Use new-style milling cutter to improve workpiece surface quality

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Machine the milling cutter the crucial point that makes workpiece research and development technically to machine aluminium the circle with micron even class, add a new coat, its effect is to be able to increase cutting quantity, reduce cutting tool to wear away and workpiece surface quality is higher. HA-BE is the company of thin Ban of metal of a professional production, structural member and machine, its core product includes adornment and security, equipment crust, radiator and monitor bracket. The client of this company basically comes from electron, pharmacy and new energy industry. To satisfy the tall requirement that the client raises, this company can provide the treatment of complete set milling of workpiece for the client, namely from rough machining, be modelled on till treatment asks to undertake defining curvilinear precision work according to the client. Essence of implementation of even circle edge allows rework since 1998, cutting tool produces manufacturer Hahn+Kolb company to provide various cutting tool to HA-BE company. Since May 2012, HA-BE company uses 25 kinds of when Hahn+Kolb company offers different hard alloy milling cutter, these milling cutter edge all are used " project of Atorn milling cutter " the method machines even circle. Be in before on the experience foundation of the milling cutter of use Hahn+Kolb company, HA-BE company believes, use the new milling cutter that this company offers, the progress that will get manufacturing benefit and quality field further (graph 1) : Graph after edge of 1 milling cutter uses new circular design to use coating, the aluminium that can use cutting to contain silicon makes workpiece ● edge show the high quality that the new-style Atorn milling cutter of even circle can ensure cutting is machined; The service life that the Ultra-N coat with new ● can ensure milling cutter is longer; The milling cutter breed of the outside and the inside of detailed rules of treatment of ● HA-BE company is various, the milling cutter that use Hahn+Kolb company offers is united when undertaking to various workpiece cutting is machined. To make the new cutting tool that is used at aluminium to make a cutting machine, hahn+Kolb company development gives a kind of new technology that machines milling cutter edge the circle. For this, this company research and development method of a kind of special treatment, and the milling cutter that uses this method treatment to go out, still can undertake rework after use, make cutting tool life is able to lengthen. In addition, this kind of milling cutter still brought the advantage of workpiece surface high quality. To raise the precision of treatment further, the milling cutter of Hahn+Kolb company allows an error small, knife body reachs H5 quality order and degree, edge reachs G7 quality order and degree. Fight abrade coating to lengthen surface of milling cutter of Atorn of cutting tool service life to besmear Fu has Ultra-N coat, this coating is fought abrade with corrosion resistance exceedingly good. Hardness of Atorn milling cutter caustic of big, wear-resisting, so the aluminium of comfortable operable Yu Hangui is made cutting treatment, the user can choose according to need 0.

The milling cutter of 5~20mm different diameter. Great to cutting bulk work undertakes rough machining, HA-BE company first selection is contained inside the integral hard alloy of cooling system (VHM) rough machining milling cutter and milling cutter of VHM-3D rough machining. The diametical limits of milling cutter of VHM rough machining is 6~20mm, contain inside cooling system, apply to a variety of cutting treatment. This kind of VHM milling cutter that develops for rough machining technically can fall the vibration of the generation when treatment to lowest, shortened from this when treatment is used, reduced manufacturing cost thereby, improved manufacturing beneficial result (graph 2) . Graph the diametical limits of the milling cutter of workpiece VHM-3D rough machining that milling cutter of rough machining of 2 use VHM produces is 6~16mm. At first, to the effect that defends in the round can have in treatment, what Hahn+Kolb company offers for HA-BE company is the milling cutter that contains part of chamfer of 7 ° helix. Through undertaking optimizing to the geometrical dimension of milling cutter edge, make its form smooth helix state, can arise to cut bits in great quantities. The cutting ability of milling cutter of this kind of large rough machining is 1600m/min, particularly comfortable the thick cutting treatment that accumulates workpiece at cardinal principle. Not same helix chamfer role reduces vibration to have the need of radial finish machining to satisfy pair of workpiece, hahn+Kolb company was offerred for HA-BE company special make at machining aluminium VHM annular milling cutter, namely HPC milling cutter. This milling cutter shows chief body, have 4 where a thing can be put to best use, diametical limits is 4~20mm. The not same helix chamfer role that the real value of HPC depends on its geometry dimension and belt having, the angle limits of these helix chamfer horn is ° of 35 ° ~38, such design can fall the vibration of treatment to lowest. This is meant, when using such milling cutter to undertake machining, machine tool feed is taller, cutting deepness is bigger and quality of workpiece surface treatment is better (graph 3) . Graph when milling cutter of 3 use HPC undertakes machining, machine tool feed is taller, cutting deepness is bigger and quality of workpiece surface treatment is better besides, the noise of Silent-Cut of milling cutter of hard alloy of high speed whole that Hahn+Kolb company provides is low, the vibration that can make arise in treatment at the same time is the least change. Current, HA-BE company used this kind of milling cutter on 4 machine tools in all. CNC Milling CNC Machining