The development of CH360 turning center

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Turning center is a kind of numerical control lathe that has compound process capability, it holds the treatment function of numerical control lathe and machining center concurrently, it is the variety of numerical control machine tool that at present industrial developed country develops eagerly. Its advantage is one machine multi-purpose, cover an area of an area small, managing investment, assure to machine precision, reduce workpiece to be in goods, raise treatment efficiency to wait. CH360 turning center is Zhejiang province " 95 " key science and technology tackles key problem project, its are the biggest the characteristic is nicety, efficient, practical, economy, the broad user place that leaves easily for market economy condition is accepted, accord with the national condition of our country. The standard that current international and domestic economy technology develop the firm ground of 1 design program and the supply demand relations that decide by place of market economic system, function of current appropriate development is not very much with the turning center with simple structure, because this answers to be developed above all,can accuse number of axle to be 3(namely C axis, X axis and Z axis) turning center, here the development on the foundation can control number of axle and function after more turning centers. Advocate electric machinery uses the servo electric machinery that holds C axis function concurrently, with same catenary adopts a drive inside the PLC of outfit undertakes imitate signal switch and each other are locked up, realize main shaft respectively advocate motion and C axis move. This kind of plan and program of commonly used two drive catenary are different, rigid structure simplifies greatly, make more easily, cost is relatively inferior. Headstock uses grease to lubricate, those who rely on contact is labyrinthian cover sealed, of grease seal a quantity to have very big effect to the temperature rise when life of main shaft bearing and movement, general a control entering an amount of each bearing inside limits of 10 ~ 14g. The structure of main shaft part, if pursue 1 show. Graph machine tool of structure of 2 feed drive uses composition of a picture of knot of 1 main shaft the structure of inclined slide of smooth lathe bed, facilitate not only so a bits, and have cover an area of an area small, facilitating operation, delightful the good point with be changed as good as workmanship sex. The 12 worker worker that employ German SAUTER firm tool carrier of circumgyrate type motivation. Numerical control turns tower tool carrier is implementation car, auger, the crucial part that the multitask foreword such as boring, mill machines, make cycle to make sure the working precision of this machine tool shortens, use the dynamical tool carrier of German SAUTER company. At present the real need of domestic user reachs the firm ground of 2 technologies parameter the development trend of foreign congener product, decide the main parameter of this machine tool is: On lathe bed diameter of the biggest circumgyrate: 360mm; Length of the biggest treatment: 750mm; Diameter of main shaft via: 80mm; Main shaft rotate speed (stepless) : 0 - 3500r/min; Tool carrier holds knife number: 12; Speed of Z axis feed (stepless) : 0-20m/min; Speed of X axis feed (stepless) : 0-10m/min; Rotate speed of dynamical cutter spindle: 0 - 2500r/min; Advocate electric machinery power: 12kW; Axis of X, Z is the smallest set unit: 0.

001mm; C axis is the smallest output increment: 0.

001 ° Z to repeat fixed position precision: 0.

007mm; X to repeat fixed position precision: 0.

002mm; Tool carrier repeats fixed position precision: 0.

002mm; Machine circularity: 0.

002mm; Over all dimension (tall) of long × wide × : 1600mm of × of 2000mm × 800mm; The machine tool is suttle: 4800kg. The 3 main measure that improve performance raise the measure headstock component of precision to use main shaft of bearing of bearing of NSK of Japanese high grade high accuracy, bearing uses bearing of roller of biserial short cylinder and two ball bearing before, bearing also uses bearing of roller of biserial short cylinder after, make around bearing calorific and even, reduce main shaft angular displacement, the heat that reduces a machine tool is out of shape. Advocate transmission uses high speed grease to lubricate, in order to reduce the calorific amount of headstock and other bearing, prolong bearing life. Main shaft system passes accurate dynamic balancing, ensure vibration of component of main shaft box is small, rigid good, precision is tall. Lathe bed uses barrel type muscle to harden compose and with the bed make it an organic whole, enhanced tigidity thereby. Face of lathe bed slideway uses supersonic frequency to quench with circumjacent grinding craft, quench layer deepness maintains in 2.

5mm above, the precision that raised a machine tool effectively and precision maintain a gender. The output of electric machinery of servo of vertical transverse feed of the machine tool installs stretch shaft coupling and synchronous tooth form to take connection respectively after end, make transmission more smooth. Even if transverse feed all is used inside drive of circular ball guide screw, make the X of the machine tool and Z to repeat fixed position precision to be achieved respectively 0.

002mm and 0.

007mm. The unit of the smallest set of X axis and Z axis is 0.

001mm, the increment of the least output of C axis is 0.

001 ° , turn the repetition of tower tool carrier locates precision is 0.

002mm, and numerical control system has the function such as cutting tool compensation, clearance compensation, pitch compensation, assured to machine the treatment precision of the spare parts in the round. The measure that improves efficiency can have compound treatment to swing tower on turning center, the car, auger, mill and study the process market such as whorl at a machine tool, and the spare parts holds clip the error is small, rose to machine quality and efficiency, save facility cost, simplified to produce government. Main shaft is highest turn up 3500r/min, dynamical cutter spindle is highest turn up 2500r/min, fast feed achieves X axis and Z axis respectively 10m/min and 20m/min, and Z to change time from 0 ~ 20m/min only 0.

06s, the main shaft changeover from 0 ~ 3500r/min time only 2.

5s, turn the photograph adjacent of tower tool carrier changes knife time only 0.

3s, these assured those who machine efficiency to rise. The system of practical numerical control that improves a machine tool has more complete loop function, reach whorl cutting loop circularly like cutting of linear interpolation, circular arc interpolation, taper, make machine tool process designing simple. Still can undertake man-machine interaction process designing at the same time, undertake athletic contrail and dynamic imitate, coexist have library of substantial turning technical data. The machine tool is handy to the knife, have a variety of methods, usable cutting tool machines a spare parts directly, system of input of actual measurement value, make cutting tool slants buy value is generated automatically. The installation of cutting tool is adjusted handy and rapid. The function key on operation face plate is defined for him this factory, more concise and intuitionistic, control 3 claw with PLC clamp, loosen, sleeve of rear push frame is extended, go back, tool carrier chooses knife, location, dynamical cutting tool whether become effective, main shaft and C axis become effective, with the simplest operation implementation Electromechanical adjustment amounts to place to need a function. Center of a turning can replace many to mix a variety of machine tools, outside the cutting treatment function that it has common lathe, use C axis and circumgyrate cutting tool to be able to undertake fore-and-aft bore, auger prejudicial aperture, attack end panel of chamfer of whorl, fore-and-aft mill, mill, mill polygon of whorl of face of circumferential chamfer, Che Duan, mill, mill outline of fore-and-aft helix chamfer, mill reachs circumferential, mill carve characters on a seal, finished product can be achieved to change the end of treatment on a machine tool. The measure that reduces machine tool cost is as a result of us on overall program and structural function design, replace with simplification as far as possible complication, like control choosing of number of axle is 3, use the servo electric machinery that holds C axis function concurrently to decide electric machinery, even if transverse feed uses shaft coupling and synchronous tooth form to take drive respectively, make the machine tool appears on structural program forthright is reasonable, reduced cost at the same time. The cost of this machine tool is 400 thousand yuan about, price is controlled in 550 thousand yuan, and the price of congener turning center all is in domestic other 700 thousand yuan of above. The development of center of turning of CH360 of 4 last words is successful, the technology that offerred a kind of nicety, efficient, practical, economy for the machining course of study of our country equips, the user such as factory of fittings of in relief internal-combustion engine of Li of Jiangsu of this product classics is used, pass real test to prove, the automation rate of the machine tool is high, the job is reliable, overall function already approached level of foreign congener product, can replace an entrance. CNC Milling CNC Machining