Main circuit of driver of the servo in transducer of 3 water chestnut is tectonic

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Main circuit of transducer of 3 water chestnut is to give asynchronous electromotor to offer pressure regulating the power shift part of frequency modulation power source, can be the main circuit substantially of transducer divided for two kinds of: ? Jian of Gan Deng of Yi of artful a bell-shaped percussion instrument of fade of Si of Yun of Miao cut Tuo having enough is troubled by Xiao is tranquil Bian punishs  to put in order entangled of channel of greedy for food of ┑ of Mao of  of black of  of Europe of Jin of  of a surname of a bell-shaped percussion instrument of spruce  of fade of fat of the Bian that chew lament blows Α of barren of Xi of male Si Ρ ancienting name for a water catltrop market of 5 elaborate Fu splits open, be commutation of labour frequency power source dc power " rectifier " , absorb the tension that produces in converter and inverter pulsatile " Ping Bo loop " , and be dc power transformation communication power " inverter " . Agent of electric machinery of servo of 3 water chestnut points out the alien place of rectifier and inverter. Rectifier, what a large number of recently use is the convertor of diode, it is commutation of labour frequency power source direct current source. Also can make reversible converter with convertor of two groups of transistor, because its power direction is reversible, can undertake second birth runs. Average wave return, in the volts d.c. after rectifier commutate, contain power supply the pulsatile voltage of 6 times frequency, in addition the pulsatile electricity that inverter produces also makes volts d.c. fluctuant. To restrain voltage wave motion, use inductance and capacitance to absorb pulsatile voltage (electric current) . Plant capacity hour, if power source and main circuit form parts of an apparatus to have surplus, can leave out inductance uses simple smooth wave return circuit. Inverter, with rectifier contrary, inverter is the communication power that is dc power transformation a requirement frequency, with place affirmatory time makes 6 switch parts of an apparatus guides, close to be able to get 3 photographs communicate output. Give switch time and voltage weaveform for exemplify with voltage Pwm inverter. Dominate circuit, it is to give asynchronous electromotor power supply (voltage, frequency is adjustable) the return that main circuit provides control signal, it has frequency, voltage " operation circuit " , of main circuit " voltage, electric current detects circuit " , of electromotor " speed detects circuit " , the control of operation circuit signal has magnifying " drive circuit " , and of inverter and electromotor " protect circuit " composition. (1) operation circuit: Will external the instruction such as speed, torsion detects together signal of the electric current of circuit, voltage undertakes comparative operation, decide the output voltage of inverter, frequency. (2) voltage, electric current detects circuit: With advocate return potential segregation detects voltage, electric current. (3) drive circuit: The circuit of parts of an apparatus of drive main circuit. It and control circuit segregation make main circuit parts of an apparatus guides, close. (4) does speed detect circuit: ? Slaughter Hu of bully show off to fall Ji Naiyu of  of Yi of Duo   lights Hu Hun?tg, Plg to wait) signal is speed signal, send operation return, can make according to instruction and operation electromotor runs by instruction speed. (5) protective circuit: ? Does Bian of Hu hut Jian return J of Fei of sew of channel of Miao of  of Xian of Tao of  of  of ⑸ of Bei of  of caries of Jian of Si of ⒌ of male Miao a low bank of earth between fields to protect Hu of ostrich of Jie of beautifuling Gan of happy beat of   new moon to fall does Gua of Duo   carry  to rouse dice of ぷ of compose of V of beautifuling Gan Wang is Kuo planted? CNC Milling CNC Machining