Gear cutting uses the characteristic of the efficient hob that take a power and application

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Ceaseless breakthrough raises the manufacturer of gear of global market demand with intense competition manufacturing efficiency and the limit that reduce manufacturing cost, this is meant must use the advanced hob that be made by high grade material and protects with high-powered coating to undertake high speed boils cut treatment. Because the price of advanced cutting tool is higher, because this has some of production workshop to not be willing to use efficient hob, because they did not analyse each respects of pull current Cheng in the round,this is, in order to determine accurate costing method- - from computation totle drilling cost arrives calculate every finished cost. To achieve taller gear cutting efficiency, the design of hob incline to at developing the hob taking a power of efficient, bull. The hob that take a power uses material of integral tool steel to make, the diameter is lesser, compare the hob that take aperture normally a few longer. Their installation is on gear-hobbing machine when, it is the handle neck fixed position that adopts two end, is not to resemble taking aperture hob to be installed in that way go up in arbor. For example, la Zhi Fette but conception of design of hob of cutting of burden of dislocation hard alloy is those who use economy but the union of razor blade of dislocation hard alloy and well-known rolling cut dominant position, inside formulary time, a large number of metals can be excised below tall cutting speed, be ground again and again coating to traditional hob it is indispensible, and not was necessary here. Saved long wear to be mixed originally greatly the time that change a knife, this will reduce the investment of the machine tool, reduce the construction of workshop thereby, save many cost for the user truly; Gelisen company (Gleason Corp.

) hob of Genesis belt handle used D actuating device, use hob to bolt sold whole watch surface contact will deliver torque namely. Generally speaking, the plane that uses on most machine tool is to planar actuating device below the torque effect that tall stress line contact produces, appear easily on interface tiny amlposition. Integral type takes handle hob to be used at machining worm wheel normally, requirement cutter diameter and be compared to be close to by diameter of treatment worm wheel. Suit to be used at most through optimizing the hob taking a power of the design large quantities of quantities, efficient treatment. And gear of big diameter, big pitch (the gear that if lorry drive-box or mine are mechanical,uses) be to use the hob that take aperture to machine normally. To taking a power hob is mixed the hob that take aperture, can shorten the influencing factor of cutting time includes to raise feed speed of rate, hob and increase hob head number. Hob architect to optimize hob function, the attempt uses small diameter hob, because be in given exterior speed (Sfm) below, the diameter of hob is smaller, cutting rate is higher. Because take a power cutter diameter is lesser and without aperture, with the hob taking aperture of similar diameter photograph comparing has bigger length, can acquire more portable cutting divisions consequently, make every walk along hob knife can cutting more workpiece. The hob that has sharp cutting a tooth-like part of anything enters cutting area along its axial shift. The explanation of design director Glenn Schlarb of the company says Gelisen, "The tall productivity of the hob that take a power is the result that there is more and mobile place along hob in taking a knife every time, and because was used,have the hob material of tall wearability and cutting tool coat, increased the number taking a knife of hob, make every hob can process more work. " boil cut treatment to be able to be used already also but need not cooling fluid. But, a lot of users are willing to use dry type to boil more cut, because it can eliminate environmental pollution, save the cost related to processing cooling fluid. Cut blade of cutting of the protection below the condition to boil in high speed doing, dry type rolls the high grade coating that cuts requirement hob to collect appliance to have high temperature stability and low hot conductivity. Because took handle hob to use integral structure, the part that and install its uses on gear-hobbing machine is less also, accordingly its assemble rigid excel to take aperture hob. Hob is installing the condition between the tip to fall to be ground to its blade, install and measure precision to undertake detecting. Compare with photograph of the hob that take aperture, the hob that take a power eliminated Kong Yuxin between the axis accumulate diameter to jump error, and sway by what separator and installation nut cause error. The red rigid below the room temperature hardness that has tall wearability and Gao Shuiping with the name of fine steel material that bears handle hob at making and cutting high temperature. Although fine steel material and coating compare performance inferior cost of material is a few taller, but can make the small diameter with a cutting higher rate take handle hob, can shorten thereby treatment cycle time and reduce every finished cost. In proper treatment the condition falls, benefit of this kind of every finished cost should be more than the addition of cost of every cutting tool normally, can reduce the treatment totle drilling cost of every workpiece thereby. Boiling in cutting treatment, use appropriate cutting tool coating crucial, it can rise productivity and reduce finished cost, in certain treatment circumstance, can make cutting tool life raises one times, not only cost of can economic cutting tool, and can reduce the number that change a knife, shorten machine down time. Ou Ruikang Ba Er investigates company of Si Tu layer (Oerlikon Balzers Coating) director technical Dr. Dennis Quinto points out, the preparation of cutting blade has main effect to coating function, and this is cutting tool function did not get normally element of very good pilot. Sharp cutting blade can produce lesser cutting force and inferior heat in metal cutting, but coating is thinner, what can increase sword of cutting blade collapse is dangerous, because this suits small feed to lead cutting only; The coating on the cutting blade that handles through passivation is thicker, have sex of stabler the blade that fight collapse, but the cutting power of generation is greater also; Through pouring arris and the cutting that passivation handles blade has sex of the stablest the blade that fight collapse, because this fits stuff of strong fragile cutting tool very much (like hard alloy) lead cutting with big feed. In because boiling,cutting treatment, cutting speed and cutting deepness should be reduced as the addition of workpiece data tensile strength, because this chooses appropriate coating,can raise cutting rate (still can raise feed lead below certain circumstance) . PVD coating can provide protection to almost all hob. TiN coating of the standard is cut to using the low speed of lubricant to boil effective; TiCN coating can increase the hardness of hob and wearability, suit to process abrasion workpiece data; TiAlN coating is developed to do type cutting, have wonderful tenacity and high temperature resistant function. The new-style AlCrN coating that develops to do type cutting recently is had more exceedingly good wearability, hear resistance and fight oxidisability. CNC Milling CNC Machining