Optics of form of high accuracy axis measures a head

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Ma Po this (Marposs) the optics of form of Mida OGP70 axis that the company rolls out a kind to be used at high accurate machining center and CNC Milling recently measures a head, what should measure a head is one-way measure repeatability to achieve 0.

1 μ M. Should measure the head is as compositive as transmission module together, pass wireless receiver, measure data OK and wireless the CNC system that transmits a machine tool. This company says, this kind sparks it is OK to measure a head 360 ° blast off to start and shut signal, it is to be installed conveniently inside the size range of pipe bent of the machine tool, measure a head to have very wide emissive part. The interface that can choose 3 kinds of types (net of RS-232, aether or digital I/O) one of CNC system connection that accept this to measure head and machine tool rise. CNC Milling CNC Machining