Series of use Pittler PV³ boils cut big modulus gear

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Already invented at the beginning of 20 centuries boil cut craft. 1910, wilhelm Von Pittler won this patent. Although boil,cut the requirement that can satisfy pair of tall productivity and flexibility, but the demand that because reach its to the machine tool,controls system and edge stuff is extremely high, because this further research and development of this craft is in,was immersed in backwater condition very quickly at that time. In recent years, edge stuff and its coating, machine tool and the marked improvement that control a technology, lighted afresh roll the new hope that cuts a technology to apply at gear cutting. Pittler T&S company gets afresh this one at that time the inspiration of very great already skill. Wilhelm Von Pittler is at the beginning of 20 centuries the craft sleep deeply of the tentative idea nearly hundred years, we make our new through the machine tool plan that has implemented nowadays come to. Pass DVS group interior the constant communication between each technology associate, pittler T&S company also devotes oneself to gear cutting. Präwema company is in for the foundation with the patent of Wilhelm Von Pittler research and development of small modulus domain, and Pittler is in research and development of big modulus domain. The axis of 5 numerical control of PV³ series makes on the lathe of Pittler executive turning, milling, bore is mixed boil cut craft to become a possibility. Rolling the itself of research and development that cuts craft is a challenge, and the integral treatment of the spare parts is very serious also. Not only individual gear cutting, if insert tine popularly at present, and place on lathe to undertake rough machining with two outfit at most, include to boil cut, be regarded as the craft of special economy. Pass the couple of each working procedure, the quality of the spare parts gets very big rise, because be in same figuration of the turning of second outfit clip that finish, bore, gear and go burr works, the precision of relative position is great rise. In addition, what implementation differs still can be in even on a spare parts inside, outside tine treatment. Besides professional knowledge, need only can change the appropriate cutting tool inside the machine tool through library of compositive type knife. Be aimed at rough machining working procedure, we are used the belt is embedded of dislocation razor blade boil cut annulus. The geometry of edge dimension criterion basis gear geometry dimension (modulus and tine are counted) and design. Finish machining cutting tool is made by the pulverous metallurgy stuff that takes film, after service life expires, can purify film, grinding hind is new the film on plating. Boil cut annulus form, like parameter of edge amount, tooth form, clench the teeth, corresponding cutting parameter the choice of horn of across of set, axis all is roll cut technical condition. Pass the couple of rough machining and finish machining cutting tool, we are boiling in cutting craft, call its Power Skiving(puissant boil cut) . To make treatment flow more perfect, we measure a head to be used at quality to detect in what one used to be able to be changed inside the machine tool. The turning outline that below clamp condition the place to corresponding spare parts asks and tooth form undertake metrical. Double ball dimension and tooth flank line are checked when measurement technique of this kind of gear is used at debugging workpiece of a new gear, perhaps sample during treatment measure. But the special gear measuring instrument that this method cannot replace the gear quality that is used at test and verify to whether achieve a requirement. To current machine tool, what we roll cuts what need direct actuating device, each motion is extremely accurate the technology that cooperating already was a standard. Same, tigidity of plan of modern machine tool is big, decrease brace up quality precision of good, geometry is extremely tall and optimized actuating device, these are to ensure the success rolls cut key. Machine tool and roll the tie that cuts cutting tool to just arise win the home. Compare with the photograph that insert tine, boil cut craft to have clear economic advantage. Use boil cut, of pitch time decrease can be as high as 60% ! In newest application, the modulus of gear is 6, accuracy class 6, fall by 7 working procedure to 2 working procedure. Such, saved debug in great quantities, carry and stay a time, shortened greatly thereby production is periodic. CNC Milling CNC Machining