The characteristic of high speed milling

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1, face cost pressure, want to reduce manufacturing cost; 2, face contend for pressure unexpectedly, should shorten the cycle that make; 3, reduce electric spark treatment, reduce electrode treatment; 4, reduce manual work, it is better to get bright and clean degree; 5, Bao Bi, must use high speed mill; 6, exceed hard steel milling -- high rotate speed, big feed, small cut deep high speed to machine a target: 1, high accuracy 2, Gao Guangjie spends 3, the point that the shortest handling time high speed machines: 1, fast, stability controls rate high system 2, accurate cutter track process designing 3, high speed, tall tigidity, homocentric degree of expensive cutting tool system 4, the outfit with fast, accurate essence places a system CNC Milling CNC Machining