pulse servo blocks special number, control implements the campaign of electric machinery. As the development of course of study of fascia of furniture manufacturing industry, advertisement, mould course of study, especially mould industry rises to what exterior treatment asks, and the inadequacy that traditional electric spark machines, the machine of CNC carve mill of 9 the closest years of integrated milling and advantage of high speed sculpture had greater progress in home. To comply with the demand of the market, we design the numerical control system of the aircraft of mill of high speed carve that developed a kind to be based on PC. The design of this system, on functional implementation, use modular design thought; to be on the structure, use " the position controls card + PC " form, namely the 3rd kind of is based on PC to open system of type numerical control form of above introduction, designed the position that is based on CPLD to control Kalaishi to show a number interface of one pulse servo and function of other V0 interface. System of numerical control of engine of mill of carve of CNC of 1 high speed is comprised 1.

1 construction of system and PC 10 4 of each part function are a kind of industry that be controlled technically to set person pattern and defines dominate bus line, its signal definition and PLAT agree basically, but electric differ completely however with rigid standard, it is one kind is optimized, the type embedding a person of construction of type of small-sized, stack controls a system, with common PC, does photograph of system of control of ISA bus line issue a characteristic than be like (small: of 1) size structure? Sunlight send? ? of Li of Ji of party of Lv act  .

6x 3.

8 inches, namely: of join of type of stack of X 96mmo (2) of the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches? Does mow Ji bath stop does Ge bake low fly live kill ask the  that tell astounded  ?

Namely between module of PC104 bus line, the join of bus line is to pass the needle of superstratum and lower to aperture is bitten each other and be linked together, this kind of cascade is sealed of wonderful aseismatic sex. (: of drive of 3) relaxed bus line? Excessive of  of  of  of Tuo overstep one's authority steals entangled drive of bus line of?-A of model of acute hearing  can make module works normally, every module predicts 2M specific power consumption. Because PC104 volume is minor, power comsumption is small, connection is reliable, use PC104 to serve as lead plane, the bulk system that can reduce CNC controller greatly is more compact and reliable. Accordingly, PCIO4 labour is chosen to accuse here machine as go up a machine, built " the position controls card + PC104 " system of numerical control of open mode form, compositive block diagram of the system is shown 1 times like the graph. Graph basis of block diagram of composition of machine of mill of carve of numerical control of 1 high speed of the function different can you distribute the system each module: ? Tiny fragments of stone of low thorough Fei? Piao of  of Luo ⒃ large quite? Does  of Europe of Hou of faithful eunuch of Luo ⑹  growing permanent teeth emerge flatter? Piao of  of Luo ⒌ Jin quite? Does Luo ⒒  cut Qia of Zhuang of Piao of have illicit relations with into parts? Does principle columns of a hall retreat  of Europe   ? Straight owlet of Di of Luo O brigade is right  agreement Kuo masts Peng?(1) manages module and athletic control module this part function is main by go up a machine PC104 implementation, main task is management and organization ground of in an orderly way of whole CNC system works, basically include machine program be defeated by person, editor to compile, suspend administration, diagnose of breakdown oneself, finish all sorts of control algorithm and interpolation algorithm to answer those who operate face plate and clavier to lose a person, the data that feedbacks athletic controller even at the same time, status of machine tool job, show on CRT come. (The position that module of interface of one pulse servo is based on CP LD with electric control module controls 2) number card is inside every interpolation cycle receive come from go up a machine (the positional information of PC104) , the control message that changes its into main shaft and feed system (certain frequency is mixed the pulse) of a number, realize exact position to control; to realize function of other and auxiliary circuit at the same time, if stop since main shaft, the clamp of workpiece, loose, cooling fluid leaves / close wait for a function. Implemented a number namely function of one pulse interface and mouth of electric control function (module of operation of face plate of 3) machine tool and face plate of operation of machine tool of servo drive module use sheet piece machine undertake administrative. Odd real time checks a machine each key-press undertakes face plate scanning, calculate value giving key, through stringing together mouth and go up a machine have communication. Driver is $ANYOQ series, use the position to control fashion, the pulse that positional control card gives out and directional signal differ minute of output respectively to driver. The output mouth on card passes what auxiliary relay controls the servo ON of driver to put through, and the servo that is defeated by population to also read person driver to output through auxiliary relay gets ready and servo calls the police wait for signal the 2 four-axle positions that are based on CPLD control calorie of design 2.

If the total construction that li of control card composition and an each part function analyse control of this four-axle position to get stuck pursues 2 are shown. Basically form: by 3 parts? Part of PLII of Ting of branny foot of haze of Su of ⑹ of Cong twinkling branny frame. The input includes hand arteries and veins to lose a person partly, 2 pulse feedback loses a person, 20 special be defeated by support of the people 32 common lose a person. 52 among them are defeated by a person to basically use government all sorts of spacing switch, time 0 detect switch of switch, cutting tool locking. Signal classics photoelectricity is kept apart (partial signal still wants plastic) hind, send a person corresponding Suo Cunqi and lose population, so that be handled further. Output of the one part in exporting a part controls each feed axis the instruction pulse of servo, switch that for D/A output controls output of word of a movement in martial arts of;32 of main shaft servo another to basically use control refrigeration system and lubricant system, make can of each axes take. Part of C PL D is the body that this position control blocks, basically realize following functions: (On 1) basis machine (the instruction of PC104) produces specific frequency and numerary pulse, deliver X of 〔 of 4 feed axis, y, z, the servo driver of C) , with pulse; (2) of electric machinery of control means control is go up a machine on the basis of time; (3) that provides interpolation cycle machine instruction, achieve share of output losing a person piece choose coding function; (4) to be lain between to light, the signal of hand arteries and veins after plastic has fourfold frequency warning to computation. The design that this part introduces technically below comes true. 2.

2Design of part of C PL D and company of emulation Al Ters are a manufacturer that is engaged in production of logistic parts of an apparatus technically, establish 10 one's remaining years to come from this company, devote oneself to high density all the time but the research and development of parts of an apparatus of process designing logic and production, become the person above average of industry. The high density of CPLD parts of an apparatus of Alters is spent, high rate reachs online configuration function, make the circuit that makes by discrete element so compositive go up in a chip, and pass process designing, circuit function can be changed at will, what enhanced circuit greatly is compositive degree and the flexibility of the design and dependability. When cooperating to use with EPROM, the user is OK process designing of again and again, erasure, use or different EPROM is used to be able to realize different function below circumstance of periphery circuit immobile. Accordingly, the FLEXIOK parts of an apparatus that Alters company chooses here will realize afore-mentioned coding, times frequency, the function such as Ii number. The MAX+ PLUS Q that at the same time Al Ters company offers develops a tool, fast, intuitionistic, use easily, can shorten greatly development cycle, reduce workload, and can undertake emulation test and verify in design phase, raised the dependability of the design greatly. Whole process cent loses a person for the design, compile, emulate with test and verify, configuration 4 phase (if pursue,show) 3 times. The part of C PL D that positional control blocks is particular design process is as follows: Analyse function of this part circuit above all, does its cent become a certain number of module: ? Does Piao blame ㄊ of Zhi to joke to skip?  of Luo ⑿ ∈ makes? Peptide of Luo ⒁ hydrazine? A kind of bag about abstruse does Nuo of lotus root of Xiao growing permanent teeth seek plating to guide therefore sunken analyse  ? Does straight Qu of midge of Liang   wish is Gou Bao Bian spun? Does new moon of Cong of neon of  of brilliant of appearance of ∮ of  of Ping of Dang of  of lax of F of Pi of bail of couch  orangutan washing with watercolors wring ㄊ of sword  Xi to skip?  of Luo ⑿ ∈ makes?  of Chinese torreya analyse? Module of coding of? of bail of ㄉ of new moon of Cong of border of the miscellaneous Qiao that confuse  uses end of Lv caries  the document carrying a layer on the head with VHDL design final; loses a person with principle graph. After design each module and be being inputted, via software of MAX+ PLUS I medium Compiler is compiled implement undertake compiling, compiling implement window lieutenant general shows all sorts of making mistake information, the architect can undertake modification to the design according to showing information. Once compile,pass, software of MAX + PLUSn is in a few seconds inside finish automatically build a network watch, logic is integrated, comfortable match, differentiate, time domain analysis, assemble wait for the job, and the file that makes need of many succeeding activity. The Simulator emulator that compiles software of MAX+ PLUS I of the reoccupy after passing and tool of Liming Analyzer analysis undertake the function is emulated emulate with sequential, but test and verify the function of each circuit module is correct. If have a mistake,return original design to give correct. Compile afresh, emulate, until without other mistake. Make the A that can be used at download or Sof file finally. Graph the 3 CP LD of overall knot composition of a picture that the 2 four-axle positions that are based on CP to cut control card designs flow chart to pursue 4 be opposite with MAX+PLUSI namely through. The fourfold frequency ancient bronze mirror of the signal of hand arteries and veins that 'ID will come to come true emulates a result to circuit weaveform. Among them A, b reachs the signal of hand arteries and veins after light lies between plastic to be received via needing branch, OA, OB is the output signal after Xiang Beipin of ancient bronze mirror. Graph 4 fourfold frequency and ancient bronze mirror emulate weaveform to circuit because the system of open mode numerical control of the machine of is based on PC mill of high speed carve that introduces above the open sex of 3 systems and design of its interference rejection was used " the position controls card + acting, form, the structure is simple, reliable, easy patulous. In the design, no matter be the local design of the CPLD share that systematic whole is designed or controls card like the position, pay attention to modular design concept, function of will departmental cent is modular, undertake corresponding hardware or logistic design. The system basically is to pass standard interface to realize each other to connect communication between each module, accordingly, departmental cent can choose combination according to real need, also can use other numerical control systems alone, make systematic flexibility and but expansibility rises greatly. If be based on the position of CPL1) to control card, in order to insert the form that the needle inserts groove, connect person PC04 bus line, direct with go up a machine have communication, can transplant to operate face plate module to be strung together through the standard to the; on as compatible as PC104 different PC thereby mouth and go up a machine communication. From certain level for, this system is better came true to open change a requirement. Numerical control machine tool is machinery, electron, strong report, weak report, the automation result that hardware and software combine cheek by jowl, the course runs in its in, accompanying the changeover of electromagnetism energy, on one hand it produces an effect to surroundings, on the other hand its are come from originally personally located each square electromagnetism disturbs the environment, what affecting numerical control system directly is reliable move. Accordingly, when undertaking the system is designed, interference rejection problem nots allow to ignore. Pass an analysis, does knowable interference source basically come from 3 respects: ? Cowardly of the stitch the sole to the upper that occupy Lai " lotus root of fan of  of Bin of fan pigheaded ⒌ pulls small line deceive to carry fan of gum of Xi of fan ox  to long for serve to kitchen small car of  the tenth of the twelve Earthly Branches flinchs reef of  of press and smooth of cloth  leg shows Jiao Chan to throb with terror just the method of? of H press and smooth has software filter wave, software watchdog, software is redundant, the measure such as breakdown self check. Hardware respect is aimed at interference source, took different step, be like: (1) is defeated by person signal to coder pulse, use poor cent to lose a person, undertake keeping apart through high speed smooth lotus root, lose a person to switch quantity via; (2) of plastic circuit plastics again, but first consumed segregation, restrain in all modular interference, restrain constant model interference with capacitance. (Printed circuit of 3) reasonable design board. Of system of numerical control of 4 last words open changing is to comply with modern manufacturing industry to expand a demand, manufacturer of system of contented numerical control, machine tool produces business and user logarithm to accuse systematic flexibility, can recombine but the inevitable trend of the requirement such as expansibility, accordingly, want to considering requirement of machine tool application integratedly, below the circumstance that controls number of axle, development cycle to wait each respect element a moment, mature open sex, with guiding ideology of module melt into, reasonable design is whole numerical control system. CNC Milling CNC Machining