3D looks in the application that in mould industry fast CAD establishs aperture cent range

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Modern society, mould industry competition is intense, the enterprise asks to raise a mould to manufacture cycle and efficiency. Whether can software design a pattern quickly, affect manufacturing efficiency directly. When some engineers are distributing a model, sheet repairs broken face, used most time, major reason is not stylist is not familiar with mould structure, however software of major three-dimensional CAD fails to help us realize cent face design quickly on market, became obstacle and quandary. For this small make up special the CAD that invites pattern company is senior design engineer is shared with everybody, with home hope 3D is in software of famous and three-dimensional CAD/CAM exemple, the design engineer that introduces mould industry is how to pass the mould function of this software to establish cent range quickly, solve afore-mentioned problems: Case one: When distributing a model, need is this scale pillow, in order to satisfy design requirement. Groovy method designs pillow, need 3 steps, drawing----Clip-----Suture. Design medium filling aperture function to 3D mould looking in this application, criterion can one pace reachs the designated position, intelligence has filling opening, operation move is as follows: Execute filling aperture order, shoot a dialog box, choose the brim, pursue as follows: Can select cent kind according to designing need, repair cent aperture directly. Model core, model antrum two kinds of forms, freedom is chosen, the operation is simple, satisfy products plan cent requirement. Following place show: Case 2: 3D looks in repair cent aperture, not only can satisfy afore-mentioned requirements, and the aperture that also can satisfy each type, of following complex aperture found, if press the common means that build a model, establish cent range, measure is trival, need many commands to cooperate to use, if scale assists line, clip, drawing direction control, suture, and generated component face, if gap is too big, return the problem such as not easy form removal. Following plan institute show: In cent design process, need to undertake establishing cent range to its. 3D looks in can be being passed, intelligence repairs the filling aperture function in mould design. Achieve cent design requirement. Following plan institute show: Through above practice case analysis can is informed, hope 3D cites in the filling aperture function in mould design, it the help engineer of can convenient, intelligence raises cent design efficiency and accuracy rate, can more apace throws production, great reduce cost, the change that answers market demand produces periodic effect to mould design, assure to design - treatment more apace comes true. For this, hope 3D also is the client of a large number of this type demand in, offerred CAD/CAM solution. Notable is, the direct output that in 3D 2013 newest version looking in, joins arrives " 3D Printing machine " (Print3D) function, this function allows an user can very convenient and quick ground and 3D Printing machine are alternant, comparative and traditional pattern is made, the enterprise can shape more quickly a model, saved the making cost of the enterprise greatly. Want to learn the friend that three-dimensional CAD designs, also can download this free blueprint Http://www.



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