Exceed hard PureCut material to challenge tall difficulty cutting

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Did not come 10 years, of efficiency of auto industry production rise will encounter unprecedented enormous pressure. All these is to have mark but of abide, the demand that more strict car tail gas discharges standard, constant to new-style car engine growth and engine material more and more machine hard etc. because of such, foreknow not hard: PCBN gets together nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre is changed boron and other super- hard cutting material is resolving this kind of tall difficulty the effect with rise very main in cutting treatment task. Face such development tide, element Six, as Daibiersi (De Beers Group) a of the group, the supplier that exceeds hard cutting material, plant at global head was being rolled out at the beginning of 2018 PureCut material, be based on accept rice technology namely get together nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre turns material of boracic cutting tool. Material of this kind of new-style cutting tool machines efficiency to be a purpose with raising metallic cutting, it is the positive result that to some former getting together nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre turns technology of boracic data design, production to innovate ceaselessly. the cutting of car gear-box gear treatment rate rose 6 times well-known, synthesizing diamond is the hardest data on the world. The making synthetic diamond that 50 time develop the century on, its production methods is in large pressure system the temperature with be in medium, constant and pressure condition issue synthetic making synthetic diamond, in producing a course, the pressure that diamond gets is very great, this pressure is equivalent to putting iron tower of dust humble Er in to pull coal tub easily, the temperature that at the same time the will easy contact that pull coal tub nods heats to 1000 ℃ above. Come for years, people is in all the time ceaseless and perfect, improve this one engineering technology, reduce the manufacturing cost of making synthetic diamond, develop the product of making synthetic diamond of more innovation sex. In the meantime, the applied domain of making synthetic diamond expands ceaselessly, use in different industrial domain, improved the productivity that the cutting in these industrial branch machines significantly. For example, the field is created in the car, in the treatment of airframe of aluminium alloy engine, cutting tool of much brilliant diamond (PKD) service life lengthened 10 times than hard alloy cutting tool, at the same time it still can undertake cutting with higher rate. PCBN gets together nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre turns boracic material is people going up 70 time develop the century, molecular structure and PKD of much brilliant diamond are similar, but atomic composition is different. PCBN although hardness is inferior to diamond, but it still can maintain its inelasticity when temperature exceeds 1000 ℃ , accordingly special agree with treatment nonferrous metal and other high temperature resistant metal stuff, for instance aerospace uses metallic data. Of course, the applied market with the biggest PCBN or car create a field. For example, in car gear-box gear cutting, PCBN gets together nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre changes boracic cutting tool to having higher than hard alloy cutting tool cutting rate. PCBN gets together the 4 big character that nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre changed the alloy composition of material of boracic cutting tool to decide it: Superior wear-resisting strength, be able to bear or endure chemical function, before shape of hole of knife face crescent moon wears away, the brim stability of cutting blade and very good heat-resisting function. PCBN cutting material designs production new method generally speaking, PCBN researcher can use 3 to adjust parameter to design have high-powered cutting stuff: The granuality size of the amount that ● CBN cubic nitrogen spends boracic grain and grain and distributing; The chemical composition of ● binder and binder particle size distribution; When ● high temperature and high pressure are synthesized, CBN cubic nitrogen converts the chemical reaction between boron and binder grain. 2013, as the completion of GIC of center of innovation of whole world of Element Six company, its are right new-style the research and development that exceeds hard cutting material also spreads out further. In the development of PureCut material, researcher uses different new technology to dig 3 major key to rectify the latent capacity of parameter as far as possible. Examine to material from the preparation of farinaceous raw material analysis, check to application again, processes of all research and development are completed inside center of this one innovation. In principle is told, good agglomeration technology is PCBN gets together nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre changes a the most important process in boracic production. It decided to affect PCBN stuff place to have the adhesion between the grain of function. We know: Grain granuality is 10 times more contractible when squeezing ramming rate can rise 1000 times. And the PureCut cutting material of research and development of Element Six company, the average of binder grain granuality is 100 times more contractible, crystal boundary area increased 150 times. What micromechanism brought about hardness to raise CBN cubic nitrogen to change boracic grain is optimal the cutting stability that distributinged to also raise cutting material PureCut (graph 1) . Pass the mutual couple of big, little grain, translate into ruptures to use up the disintegrate wearing brilliant of more energy between the brilliant that can cause impact. The fact proves: This kind of structure also raised accept rice the intensity of composite material. Graph 1.

The PCBN of innovation sex gets together the electronic metallograph that nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre changes PureCut DHA650 of boracic cutting material, see the grain of accept rice class in binder from which. Micromechanism design is helpful also to crackle direction deflexion, also assist the stability that increased cutting material thereby (graph 2) . Further research is informed: The crackle that composite material forms accept rice is waviness rise and fall, having greater exterior flaw, this also increased the capacity with counteractive patulous crackle. This one character is having first-rate action and sense in interrupted cutting. When checking for example, the anti-impact properties of PureCut cutting material gets together than standard PCBN nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre changes boracic material to be close friends 50% the left and right sides. Graph 2.

PuerCut gets together the electronic metallograph that nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre turns boracic crackle area. Special crackle turns to the length that increased crackle, also improved the exterior composition of cutting material thereby. In auto industry domain, such improvement is meant than before lower cutting tool cost. Of stability of cutting cutting tool rise to also be helpful for handlers using treatment of bigger cutting of deepness of penetration of a cutting tool, also improved the cutting performance inside unit time thereby. When be heated (> 700 ℃ ) when surface of material of cutting of the glide that cut bits, PCBN gets together nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre changes boracic meeting to produce chemistry to corrode. This kind of chemistry is corroded understandable get together for PCBN nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre is changed mechanical wear is mixed between boron and workpiece diffuse to make used kill integratedly. After taking undermentioned step, of material of PureCut cutting tool fight chemistry to corroded function to have improvement: Because ● used what the grain binder of size of accept rice class makes agglomeration quality compares forecast thereby to have bigger improvement. ● and traditional PCBN get together nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre changes boron to differ, pureCut card gets together the foreign matter that nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre turns boron not to contain the remain in producing a course (the typical feature of rudimental impurity is to having get together unlike PCBN nitrogen changes brilliant cube boracic wear rate; After removing these impurity, can have longer, controlled wear rate -- refer to a graph 3) . ● reduced CBN cubic nitrogen to change boracic content; For example of PureCut DIA500 brand get together nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre turns boracic material. This increased capacity of tatty of shape of hole of crescent moon of face of the knife before cutting tool is counteractive. Graph 3.

The PureCut binder of tall purity (Zun Tu) with the tradition, the PCBN that contains impurity gets together nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre changes boron (right graph) metallograph. The service life that the micromechanism that tall purity binder forms can prolong cutting material, better resist chemical abrasion. As a result of very tall wearability, the cutting material of PureCut brand is having longer cutting tool durability below the cutting rate that raises significantly. For example, below the operating mode of cutting speed 220m/min, get together than the standard the cutting tool durability that nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre changes boron rose about 40% , and bear the performance of interrupted cutting is stronger. Should be in in cutting process when use cooling fluid, PCBN gets together nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre turns boracic cutting material fight temperature bear function, especially interrupted cutting process fights temperature bear function mediumly, still can assist the precision that improves cutting treatment; It is with auto industry domain exemple: Can assure very strict public errand. Because new cutting material is having very good heat conduction property. For example, CBN cubic nitrogen changes boracic content to change thermal conductivity of boracic cutting material to be between 18~38W/mK in the common and cubic nitrogen of 45%~55% . The brand gets together for the PureCut of DIA500 nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre changed boracic material thermal conductivity to achieve 50W/mK. And similar thermal conductivity has nitrogen of CBN cubic metre to change boracic content only the common and cubic nitrogen of 65% changes boracic material ability to get. As common as the past, thermal conductivity is in of 49~52W/mK get together nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre changes boracic material to differ, the cutting material of model of PureCut brand DHA650 benefits a lot from inside the agglomeration craft of its high quality -- the thermal conductivity that can achieve is 75W/mK. The heat conduction performance with superior implementation of tall agglomeration quality goes out for development can applicable all sorts of cutting data that use a case, element Six company is having the partner with a lot of very close connection in Europe, East Asia and America, collect condition of equipment of concerned machine tool, craft and local market for a long time to develop the information such as the trend to them, these information that arrive in order to collect regard important basis research and development as new product, in order to satisfy global market demand. Relevant partner also participated in lab test and large-scale spot experiment to wait for the job in process of research and development, give Element Six the company gotten test result feedback, form a complete iteration loop thereby. This kind of good interactive cooperation is one of recipe with PureCut cutting successful material, more lengthened cutting tool durability 20% ~ 30% . CNC Milling CNC Machining