The efficient cutting cutting tool that the mould machines

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As the process of globalization, the international competition of manufacturing industry also becomes more and more intense. The remain invincible in competing to be in, a lot of enterprises devote oneself to " reduce cost " , " shorten date of delivery " , " improve quality " the research that waits for all sorts of tasks. Be in recently especially new knowledge " Japan is made " while, the high accuracy of the mould is changed, efficient the keyword with change treatment to already was become important. Those who change character, the indispensable tool in mould treatment process -- the action of cutting cutting tool already was considered as crucial factor now. In last few years, the demand of the user of use cutting cutting tool also produced change. Previously, people thinks cutting tool is running stores generally, want to make through decreasing dosage will reduce cutting tool cost so. The viewpoint of people produced change recently, think to should pass the effect that produces cutting tool adequately to reduce treatment to expend. Before day establishs tool company 4 years, this also puts forward just about " treatment halve moves " viewpoint. To cooperate to use a variation of this kind of demand, the tool produces business to be necessary to center energy to develop the cutting tool with taller efficiency. The article will introduce the following content: The near future machines demand to cooperate a mould and the hard metal of is used at finish machining whole of efficient small diameter of development establishs milling cutter (round horn of Epoch deep cutting establishs milling cutter) ; With the efficient circle at rough machining horn establishs milling cutter (round horn of much blade big feed establishs milling cutter) ; What can improve cutting tool performance considerably below efficient treatment condition is newest exceed lubricant coating (JX coating) development, function and treatment example. 1. Integral hard alloy establishs milling cutter " round horn of Epoch deep treatment establishs milling cutter (Epoch Deep Radius) " (1) cutting function in last few years, the trend that replaces the discharge treatment previously with cutting treatment is clearer and clearer, this kind of demand changes cutting to the narrow and dark place on workpiece gradually. Use when establishing milling cutter deep cutting to machine this kind of narrow and dark place, applicable mainstream cutting tool is head of small diameter ball stands milling cutter (day establishs a tool to also be in head of manufacturing Epoch deep-felt snick stands head of ball of deep cutting of style of drawing of milling cutter, Epoch to establish milling cutter set) . But, the following problem can appear when using head of small diameter ball to establish milling cutter to undertake efficient deep cutting (the issue that replaces discharge to machine existence with cutting treatment namely) : ① cutting obstruction increases easily; The cutting rate of ② center place rises very hard (easy damage of part of topmost center blade) ; The cutting remain part with ③ theoretic existence (approach of cutting tool radial cannot too big) . Day establishs a tool to solve above problem, developed small diameter to grow round horn of deep cutting of neck series Epoch to establish milling cutter. When using small diameter to establish milling cutter to undertake deep cutting, if the cutting resistance of front of blade of cutting tool cutting is too great, can produce vibration and cannot machine below efficient cutting condition, affect treatment efficiency thereby. Establish milling cutter and R horn to establish milling cutter to undertake contrast to ball head from the angle of cutting obstruction knowable, area of latter cutting blade contact is lesser, cutting obstruction is relatively lesser also. In addition, when undertaking contour line cutting, ball head stands milling cutter to be put in theoretic cutting remain part, especially the blade of the horizontal stroke that carry a department with cutting low rate is easy damaged. And particular cutting face can be formed normally when round horn establishs milling cutter to machine, reason has treatment to stabilize reliable advantage. The round part of Epoch deep cutting that develops now establishs the flutter of the generation when milling cutter can prevent deep cutting. Machine efficiency to rise further, used cone-shaped design. This kind of design can prevent cutting bend because of cutting tool in the process the Zhou Ren outside causing and be contacted by cutting material, can realize stable treatment thereby. In addition, cutting tool coating used the TH that has property of tall hardness and tall heat-resisting, wear-resisting (TiSiN) hard coating, suit the direct deep cutting of tall hardness material to machine very much. Introduce round horn of Epoch deep cutting to establish the characteristic of milling cutter through machining example below. (2) groove of treatment example ① is efficient treatment example to be opposite groove has efficient treatment, need increases the step pitch of XY direction on certain level, but if use ball head to establish milling cutter treatment, the central blade that can make cannot raise cutting rate bears very big negative charge and must lower cutting requirement. The result that establishs milling cutter to machine groove from use ball head can see: If increase the XY step pitch of set, criterion the damaged rate that central blade manages also can be increased; If reduce the XY step pitch of set, lower cutting requirement, although did not observe central blade is damaged, but of front center horizontal blade wear away to increase somewhat however. The result that from circle of use Epoch deep cutting horn establishs milling cutter to machine groove is knowable, not only cutting is stable, and wear away reduce, to tall hardness (make an appointment with 50HRC) the groove treatment result of workpiece of steel of hot die forging is favorable. In machining example originally, establish milling cutter photograph to compare with ball head, new-style circle horn establishs milling cutter place to need handling time to shorten make an appointment with 1/4, treatment charge reduces half above. The deep cutting of material of ② tall hardness from with long neck model establish milling cutter to machine SKD11 Leng Zunmo to provide steel (60HRC) the result can see, ball head stands milling cutter outside week cutting blade has very big damaged; And round horn of Epoch deep treatment establishs milling cutter not to have damaged, wear away equably only. Can conclude, the length of cutting blade contact that establishs milling cutter as a result of ball head is bigger, cutting resistance is accordingly great also, cutting rate is high outside week cutting blade is damaged easily. This and exemple ① are identical, round horn establishs milling cutter to have clear advantage. Establish round role of milling cutter and other company to establish the contrast of milling cutter to be able to see by the round role that establishs a tool in the day below same treatment condition, because did not use cone-shaped design,the round part that other company produces establishs milling cutter, not quite ideal to exceeding the tall hardness material of 60HRC to machine the effect. Because used the unique design of anticlinal form form,the round role of new generation deep cutting that day establishs a tool establishs milling cutter, week cutting blade is cutting of point contact type outside, when although be being used,cutting a law to process tall hardness data continuously, cutting resistance is very little also, and treatment status is stable. The treatment example that establishs milling cutter by round horn of Epoch deep cutting is knowable, performance of this cutting tool is superior, make clear advantage is had when deep cutting to tall hardness material especially. Anyhow, develop round horn adequately to establish the action of milling cutter, the material that can quench to passing heat treatment undertakes groove is machined directly, because machine a process to shorten, can reduce treatment cost considerably. The experiment proves, use round horn to establish milling cutter to machine efficiency to be able to raise 5 times above, and treatment cost can be reduced 35% . 2. Give rough machining with Yu Dajin but dislocation round horn establishs milling cutter (1) round horn of much blade big feed establishs industry of milling cutter mould to be used generally small the cutting way that cuts deep, big feed will realize efficient treatment, but market demand demand improves treatment efficiency further. Be aimed at this kind of need, day established a tool to develop cutting tool of much cutting blade, and in the coating that tall cutting speed also can bear below big feed condition. The design concept of cutting tool of round horn of much blade big feed is to be inside finite cutting tool external diameter, basis before blade number devises a method, narrow cutting blade dimension, but won't reduce point intensity again. The razor blade that establishs big feed round role milling cutter advocate set of cutting blade radius is R8. The photograph of round razor blade that is R8 together with radius is compared, it has identical point strength, but utmost ground narrowed the knife is accumulated one-sidedly, realized much blade to change thereby. External diameter is φ previously the razor blade of 32 is 2 edge, and the edge number that round horn of much blade big feed establishs milling cutter amounts to 5, than before the product rose 2.

5 times. (2) be used at rough machining before the characteristic of big feed cutting tool but dislocation cutting tool deserves generally to use round bit, apparently look to be able to be obtained it seems that very big cut deep amount, can excise a large number of material, but as a result of its cutting blade and by the osculatory length that the osculatory length of treatment material is more than linear blade razor blade, accordingly cutting obstruction increases, realize big feed cutting very hard. In addition, round razor blade is hanged in cutting tool extend longer treatment circumstance to be used by radial master piece, easy cause cutting tool to bend and happen brace up quiver. Round horn of much blade big feed establishs the cutting blade of milling cutter to design the bottom in cutting tool rotor, because of main effect of this cutting resistance at axial, namely although hang,round horn of much blade big feed establishs milling cutter extend longer produce flutter not easily also, can realize stable treatment. In the meantime, pass bit miniaturization, make cutting blade length is compared before big feed cutting tool shortens apparently, reduced cutting resistance, change through much blade thereby commanded cutting force effectively. (3) small the merit that cuts treatment of deep, big feed is little the applied condition that cutting deep, big feed to machine is big feed cutting tool, its advantage is material excision rate efficiency of big, treatment is tall. With use cut deep efficient treatment to be compared greatly, below the condition that cuts deep quantity to reduce, can undertake efficient fast feed is machined inside the limits of limitation of the biggest feed in machine tool workbench. Use round razor blade to be cut through increasing when improve treatment efficiency greatly, the meeting on the workpiece after treatment leaves apparent cutting remain share, this processes those who increase cutting tool of follow-up precision work negative charge. Although rough machining efficiency is very tall, but the treatment efficiency that can reduce follow-up process. Compare with this photograph, use small when cutting deep, big feed to machine, the cutting remain share of rough machining diminishs, be close to the appearance of final precision work more, can reduce the negative charge of cutting tool of follow-up process precision work thereby, coarsen is machined and the efficiency of finish machining gets rising at the same time, stable and reliable ground realizes efficient treatment. 3. Exceed lubricant JX coating as above, in through improving edge appearance, increase edge amount to machine efficiency in order to rise while, if can increase cutting tool slewing speed, accelerate cutting speed and feed rate, can improve treatment efficiency further. But, in prep above when active cutting speed, the high temperature that current cutting tool coating produces to cutting and pressure bear capacity is insufficient. Accordingly, we were known afresh small cut cutting of deep, big feed to be opposite the influence of cutting blade, decided high speed turns indispensible performance: Although be below high temperature,also have what can restrain big feed cutting to arise to cut the lubricant function that chafes between bits and cutting tool. For this, day established a tool to develop the coating of titanium compound series with extremely strong lubricity successfully. Coating of this kind of new property JX that can be used at efficient treatment can reduce crescent moon effectively to wear away depression face of the knife after mixing wears away, avoid point felt appearance effectively. (1) the coating of JX coating JX of low coefficient of friction, tall hardness, tall tenacity is in compound of titanium, aluminous department added self-lubricating material, can use heat in metal cutting to form thin oxidation layer in coating surface. This oxidation layer can improve lubricant performance, control cutting temperature rises, reduce cutting at the same time blade and by the endophilicity between treatment workpiece, restrain the felt of cutting blade. The TiSiN with the hardness of JX coating and highest hardness fastens coating to comparative, tall hardness can prevent the cutting blade that efficient treatment environment plays high speed to wear away, prolong the service life of cutting tool considerably. Pottery and porcelain fastens horniness coating to prevent milling effectively to machine the hot crack that peculiar interrupted cutting causes hard, but JX coating rises considerably as a result of tenacity, because this has sex of very tall the blade that fight collapse. Can see, JX coating is to have lubricity at the same time, be able to bear or endure rub the new generation coating of sex of bad news sex, the blade that fight collapse. In edge number and service life identical premise falls, it is compared the cutting rate of coating rose before 40% . (2) the example of high speed cutting that round horn of much where a thing can be put to best use, big feed establishs milling cutter uses horn of circle of many blade big feed to establish razor blade of coating of milling cutter and JX to be in newest CNC Machining center machine tool (cutting feed rate is top can amount to 50m/min) aspirant: Round horn of much blade big feed establishs the edge external diameter of milling cutter to be φ 32mm, have 5 cutting blade; Bit brand is JX1045; Be by treatment material 40CrMnMo7 (the SKT3 that is equivalent to JIS standard) . In feed of 50m/min of = of Vf of speed of feed of N=3000/min of rotate speed of 300mm/min of = of cutting speed Vc, main shaft, cutting, every tine Fz = 3.

3mm/ tine, cut = of E of ɑ of × of deep ɑ P 0.

Below the cutting condition of 3 × 25mm, but the light cutting that finish. The center is in the high speed CNC Machining that treatment uses to had be notted use generally domestic and internationally, with the cutting feed rate that uses generally at present the photograph of center of high speed CNC Machining of 10 ~ 20m/min is compared, treatment efficiency can rise 2.

5 ~ 5 times. And the function that round horn of new generation much blade big feed establishs milling cutter to be able to make have machine tool of high speed numerical control develops acme. The development goal that the character of circle of Epoch deep cutting that above introduced to apply latest technology to develop establishs round horn of milling cutter, big feed to establish milling cutter and JX coating and effect. The occurrence of these new-style cutting tool satisfied the requirement that raises a mould to machine efficiency, also reduced mould finished cost. CNC Milling CNC Machining