Raise numerical control lathe to machine the skill of precision

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: 1.

The   of means     that raises numerical control lathe to machine precision 1.

The precision     that 1 still have a machine tool to adjust a respect to raise numerical control lathe to machine in spare parts respect the first, adjust a respect to consider how to raise the precision that numerical control lathe machines from machinery first. The respect is adjusted to basically include these a few shares in the machine tool, main shaft, lathe bed still has set wait a respect a moment, such ability make lathe satisfies a requirement, raise the precision that numerical control lathe machines, also want real time monitoring in working process, and should optimize the inadequacy in lathe respect ceaselessly, so that adjust the product with manufacturing better part in time. This is the means of the simplest advantage in raising numerical control lathe to machine precision, this kind adjusts means not to need very good technology, but need employee often undertake checking will undertake adjustment. The 2nd, it is the improvement that undertakes in Electromechanical adjustment respect, wanting the treatment precision that raises a part basically is there still is fixed position in retrorse deviation precision and repeat fixed position precision these a few respects undertake rising. In retrorse deviation respect the way that should change through manipulator above all when we are too big to deviation undertakes correction, become again next the error is small after arriving in certain limits, the means of reoccupy major undertakes be optimizinged further. The degree that passes microscope when the adjustment of respect of fixed position precision will optimize an error ceaselessly. Optimized Electromechanical adjustment kind has in these respects, it is a kind of means with these highest efficiency in adjusting a method. Although the meeting is trivaller but the effect is better. The 3rd, this is the adjustment that through be in electric field undertakes, the adjustment of this respect basically is to include two fields, one is the adjustment of pair of machine tool parameter, there is two respects are influence treatment precision again in this angle is systematic gain and fixed position dead band, the field that in systematic gain respect we want to pay close attention to lathe to suffer mechanical damp still has rotational inertia, these are affecting the machines a respect precision of lathe. Still have even if reduce the dead band of fixed position as far as possible, also can enhance the definition when lathe is run so. This two respects are supplement each other should undertake adjustment at the same time. Another respect can pass the application of a few systems to undertake adjustment namely, because automation rate rises ceaselessly now, in running a course namely, numerical control lathe was applied will automatically be controlled remotely, so we should want when be controlled remotely a series of the program of real time monitoring, do not need artificial overmuch interpose so, so OK more effective undertake superintendency, can superintend setting control to be able to raise the precision when lathe is machined next through the program. 1.

The   of 2 treatment precision   that undertake adjustment will raise numerical control lathe in feed orgnaization respect the first, in the numerical control lathe that causes by respect of error of lead of ball guide screw treatment precision is affected, the factor that affects in this respect basically is pulse, in the program that producing ball guide screw so, want as far as possible the effect that reduces an error to cause pulse to machine precision to numerical control lathe. The 2nd, the influence of precision is machined to numerical control lathe in feed orgnaization clearance, the problem that this basically is the existence in passing the component that uses machine as a result of its and the effect that cause, reduced the precision that lathe of out of control machines thereby. Guide screw of the gear, section that connect an axis, ball still has even if bearing axis forms make a part basically. These form the problem that appears between the part to be able to affect numerical control machine tool to machine precision, so we should strengthen the join sex between their structure. The precision between them can affect the precision that machines to lathe, reduce the gap between each structures thereby, strengthen the close together sex between each structures to be able to raise numerical control lathe to machine precision. 1.

The distinction between the lathe of numerical control of influence     of the 3 errors that appear in process designing and bed of general be open to traffic depends on the precision of the spare parts differring, but because the program is in work out process,occurrence error can narrow as far as possible, this asks we come from a few respects bring down error, raise the precision that numerical control lathe machines thereby. The first, it is the effect that causes to lathe accuracy as a result of interpolation error. Want to use certain kind to reduce the problem that process designing appears as far as possible so, use very kind process designing, still having what can eliminate an error is to should use the process designing in inserting quality of initiate reference point to have a program. The 2nd, approach the error influence to final precision. Because have in the process,use similar case to be able to appear so so error. Want so as far as possible master profile equation to come the error can decrease greatly when process designing, can remove the effect of the precision that machines to numerical control lathe so. The 3rd, the impact that the error makes as a result of the circle in process designing process reduced the treatment precision of numerical control lathe, the least value of the linear displacement that so we want to choose pulse equivalent place to decide when treatment will undertake reference. Be in so process designing when should serve as strictly according to the norms above blueprint fiducial have the job. CNC Milling CNC Machining