The research and development of miniature milling cutting tool that computer simulation technology supports

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The problem that miniature milling cutter often appears is radial coaxial spend an error to be more than every tine feed, the consequence that cause is the cutting force when cutting of miniature milling cutter increases apparently, of cutting tool wear away aggravate and treatment stability are reduced. Be based on these reasons, people begins to use FEM simulation software to undertake optimizing designing to the geometrical parameter of miniature milling cutter, make sample and experiment test and verify. Practice makes clear: At present all miniature milling cutter are changed in the miniature that increases ceaselessly the limit already was reached in application. Its clear signal is: Miniature milling cutter can bear on certain level only cutting force, form effective cutting, and the other a few influencing factor in producing a course also have more and more important sense. For example, when miniature milling cutter is placed to installing prejudicial more sensitive than large milling cutter. When the dimension of miniature milling cutter is reduced further, can bring serious negative effect to miniature milling process. In what using miniature milling cutter at present same the place of an inadequacy is: Round jumpy precision is not quite tall (graph 1) . such, the rotate speed that is requirement of the place when be being machined because of miniature milling cutter on one hand is too high; On the other hand, total round jumpy error is the summation that beats by the circle of guide bar, clamping apparatus and face of tripartite of itself of miniature milling cutter error accumulative total rises. Beat in total circle especially error (namely deflection of blade of so called cutting) the feed that exceeded every a tooth-like part of anything. Below this kind of circumstance, the milling cutter of a two tine may age only in cutting, this kind of excess load can shorten apparently the service life of miniature milling cutter. To can solve this problem effectively, people uses computer simulation technology special research and development the odd tine milling cutter of a kind of miniature, it is a kind of miniature milling cutter that can set every tine feed. Graph 1 in what using miniature milling cutter at present same the place of an inadequacy is: Round jumpy precision regards structure of miniature milling cutter as not quite high optimized tool, people chose the FE software Abaqus of Abaqus company. Used this software to undertake to the state of bear of miniature milling cutter of different geometry structure imitate is analysed, distributing to the stress of the milling cutter of odd tine miniature of different geometry structure and can susceptive is the biggest jumpy undertook comparative. When comparative experiment, diameter of use miniature milling cutter is 300 μ M. 3 kinds of different configuration are shown 2 times like the graph. Of every milling cutter be out of shape the form had imitating test for many times, so that make imitate as far as possible be close to production actual. The rotate speed of the centrifugal force that is quality of eccentric to miniature milling cutter part above all and cutting tool had a test, undertook imitate to the cutting force when cutting of miniature milling cutter subsequently, be opposite namely advocate hind knife face, deputy hind the circumstance getting power with respective face of the knife before knife face is mixed undertook imitate is analysed, the resultant force that forms to them finally undertook an analysis. In farther imitating test, still considered the result of integrated from mental efforts and cutting force action. It is to ensure the stress that causes by cutting force to be able to react well and truly inside cutting area, in advocate place of face of the knife before cutting blade, deputy cutting blade is mixed still was made more meticulous use at finite the reseau of yuan of stress analysis (graph 3) . Graph the imitate of mechanical sex structure of the miniature milling cutter of structure of 2 different geometry is comparative graph when imitate of 3 miniature milling cutter meshy differentiate, a is the CAD model that did not build meshy system, b is meshy the structure of geometry of hemicycle of miniature milling cutter after differentiating has taller tigidity and echelon geometry figure (graph 2a and 2b) photograph of miniature milling cutter is compared, hemicycle (graph 2c) the intensity of the miniature milling cutter of cross section wants tall 30% . Accordingly, there is smaller than milling cutter of miniature of graph 2c form geometry deflection to measure when cutting is machined, thereby can better the treatment of the more accurate workpiece that finish. Be in next in the experiment, will use FEM finite software comes to yuan of imitate the imitate, discretion that analyses its efficiency. When the experiment, the miniature milling cutter of 300 μ M presses cutting tool diameter different measurement (150 μ M, 125 μ M, 100 μ M, 75 μ M, 50 μ M and 30 μ M) narrow into scale, the centrifugal force that gets to the miniature milling cutter of different diameter and cutting force have a test. Imitate technology makes the comparison of milling cutter of different diameter miniature becomes a possibility. The observation analysis that deflection of milling cutter cutting tool measures makes clear: As diameter of miniature milling cutter reduce, leave the influence of mental efforts to also be reduced. Additional, clip of prejudicial to miniature milling cutter outfit also had a test in the action result on the machine tool. The purpose of this experiment depends on reaching convincing offset allow is differred. When the experiment, the axis of rotation of miniature milling cutter is an unit with 1 μ M, undertake deflection along different way, quantity of the biggest deflection is 3 μ M (the negative direction of axis of edge axes position and X, Y and 45, 135 direction) . Test result makes clear: Prejudicial outfit clip cannot be ignorred to the influence of miniature milling cutter. Nextpage is helpful to design of cutting tool structure use FEM finite the imitate that undertake demonstrates yuan of simulation software: Imitate technology is very helpful to the research and development of miniature milling cutter and structural design. After the attrib border condition that considered to be necessary in the computer model of miniature milling cutter, the geometrical appearance when be being optimized likely with respect to stress of miniature milling cutter gives out convincing solution. Additional, FEM is finite yuan imitate method still can reach general experiment cannot reach or it is the parameter data that needs to pay ability of very big cost to reach, if because miniature milling cutter is prejudicial,be installed,place the jumpy amount that cause. The research and development of miniature milling cutter that computer simulation supports is accompanying the whole process that milling cutter sample produces, test and verify undertakes to sample of miniature milling cutter in milling experiment, confirm simulative result thereby. The production of miniature milling cutter is made use electric spark to corrode treatment craft, it makes milling cutter of this kind of miniature be worn from time to tome in production clear advantage, it does not suffer by the influence of treatment workpiece hardness, can machine miniature milling cutter with hard alloy material. Divide this beyond, electric spark corrodes treatment or a processing technique that have cutting power hardly, can assure the accuracy with detail very high structure thereby, rise to be machined thereby spare parts, namely the structural precision of miniature milling cutter. Because be in what the production of miniature milling cutter involves in treatment,be the structural appearance that gives milling cutter from the treatment in semifinished product of cylindroid milling cutter, one of because this chose electric spark,corroding processing technique changes model engineering technology -- the treatment that line cut has miniature milling cutter. In online cut, of electric spark corroding undertake in the cut silk electrode that moving continuously, because cut silk is moving ceaselessly, because this corroded the new cut silk that cut process enters ceaselessly in the process to avoid its to corrode the loss in the process, this is in those who assure very tall dimension precision and manufacturing treatment to repeat precision respect to having important sense. Miniature milling cutter is to be in be product of treatment high accuracy technically and make on the machine tool of cut of molded lines of Sarix SX 100 that research and development designs those who come out. To assure the stability of line cut process, the diameter of use cut silk is 100 μ M. In the meantime, special still research and development was made can detect the echelon structure that place of force of cutting of the horn before differring requires. The mainest line cut task is the cut of structure of geometry of form of chamfer of helix of miniature milling cutter, in the line cut process of chamfer of helix of miniature milling cutter, milling cutter is cylindrical hard alloy semifinished product (EMT100) the diameter has 3mm only, the semifinished product data that uses so small diameter basically is decided by the clamping apparatus place of the SK-10 of line cut machine tool. The line cut treatment of miniature milling cutter divides a treatment working procedure in all. In working procedure of the first treatment, the helix chamfer of miniature milling cutter by shape tailor-madely to the means that cut silk uses perpendicular feed is machined and be become, knife face cannot use line cut treatment after, because hind the treatment of knife face is mix by whirligig take campaign continuously compound and become exercise. The 2nd working procedure that cut of line of miniature milling cutter machines is deputy hind the cut treatment of knife face, right now cut silk motion has been the motion of direction of a two coordinate. Cut of the last line machines miniature milling cutter working procedure is the basic geometry appearance that cut gives blade of milling cutter cutting (graph 4) . In working procedure of this line cut, will use cut silk treatment to go out to show the groove of blade of cutting of miniature milling cutter of 36 each other. Every cutting a groove, cutting tool semifinished product should undertake locate and hanging down according to cut silk the cutting of drop-off. According to such line cut craft, the miniature milling cutter that the diameter is 300 μ M by one step by step treatment is made come out. Of blade of cutting of milling cutter front deputy hind horn is 10, optimize through making those who machine technological process to miniature milling cutter, can machine the milling cutter diameter that come out to have 50 μ M only finally. Grinding gives more sharp cutting blade appearance of helical milling cutter passes a grinding treatment even finally, because the cutting blade of milling cutter will have better exterior quality and more sharp cutting blade after grinding. When grinding, abaqus company provided finite liability company one case to undertake adaptability adjust to the grinding craft of miniature milling cutter with knife of Zecha hard alloy, so that can be opposite,miniature milling cutter undertakes grinding. After the adaptability of technology of the grinding that finish is adjusted, go up to undertake grinding to miniature milling cutter in grinding machine of the Rollmatic Smart Grind Mano 6 of high accuracy tool, the graph shows the comparison of ministry of blade of cutting of the cut that it is a line and milling cutter of the miniature after grinding is machined 5 times. Graph the milling cutter of odd blade miniature of 5EMT 100 material, a graph is grinding, b graph is in for line cut treatment determine when this kind of means produces the cutting property that makes yield miniature milling cutter, undertook with X38CrMoV5-1 material milling experiments for many times. Miniature milling cutter undertook grinding according to large quantities of means that estimate production, having very high surface quality and outline precision, the influence that machines tolerancepublic errand to the spare parts lowered minimum. Its biggest characteristic is cutting blade the circular cut that compare a line wants a lot of smaller. This kind of diameter the miniature milling cutter of 300 μ M changes model the cutting speed when cutting tool milling is Ap=20 μ M, rotate speed N=1000r/min, every tine feed is Fz=13 μ M. Compare with the photograph of miniature milling cutter of line cut, the burr when the miniature milling cutter after this kind of grinding is being machined got apparently improvement. Same, horn is in after 3.

5 ~ 7 between change model the horn before breed is mixed increases 20 ~ by 10 ° 30 when change model the milling burr circumstance of breed also is improved somewhat. What force of familiar on Chan Ren and market cutting of milling cutter of double blade miniature detects is mediumer, peak value of force of cutting of milling cutter of odd blade miniature is more even, milling cutter of apparent excel double blade. The ply cutting bits that milling cutter of double blade miniature spends an error as a result of coaxial and causes is abhorrent the cutting force change that gets with the cutting blade that concerns with this can avoid. In the comparative experiment of material of different cutting tool, in the comparative test that if use the EMT 100 material, data such as EZ 44 and EZ 61,has, the cutting power that EZ 61 produces is relative the smallest. Additional, the knife face of milling cutter undertook film is handled, got test and verify when cutting experiments. Compare with the photograph of miniature milling cutter that does not have film stuff, its cutting force did not rise, because film ply is very thin, be less than 1 μ M, it is OK that brings by film cutting blade pours round radius to increase because of coefficient of friction reduce and be able to compensate. CNC Milling CNC Machining