How does treatment prevent cutting tool damaged when aviation spare parts

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In cutting treatment process, if cutting tool produced serious damaged, normally meeting attaint is machined spare parts, return meeting attaint to machine a machine tool even sometimes. Aviation spare parts has complex figure normally, the special data that uses value not to poor is made, machine these spare partses to need to expend a large number of man-hour. Accordingly, if workpiece discards as useless, no matter be on raw material cost, still machining additional cost to go up, can cause huge loss. In aviation manufacturing industry, odd the circumstance of a small lot treatment is not rarely seen, accordingly, damage a workpiece is met very big to producing benefit to cause loss. Because invalidation of an aircraft spare parts may cause disastrous consequence, accordingly, in aviation manufacturing industry, add up to regulation control and the mechanism that reduce a risk to make the workpiece to damaging undertakes rework otherer than be in industry is more complex. The work that creates because of cutting tool damaged or machine tool attaint may affect the gain ability of manufacturer and client satisfaction badly to spend. A lot of special machine tools that aviation manufacturing industry uses are loading crucial treatment task. Because these machine tool cost are high, treatment preparation time is very long, they are accordingly probable be manufacturer " bottleneck asset " , if these machine tools because of cutting tool damaged by attaint, can cause major effect to the productivity of the enterprise. In cutting treatment, a lot of reasons can bring about cutting tool damaged, but still can ensure without a kind of solution 100 % ground detects the happening that go out or avoids cutting tool damaged completely. The cutting tool damaged that makes technically restores circular program to be able to save workpiece and manufacturing loss. The machine tool in view of aviation manufacturing industry, cost of material and add in goods the characteristic of the value, to protect the investment of the enterprise, the precaution of cutting tool damaged that makes different arrangement and detect politic very be necessary. In aviation manufacturing industry, the cutting tool with best quality must be used in the value of workpiece and treatment of cutting of much be been in by the type requirement of treatment material. But, although used best cutting tool, if be when treatment process designing, used incorrect craft parameter to specific cutting tool or craft, or error appeared in handlers is installed in cutting tool or adjusting a process, cause cutting tool damaged likely still. Aviation spare parts is normally by forging, cast, great ability and plank semifinished product, and machinability is general poorer material cutting is machined and become. All sorts of change of character of material composition, surface and cutting deepness and width, it is very difficult when machining process designing to make well and truly affirmatory avery kind of is machined the best cutting parameter of the spare parts. Aviation engine spare parts uses heat-resisting normally super alloy (HRSA) (wait like Inconel alloy, nickel radical alloy, Waspaloy alloy) make. Titanium alloy also is used at making a lot of plane parts. The material composition that needs as a result of place of spare parts utility is characteristic each different, the machinability of these alloy is general poorer. The surface of cast and forging normally coarse and rough. When processing these coriaceous data, can produce very great cutting power and very high cutting temperature. The abrasion that carbide of the horniness in composition of super alloy material has heat-resisting and case hardening tendency, the score that may create cutting tool wears away. If speed of incorrect feed, cutting and cutting deepness were used in treatment, also may bring about failure mode of other cutting tool (like crescent moon the blade of depression, hot crack, collapse, tumour that accumulate bits is mixed be out of shape) , and cause machine tool damage. Accordingly, what the character that aviation spare parts machines may cause cutting tool is inhomogenous wear away and tall stress, this is cutting tool shifts to an earlier date the prime cause of invalidation. Nevertheless, through optimizing craft parameter, these problems can avoid completely. However, although craft parameter is not had correctly by accident, in cutting tool installation and cutting tool wear away compensatory adjusts a process in make mistake very easily also. Measure, computation and the common cause that data inputs a mistake is cutting tool damaged and machine tool attaint. The treatment machine tool in view of aviation manufacturing industry and have very high value normally in goods, accordingly, carry out the precautionary measures of cutting tool damaged of disparate arrangement of ideas, very significant to protecting an enterprise to invest. A few possible solutions had gotten very good proof, blast off like sound or the oscillatory technology that monitor, and use in cutting tool is installed and adjusting a process detect and measure a head to eliminate an error to the knife. Data is collected and failure mode and consequence are analysed (FMEA) the precious hole that the technology can provide the prime cause that damages to cutting tool invalidation and relevant machine tool sees. This kind of analysis conduces to in the light of specific treatment the task chooses the most effective treatment strategy. Abrasive wears away is a kind of ideal cutting tool failure mode, because it often is had but repeatability and but foresight (graph 1) . When smooth and wear process is even, a few omen (if burr, surface is bright and clean,be spent or the change of cutting noise) can remind handlers appearing correct action is taken before disastrous cutting tool invalidation. Also can use system of cutting tool management to hint handlers undertakes be maintenanced regularly to cutting tool. However, the treatment that has a lot of parts is not those who use is best cutting parameter. Probably the CAM of the enterprise (CAM) what the system uses is a common aftertreatment implement, optimize data from what produce workshop feedback to come back and make a present of of not reliable ground enters a system; Probably some kind of new-style cutting tool showed the result that makes a person impressive in be machined, be used by manufacturing workshop place consequently, but new craft parameter has not enroll in the machine program of each workpiece. The application that tool manufacturer can be product of its cutting tool normally is offerred seek advice from a service freely. They can be based on specific cutting tool technology to raise all sorts of different treatment pattern, for example, use bigger feed, rapidder cutting rate and lesser cutting deepness; Perhaps use lesser feed, slower cutting rate and bigger cutting deepness. Achieve satisfactory treatment result thereby, shorten significantly work handling time. But more important is, the cutting parameter that cutting tool will recommend in tool manufacturer is used inside limits. Once all cutting parameter are affirmed, an electron changes knife management system to be able to ensure the control to machining a process, this system can run work machine program and list of cutting tool setting at the same time. The geometrical parameter that updates cutting tool and wear away compensation is a measure that makes mistake very easily, cause damage of cutting tool invalidation, workpiece likely, still can endanger treatment machine tool probably. To finish typical cutting tool to wear away compensation is updated, handlers wants pair of cutting tool above all or workpiece undertakes metrical. Next, handlers must analyse the effect that measures an outcome, calculate the compensation value that gives need to input system of machine tool numerical control. When computation, the symbol often is met promiscuous, the problem of radius and diametical conversion also can make computation complications. compensation system of value input numerical control also was provided make mistake additionally opportunity. Decimally with the symbol input mistake comparatives common, compensate a value to still can be arrived to compensate the position wrongly by the input sometimes. Use detect and measuring a head to the knife is to prevent dimension of cutting tool geometry to reach wear away a kind of traditional solution that compensates occurrence mistake, these measure a head to already was applied extensively in aviation manufacturing industry. Nevertheless, the Gao Shuiping that has through using system of numerical control of CNC of most machine tool function of grand process designing, also can solve the most problem that prevent a fault. Numerical control system can hint handlers undertakes metrical, a remembers easily compensation position in inputting measured value numerical control system. This parameter can be the compensation figure that with blade holder positional photograph matchs one, also can be a constant compensation number, for example 99 or 999. Grand language can implement work machine program a series of examinations, the data that prevents an input makes mistake. It can examine the metabolic case that expects compensation position, affirm handlers already inputted measured value proper place. It can ensure the measured value of the input is in reasonable range in. Next, on the base that it is considering to input value, dimension and public errand and existing compensation cost, computation gives correct compensation to be worth. It is OK still the value of the biggest reasonable compensation that to considering cutting tool to wear away limits provides sets upper limit. If everything is normal, correct cutting tool compensation can be updated automatically, avoided all manual computation and data input mistake thereby. When Nextpage is undertaking to complex form workpiece outline is machined, cutting tool of a lot of moment needs to undertake partial cutting. If the cutting negative charge of cutting tool is very big, preserve the correct take shape that cut bits hard, may cause clash. Cutting bits cannot below the circumstance of correct figuration, heat in metal cutting is mixed from cutting tool hard in workpiece material abreaction, cutting tool appears possibly the tumour that accumulate bits or crescent moon grind loss effect mode depression. Be considered as a kind of solution that is used at improving productivity normally from adaptive control technology, and it has a kind of good add function, can carry negative charge of cutting tool cutting namely constant. If get used to a system to detect oneself,the cutting bear of cutting tool drops, it can maintain the target negative charge of set through increasing feed to lead. If cutting bear increases, exceeded target load, cutting speed can be reduced accordingly. Carry negative charge of cutting tool cutting constant be helpful for improving bits and platoon bit, and can avoid to produce the tumour that accumulate bits, crescent moon to wear away depression, cut bits 2 times the problem such as cutting. If to some kind the craft parameter of treatment undertook optimizing, cutting tool can be shown reliable, the abrasive that can forecast grinds loss effect mode. Below this kind of circumstance, system of cutting tool management can hint handlers changes actively cutting tool, cause serious consequence in order to prevent cutting tool damaged. The use situation that the system of CNC numerical control of the machine tool can monitor cutting tool (include handling time and treatment loop number) . It is OK set cutting tool grinds blunt standard, clew handlers changes in time bit, if give out the handlers after the warning to still did not take action, it can close automatically park a machine tool. To lengthen the cycle that has maintenance checking to cutting tool, to using the cutting tool with very tall frequency, can use " sister cutting tool " politic (if there is redundant blade holder in knife library) (graph 2) . If a machine tool has the safety below the case that decides treatment in bos to change,already wore away the function of cutting tool, still can improve treatment efficiency significantly so. If cutting tool is,management is focussed in tool room, or manage by exterior tool supplier, so in cutting tool it is more difficult that its dog to use parameter in whole lifecycle. Can use radio frequency identifying (RFID) electronic label will set cutting tool negative charge beforehand, or the parameter of cutting tool geometry of the set in surveying CNC system, and watch of life of newer cutting tool. When cutting tool is not used temporarily, can be worth cutting tool life and all wear awaying that already updated compensate a value to be written afresh embed in assembling the RFID chip in knife handle, take with the machine tool is being offerred to read when be used next time. If handlers decides to cross CNC cutting tool to run a system, before reaching booked cutting tool life the command changes cutting tool, also can be these information mark on RFID chip. System leaving a line also can monitor the cutting tool data of the memory in RFID chip. These information can be used at undertaking be maintenanced regularly to cutting tool in tool room, or the failure mode that is used at analysing any different common, and whether is the prime cause of invalidation of affirmatory cutting tool concerned with machine tool of number of specific work, handlers, production, treatment or other factor. When damaged happening in machining a process when cutting tool, handlers stops to machine the time that needs possibly a few minutes. If cutting tool produces damaged when rough machining, from theoretic say, return to normal the whole business that need does is: Go back cutting tool, change bit, begin to machine afresh from the normal finally position that machines last next. But in be being produced actually, the refreshment of cutting tool damaged is not met so simple. A kind of choice is go back facilitates in work machine program the program block that begins afresh. This measure may need to make treatment is interrupted a few minutes or a few hours, reduce productivity thereby. As a result of new cutting tool wear away degree is smaller than replaces cutting tool, because this is new cutting tool may 2 cutting workpiece, and the cutting tool with cutting very small negative charge may cause the figuration that cut bits undesirable, bring about cutting tool likely thereby again invalidation. Better solution is to use the function of CNC numerical control that develops technically to manage cutting tool damaged to restore. Start the function that retreat a knife to removed cutting tool quickly from workpiece surface. Next but machine tool axis slow shift changes to a razor blade check check the number of. Can use cutting tool to compensate shift and memory function to update active compensation, the time that keeps clear of to retreat a knife in the time place of cutting tool damaged and handlers cannot achieve all orbit that machine correctly between the dot. Next, can spark cutting tool retreats a knife - restore to circulate (graph 3) , move cutting tool wind the point that retreat a knife. Next, can use CNC to return go back of machine program of functional general work to be nodded to the some that wrong contrail did not appear on workpiece. Finally, use cutting tool to compensate shift and memory function again, (had better use handwheel) mobile cutting tool, till it and contact of workpiece material surface. Right now, cutting tool is in completely already have new, the proper place that proper cutting tool compensation is worth. Nextpage falls in certain circumstance, cutting tool damaged may cause disastrous consequence especially (for example, after if getting the treatment that cuts fundamental hole,failing, try to undertake tap to its on a machine tool) . If cut off cutting tool to produce damaged before the axis of lathe of double main shaft and axis are changed, may cause serious damage to the machine tool. Below this kind of circumstance, after be being machined every time, undertake checking to cutting tool, in order to affirm its are in good condition still nondestructive is indispensable. Come for years, people uses contact and measurement unit of blame contact cutting tool to detect all the time cutting tool damaged. Blame contact measurement unit measures speed normally faster, because nonexistent machinery is contacted, mean by check cutting tool can high speed connects ultra beam of light. Nevertheless, this kind measures a system to be installed very hard go up in shuttle table, and the workbench as a result of vertical machining center is a portable tray normally, the treatment on this kind of machine tool is more accordingly sophisticated. Leinishao (Renishaw) the damaged of TRS1 cutting tool of company new development detects sensor (graph 4) detect in the high speed of cutting tool damaged on have a lot of advantages. This kind of bosseyed measurement unit can be installed in any stability perpendicular apparently, can undertake monitoring to cutting tool around the position that change a knife, and need not play cutting tool the sensor part that moves to go up in workbench to installation. Its sampling algorithm can be accurate and divisional cutting tool and cooling droplet, implementation is fast, reliable detect. It still can be in in treatment of lathe of double main shaft below the condition that main shaft changes, undertake detecting with at cutting off treatment to been pass detached workpiece. No matter the how many step that prevent a fault was taken in treatment, still happen likely only then makings not as good as problem, and cutting tool may move to workpiece or high speed of component of a certain machine tool according to order injunction and cause collision. To expensive work and the treatment machine tool that load crucial mission, the torque that electric machinery of the servo that monitor produces, discover extraordinary tall torque value is very significant in time. With normal machine tool sudden shift or cutting feed photograph are compared, collision of instrument of hair opportunity of survival and cutting tool damaged can make action is mixed at servo electric machinery the laden torsion on main shaft electric machinery is unusual increase. For this, upper limit of the biggest torque can be set in work machine program, make system of CNC numerical control can detect in real time favorable balance of trade is restricted laden. If CNC system detects,the big torque that appears suddenly to disturbs value, it can close instantly stop servo electric machinery, and even through dictating the value makes electric machinery inverts, damage with reducing what cause possibly to workpiece and machine tool as far as possible. Protect workpiece and machine tool for more comprehensive ground, accurate torque passes move plant to be able to be felt by the specific torque weaveform of treatment spare parts, in keeping its memory inside. Later when the part with same rework, accurate torque passes move plant to exceed foregone torque weaveform to stipulate the main shaft torque that tolerancepublic errand takes is worth through monitoring, can discover any unusual situations. In aviation manufacturing industry, very tall to the investment in goods and treatment facilities. Through using the optimal way, measure that prevent a fault and other automation strategy, reduce unexpected cutting tool be no longer in force as far as possible, can become mutiple level the one part of comprehensive solution. CNC Milling CNC Machining