The relation of primitive error and machining error

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In machining process, when positional relationship is reasonable between cutting tool and workpiece treatment surface, treatment surface precision can achieve treatment requirement, cannot achieve treatment requirement otherwise, treatment precision is analysed even if analysis and research treatment precision cannot satisfy all sorts of elements when the requirement, namely the possibility that all sorts of primitive errors produce, adopt significant craft step to undertake overcoming, raise treatment precision thereby. In machining, machine tool, clamping apparatus, workpiece and cutting tool make a whole system, call machining complex. The structure as a result of machining complex itself and condition, unit process of cargo bandling and the physics in machining a process are mechanical phenomenon and all sorts of produces deflection relative to positional relation ingredients between generation cutting tool and workpiece call primitive error. It is OK all the same, enlarge or contractible report give work, make workpiece produces machining error and affect a spare parts to machine precision. Primitive error and cutting process concern one part; The initiative condition of primitive error and machining complex itself concerns one part. Error of this two parts suffers the effect of element of equality of water of technology of ambient conditions, handlers again. (1) the error that the error of principle of primitive error ① that as initiative as machining complex itself condition concerns processes the existence on methodological principle namely. The relative position of workpiece of ● of error of ② machining complex geometry and cutting tool leaves the error that already existed in the static state, if cutting tool and clamping apparatus make an error, adjust error and mounting error; The relative position of ● workpiece and cutting tool leaves the error of existence in athletic condition, if the main shaft of the machine tool answers have a change of luck to use an error, the oriented error of slideway, the transmission error of transmission catenary. (2) the effect of machining complex strength of primitive error ① that concerns with cutting process causes be out of shape, if machining complex gets power,be out of shape, the generation of workpiece internal stress is out of shape with what disappear and cause wait for the error that cause. ② machining complex fuel factor causes be out of shape, if the heat of machine tool, cutting tool, workpiece is out of shape,wait for the error that cause. CNC Milling CNC Machining