The low power comsumption that is based on acceleration sensor pounds the implementation of recorder

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The foreword ceaseless development as industrial automation level, product quality is monitored, control method has made the indispensable one ring that assures product quality standard. A lot of products that have higher demand to assembling, there is ultimate demand to the concussion that get as much in carriage process. Will be brought harm to the product by the impact that exceeds the limit, bring needless loss for the enterprise. To monitor carriage process, at present normally the practice is to follow a product to install concussion recorder together. Current, the concussion recorder that home uses generally is mechanical concussion recorder, its interior construction resembles a camera, have fluctuation reel of two punched tape, the record punched tape is put on paper tube, of punched tape only then end inserts tube issueing paper. There is the metallic beam of pen of a fixed record in punched tape upper part, the pen is recorded of 3 on crossbeam, record X, Y, Z 3 respectively the wallop of axes direction. The defect of recorder of concussion of this kind of mechanical basically reflects in the following respects: Mechanical pounds a record, notes paper length is finite the concussion data that can record is finite also, do not have time date to indicate, have time coordinate only; The record pounds limits to have ± 5g only, the unit with short of higher level (company of power of the home appliance that be like a country) the requirement of ± 10g; To achieve three-dimensional detected requirement, it is OK to should install 3 abilities at the same time, and installation and read take disadvantageous; Mechanical concussion recorder is used press feeling type to record paper, on one hand home can buy this kind of paper rarely, the phenomenon such as paperboard, be affected with damp be affected with damp often appears when recording paper to be used in damp season or area on the other hand, create the serious problem of missing record data thereby; When because carry the differring of means,be being carried like ocean sometimes when carry, oscillatory extent spends big, oscillatory time the overmuch, carriage means talent that still needs to experience railroad, highway to differ at the same time arrives at installation spot to wait for an element, often appear notes paper is not quite long, did not record paper to destination to already gave out, lost a lot of important data. As the rapid development of microelectronics technology, especially technology of electronic acceleration sensor and odd of a machine technology swift and violent rise, emerge as the times require of recorder of electronic intelligence concussion, the carriage that is expensive accurate product provides reliable safeguard, give intelligent van technical progress. What the article devises the overall design plan of the recorder of concussion of compositive block diagram that pounds recorder is a kind of concussion recorder that is based on electronic acceleration sensor, institute of its plan of as above of compositive principle graph is shown, include MPS430 sheet piece machine reach bell of location of development board, data, real time enlarge of sensor of unit, watchdog unit, acceleration, signal and filter wave unit, A/D changes unit and PC communication interface, power source interface, liquid crystal to show screen interface and sheet piece machine. In this concussion recorder is being designed and realizing a process, basically solve the following main problems: The choice of acceleration sensor, choice of chip of low power comsumption, advocate board the design of circuit. The choice acceleration sensor of acceleration sensor is one kind can measure the electronic installation that accelerates force, quickening force is the force that quickening the action in the process to go up in the object when the object, quickening force can be constant, also can be variable. The principle with acceleration basic sensor produces generation of a certain medium to be out of shape as a result of acceleration namely, through measuring its deflection is changed into voltage output with relevant circuit. As the flying development of microelectronics science and technology, low cost, high-powered electronic acceleration sensor is able to come out. Electronic acceleration sensor often divides it is 3 kinds: The type that suppress report, look feeling type, hot feeling type. Pressing what sensor of electric type acceleration applies is piezoelectric effect, in its interior has the qualitative gauge block that a rigid body props up, qualitative gauge block can generate pressure below the case that has campaign, rigid body produces strain, transform acceleration into telegraphic date to output. Interior of sensor of acceleration of look feeling type also is put in a qualitative gauge block, from the point of individual unit, it is flat capacitor of the standard, the shift that the change of acceleration drives mobile qualitative gauge block changes flat capacitance thereby polar span and be opposite area, through gauging electric capacity metabolic capacity is calculated acceleration. And interior of sensor of acceleration of hot feeling type does not have any qualitative gauge block, there is to heat in the center of its body, periphery is temperature sensor, airtight gas antrum is inside, below the action that body is heating when the job, aeriform interiorly forms group of a heat, the proportion of heat group and the air conditioning all round are discrepant, the hot field change that through inertial steam round shift forms lets inductor induction be worth to acceleration. Because press interior of sensor of electric type acceleration to have the presence that rigid body props up, normally the circumstance falls, sensor of acceleration of the type that suppress report can the induction arrives " move " acceleration, and cannot the induction arrives " static state " acceleration, namely the gravitational acceleration that we say. And look feeling type and hot feeling type already can induction " move " acceleration, can induction " static state " acceleration. Because do not have any mobile components, and used personal computer to fetters processing technique, the research and development of sensor of acceleration of hot feeling type solved the difficult problem on a lot of treatment in the process. Manufacturing cost is low, fight concussion capability is strong, and dependability is good, failure rate under 10ppm. Volume of sensor of acceleration of hot feeling type is minor, low power comsumption, working electric current should be under 2mA, advocate the digital interface pattern that chip interface has a level. The acceleration that can offer two way is worth, use two to be able to realize three-dimensional acceleration the value is measured. The course is compared in the round, this project uses sensor of acceleration of hot feeling type certainly, regard a design as the foundation. When the dominant position with peculiar recorder depends on producing impact, the choice mechanical concussion of chip of low power comsumption does not work, every are oscillatory, just work. And portable concussion recorder uses batteries power supply, no matter whether produce impact, work in hour, because the power comsumption of this electron component makes an impact,the electron pounds the main problem of the working hours of recorder. Odd the nuclear core that serves as circuit distributes a machine, right overall function has main effect. The course compares research, the MSP430 of American TI company, one kind used the sheet with new-style technology of newest low power comsumption piece machine, the job that is thought to suit to pound recorder is used. MSP430 job is in 1.

8 ~ 3.

Below 6V voltage, have regular job pattern (AM) with mode of job of 4 kinds of low power comsumption (LPM1, LPM2, LPM3, LPM4) , when power source voltage is 3V, the working electric current of all sorts of mode is AM respectively: 340uA, LPM1: 70uA, LPM2: 17uA, LPM3: 2uA, LPM4: 0.

1uA. Odd a machine is OK and convenient between all sorts of job mode switch, suit the application in batteries power supply, portable equipment particularly. MSP430 also is had very tall compositive degree, odd piece compositive the A/D changeover of much passageway 12bit, piece inside changeover of A/D of the accurate comparator, many timer that have PWM function, bevel edge, piece inside timer of USART, watchdog, piece inside numerical control oscillator (DCO) , many I/O port. MSP430 has an internal storage of high capacity, have ROM (C) , OTP (P) , EPROM (E) , Flash Memory(F) 4 kinds of model. Periphery parts of an apparatus and circuit have all sorts of memory to use the VMOS chip with extremely small power comsumption entirely in order to come true extremely overall the target of low power comsumption. Advocate board the design   of circuit ■ design with double CPU, can reduce hardware circuit greatly, reduce trival coding, logistic commutation, make systematic hardware amount decreases, at the same time software resource allocation reachs a design to all become independent relatively, modify a program easily; ■ key-press of type of indication screen of random liquid crystal, random kiss; ■ sampling frequency prep above every second 100 thousand uninterrupted sampling, won't have leaked any vibration; ■ data is permanent store function; Although drop report or cut off the power, the data that recorder stores also won't be lost; ■ memory and indication data press the data of recorder to arrange a function to small order greatly, data is read take very convenient; ■ can join GPS satellite locates data of system, concussion and concussion spot position, time can show at the same time. Overall low power comsumption controlled a technology to have chip of main low power comsumption, the adoption of technology of overall control of low power comsumption also is very important segment in the design. The control of power comsumption should come true here through software, use as far as possible wait for sheet of accident travel means piece machine MSP430 has pattern of job of 4 kinds of low power comsumption, section report effect is distinct. Odd a machine enter when needing the work bide one's time condition or the condition that drop report, when need works, wake up again. Detect in the instrument after longer dormant case, the system is entered bide one's time condition. After beginning campaign, sensor has output, commutation of circuit of front of sensor output signal will wake up sheet piece engine work. Run way through this kind, big earth is managing the power comsumption when needing the work. Lengthened effectively overall the abidance that charges working hours. The power comsumption that dominates periphery parts of an apparatus and circuit effectively takes administrative step to the power comsumption of periphery parts of an apparatus and circuit, when making its are not working, enter maintain position or stop power supply, in order to reduce power comsumption. In sheet piece in machine application system, the power comsumption of memory is bigger, when biding one's time, set memory condition drop to maintain condition to make power comsumption remarkable. Choose the algorithm with operation rapid rate to want the specific issue such as the data of processing in the light of this project, reasonable choose operation career the new algorithm with fast, tall precision, can reduce CPU run time. Use as far as possible time interrupt replace software delay time to be in discontinuous below metrical situation, should use exterior interrupt or in-house and time / computation is interrupted, do not use software delay time, in order to reduce CPU run time. Odd of a machine exterior when interrupting a source to be used not quite, but conveniently augment. Show with the static state as far as possible replace trends to show choose appliance know exactly about sth to be put according to the lock, coding, drive and the LCD of indication function show package, want package not to drop report only, data is withheld all the time, content shows all the time, till sheet piece opportunity is right its refresh. Shorten when communication time corresponds with RS-232 communication interface, if the data bulk of communication is greater, should raise transmission baud rate, shorten communication time. Can use efficient encode means, the encode that piles up like BCD and ASCII pile up photograph comparing, efficiency raises one times. When send and be being received, do not want to await circularly, and should use serial interrupt. The circuit of hardware filter wave of hardware bate tradition (be like active filter) report of itself bad news is considerable, and its are controlled hard when needing its to work not bad news report, reason power comsumption is opposite bigger. Convert software filter wave can overcome the weakness with great power comsumption. Below the premise that reduces clock frequency to ask in contented operation speed, reduce clock frequency as far as possible, can achieve the goal that reduces power comsumption. Reduce clock frequency and do not sacrifice operation speed is current odd one of characteristics of a machine technology development. Reduce power supply voltage to become the working voltage of periphery parts of an apparatus and circuit cannot low to sheet piece when the working tension floor level of the floor level of engine work voltage or each part circuit is endless and same, cannot resemble sheet piece machine in that way by batteries direct power supply, can carry DC-DC transformer power supply. Sort of DC-DC transformer chip is more, can divide roughly to rise profiling, step-down model turn over transition with polarity, power supply way is quick, changeover efficiency is tall (a lot of chip amount to 90% above) , bulk is cabinet, use convenient. Interference rejection measure has various interference in the environment that recorder works, may affect working dependability and precision. The stability that must introduce interference rejection measure to assure recorder works. The concussion recorder that the article designs is overall the interference that outside electromagnetism signal does not get when using screen net to make sure recorder works effectively. System of GPS satellite location is absent among them. The concussion recorder of conclusion tradition no matter precision, use convenient rate gets the limitation of its structure, very difficult implementation is muti_function. Complete electron intelligence is changed is its development direction. The concussion recorder that article place design realizes is an exploration on this direction, believe the flying development of the ceaseless progress as electronic acceleration sensor and chip technology, concussion recorder also can be abounded ceaselessly and augment function, change for intelligence carry and need to undertake to vibration pilot domain provides more reliable safeguard. CNC Milling CNC Machining