Accept rice class exceeds fine grain not to have technology of preparation of cobaltic hard alloy

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University of Beijing science and technology rolled out accept rice class to exceed fine grain not to have technology of preparation of cobaltic hard alloy recently, this technology divides composition by 3: Technology of the first part exceeds powder of fine grained WC to offer producer goods for production. The 300nm of bead diameter ≤ that the ability of 500nm of bead diameter ≤ with only pulverous WO3 assures to production gives WC pink. At present technology of the first part can assure daily (24 hours) produce 20 ~ 25Kg to exceed powder of fine grained WO3 (use supersonic gush to heat up changeover technology) . Technology of the 2nd part basically can offer the WC powder of 300nm of ≤ of average bead diameter. Can make sure capacity of only station design is daily at present (24 hours) the WC of the 20 ~ 30Kg that produces 20 ~ 30Kg is pulverous. Technique of the 3rd part is main by all sorts of special shape equipment and special agglomeration equipment and corresponding operation technology will assure. Already mastered convention to change at present pressure reach vacuum- - craft of middling pressure agglomeration. The course experiments, the WC pink that can make exceed fine grain hard alloy is average grain ≤ 50nm, alloy hardness ≥ 90.

7, 3000N of ≥ of alloy bending strength. As a result of accept rice class hard alloy has the property such as higher intensity, hardness, wear-resisting than groovy hard alloy, because this is in latter-day industry,have important place. Produce industry statistic according to Japan, in the computer circuit board processes a trade in, need accept rice level every year hard alloy twist drill 60 million () of about 18 billion yen, but at present Japan still does not have accept rice class hard alloy manufactures a technology, reason can be used only (0.

5 ~ 1.

Hard alloy replaces form of micron of 5 μ M) . Produce per year 30 tons to have very high-powered micron class at present hard alloy is used very quickly by computer industry. If other industry is accurate the demand such as cutting tool of mould of material of wear-resisting of cutting tool of mechanical, treatment, special type and spare parts, drawing, high-powered automation, optical parts of an apparatus is bigger. CNC Milling CNC Machining