Meet an emergency of welding stress of project of bird's nest steel structure controls a technology to discuss

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One, the structure of frame of radiative shape concrete of bleachers of stadium of project survey state and surround they are formed advocate the dimensional steel structure that house builds is completely separate. Dimensional steel structure is worn by 24 Pin Men Shiheng around move area of bleachers of shape of stadium interior bowl rotates and become, among them 22 Pin be well versed in or basic be well versed in. Structural component is propped up each other, structural frame of web division account, form stadium whole " bird's nest " modelling. Component of all steel structure forms structure and building shell. Project ± 0.

000 elevation photograph is to absolute level 43.

500m, saddle of curved surface of Gai Chengshuang of steel structure house, north and south is to structural height 40.

746m, the thing is to structural height 67.

122m. Housetop advocate the structure all is box model sectional, first quarter lever is sectional and basic for L000mm X L000mm, last quarter lever is sectional and basic for 800mm X800mm, celiac lever is sectional and basic for 600mm X 600mm, celiac lever and photograph of fluctuation string staff a string of 1000 cash, housetop arrow is tall 12.

000m. Perpendicular to by 24 combination steel structure column is propped up, every combine steel structure column to be mixed by column of box profiled bar of 1200mm of two 1200mm × composition of column of steel of a lozenge, load is delivered through it to the foundation. Establish second structure sectional and basic for 1200mm × L000mm, end face second structure is sectional and basic for L000mm × L000mm. 1.

Steel structure designs weight advocate truss: L2720 ton coupled column: 12548 tons of second structures: 11670 tons of stair: 4137 tons of Ma Dao: 800 tons aggregate: 41875 tons 2.

The L00mm of the biggest ply of armor plate of ply of rolled steel model. When 34mm of plate thickness ≤ , use Q345 rolled steel: When 36mm of plate thickness ≥ , employ Q345G Shuo capable person: A few large board use rolled steel of Q460, 8480ML. Local use cast steel. Ply distributings: - assorted steel column divides bottom of a few arris form column and coping for 90. L00mm, the others is 50480mm, additionally two square are inclined large great majority is column board 30, 25, 20mm. - lever of truss first quarter is individual paragraph outside be 50mm, the others all is under 40mm, great majority is 30, 25, 20mm. - lever of truss last quarter is individual paragraph for 50, outside 42mm, the others great majority is 20mm. - celiac lever is 20, 14, L0mm, majority is L0mm. - structural board is thick the biggest 36mm, the majority is 20mm the following. 3.

Nextpage 1 of rolled steel function) project scale is large, component part tonnage is heavy - lid of house of steel of the shape of a saddle-a falling-off between two peak periods grows an axis to make an appointment with 333m, short axis makes an appointment with 280m: Core grows an axis to make an appointment with L82m, short axis makes an appointment with L24m: Arrowy tall 12m. - the greatest weight weighs assorted steel column about 520t, every delay rice the heaviest make an appointment with LOt: Advocate every delay truss rice is the heaviest make an appointment with 3t. 2) node is complex - advocate the structure all is big sectional case component, node collects in the space join much root staff: Second structure node is complex changeful, regularity is little. 3, the technical condition such as the initial design blueprint after basis of brief introduction of the programme of construction is adjusted. Definite final installation plan spells the construction method that holds headroom bulk for the ground, namely attendant inside decorate T8 root to support a system, main body structure is divided piece or cent piece ground goes all out outfit after shaping, arrive to support top temporarily through 800T and 600T crane hoisting, j of cent large area, level semmetry is over outfit and solder, advocate structural texture and after establishing second structure to finish, to T8 root the system that prop up undertakes whole, synchronism is uninstalled, final installation is planar second structure. 4, because Nextpage of analysis of sex of risk of lamellar tearing of analysis of lamellar tearing problem solders the formula of form set prescription of contact is right of thick direction of armor plate board cabined bigger, accordingly, will tell the tendentiousness with constant presence from contact means angle, according to formula of lamellar tearing experience: LTR=INF(A)+INF(B)+INF(C)+INF(D)+INF(E) : INF(A) is the influence of S of solder foot dimension, s value is greater, LTR is bigger. Should have not adopted large solder foot measure so. INF(B) forms the influence of means for contact. INF(C) is bear transverse and cabined when board the influence of Hou Sa JLTR, ; Bigger, LTR is bigger. INF(D) is cabined spent influence, cabined degree of R Yue is big, lamellar tearing liability is bigger. INF(E) is the influence of warm-up condition, use warm-up advantageous. According to place calculative LTR the value knows, board thick the dangerous sex that is more than 40mm its lamellar tearing is very big, but generation lamellar tearing basically is to depend on most the material of rolled steel is qualitative, because of the stencil steel that this project place chooses its function must satisfy the requirement of Zl5 ~ Z35, use on the control of stress meet an emergency at the same time strong the occurrence that avoids lamellar tearing appearance. 5, steel structure solders be out of shape the analysis that reachs leftover stress and countermeasure solder be out of shape with leftover stress it is the major task that must handle seriously in steel structure project, must have close procedure and the way to deal with a situation, in the project in having a process, still must use scientific and reasonable government, the system with made whole formation manages a project, ensure quality of steel structure project. 1.

Solder be out of shape the foundation with leftover stress analyses welding line of spot of project of national stadium steel structure main component is two big kinds: Fillet weld reachs butt joint welding line. Generally speaking of fillet weld solder be out of shape too won't big, its remains energy is main in order to solder in the welding line of the steel structure of formal consist in of leftover stress and H^z: Fillet weld is not to basically get power welding line, control solders the dimension of foot of the smallest solder that the key of leftover stress size is control welding line. Thick board the leftover energy of butt joint welding line is out of shape with the systole of welding line and solder in the welding line of formal consist in of leftover stress and H^z: Because this control solders,be out of shape reach solder leftover stress must be administered integratedly. Carry out a proof: Welding stress and leftover stress consist in is same at the same time in weldment, supplement each other to be able to be changed each other again already, the academic basis of this conclusion is conversation of energy, see pattern (1) , (2) . The total =1 of total energy E that sets welding line to solder: This method fits any butt joint component part, before using this method, apply (3) type has consideration, solder certainly metabolic is numeric, must be in the structure that make obligate. (If be out of shape small can take no account of obligate) Nextpage B solders in what secure welding line when, the method that uses the cut area that reduces meat of welding line solder will come true decrease solder the purpose of leftover stress. Solder in what secure welding line in, with solder be out of shape (free systole) solder the method will decrease solder leftover stress oneself is impossible to come true, because of component part the tigidity of two end is very big, generation is out of shape what form two upright welding line necessarily is strong play stress field, adverse to the safety of welding line, the area of solder flesh cut that only method reduces fixed welding line and use energy density opposite taller solder method (if fuse extremely aeriform protection solder and medical core welding wire protect the) such as solder oneself, use lesser hot input (namely flyer energy E) , can achieve control to solder so the purpose of leftover stress, see figure below. CNC Milling CNC Machining