Should manage like where after machine tool coder is missing

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: Of machine tool coder reserve batteries n is spent of coder after reserving to batteries drops electric deflection or be lost, the machine tool cannot move normally. Here, must correctly set reference point or origin search coaxial is spent is to show the main shaft the machine tool moves in appropriate locally, those who make a photograph corresponding on the main shaft of the machine tool and clamping apparatus body get a coaxial, search namely the position of workpiece treatment place is spent. Coaxial spends look for square law to go to join as follows on the M port of the machine tool, it is bit OKer to should choose corresponding reference axis mode to fall below mode at this moment motive bed, the career that chooses motive bed can be adjusted with fold. Will contain watch head or special measure a tool to insert the aperture inside person main shaft this tool inserts person part to want to be decided with the Kong Youyi inside main shaft deserve to use or handwheel dot uses corresponding rod, adjust the position of the machine tool, make measure a head slowly inside the jig that take a person, stop to notice to avoid to make measure a head to be in after taking the person's proper depth have inside jig rustily or tatty place avoids to measure head and equipment to connect touch. Catch slowly rotational main shaft circuit or a few, of record sheet needle place become enamoured condition (to horizontal machine tool, fluctuation controls 4 seats for contrary type machine tool, around controls 4 seats) , if coaxial spends the requirement that coaxial spends in the limits that asking to be able to consult,the static precision of the machine tool changes a condition according to placing, the dot uses the rod with corresponding machine tool, the position of readjust machine tool, till coaxial is spent,accord with a requirement, namely the position of workpiece treatment place is spent accord with a requirement, finish to be made with go to work, coaxial is spent search to ending. The hydraulic pressure that the central coordinate that the hydraulic pressure that by above condition and machine program knowable coordinate is holds out column aperture is holds out the center of column aperture. Link is nice the key that goes up by operation face plate, press soft key occurrence picture again, already can adapt buy right now parameter. Call parameter general stop a machine tool power supply according to information clew with the position, open machine tool power source afresh next and wind reference point, the reference point that finds right now can not satisfy workpiece to machine the requirement that position position spends certainly. the machine tool shift arrives one or by afore-mentioned foregone conditions knowable, the machine tool is when this position, the means that the data of the reference axis in the program is the position or coaxial seeks to spend on positional benefit in order to searchs coaxial is spent, write down at this moment coordinate data is used get another coordinate data moves the machine tool if be in mobile process,return coordinate data appear exceed Cheng to call the police, modification parameter is corresponding axial data, eliminate exceed Cheng to call the police. Complete work was finished. CNC Milling CNC Machining