Two new model appear on Zhongshan loose heart to imprint completely exhibit

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Package machine limited company is in Zhongshan loose heart current imprint completely exhibit will have bigger movement. The larger area that has 216 square metre in W5 house exhibits (extend a date: W5, C, 04A) , will mix through graph article, image demonstrate to wait for means, all-around reveal Song Degong to manage in recent years new technology, new achievement, new product, will carry two new model to appear to imprint completely exhibit. Two type are high speed of flexible package of drive of SAY-31000D electron axis respectively sunken imprint cent of machine and SFQ1300D high speed is cut machine. High speed of flexible package of drive of SAY-31000D electron axis is sunken imprint machine it is Song De is in draw lessons from current international to precede sunken imprint be developed independently on technical foundation and become. This machine had international contemporary and advanced sunken imprint the main feature of machine, his main window has: Structure of platen of embossing of type of technology of electronic axis drive, sleeve, sunken imprint car structure. Still used structure of separation and reunion of small journey embossing, make overprint answers speed faster, presswork percent defective more bottom; Used advanced machine management system, make equipment automation rate higher, manufacturing management is more intuitionistic, convenient, operation more human nature is changed. The gravure of all sorts of film that this machine applies to flexible package domain, flimsy, aluminum foil and other composite material, have tigidity strong, rate is high, answer fast, overprint to wait for a characteristic definitely, it is China drive of axis of new generation electron is sunken imprint one of main advanced delegate type of machine. Cent of SFQ1300D high speed is cut machine also be Song Dexin close development have international the cent of new-style high speed of advanced level is cut machine. This machine uses computer of type of total number word to configure, the technology is advanced, automation rate is high. Its are main window has: Highest and mechanical speed 400 meters / cent; Put roll deserve to use LPC correct an error, hydraulic pressure rises fall outfit discharge; Fill energy of life of type of deflate slippery difference automatically to bilge axis, ultrasonic detects a diameter, automatic computation accepts a taper pulling force; Overall full automatic tensional control; Jockey function of velar fixed position; Automatic safety detects, breakdown shows automatically etc. When this machine uses smooth knife structure, apply to all sorts of filmy base material such as PE, PP, PET, OPP, PVC before pressworking, the high speed cent after cuts operation; After changing cent of the knife that use a circle to cut an orgnaization, the high speed cent that still applies to paperboard of China cypress paper, bullion and other composite material cuts operation. CNC Milling CNC Machining