Jin Hua makes exit tool produce base

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City classics trade appoint an investigation report that completed a few days ago, to work out Jin Hua " Chinese exit tool produces base " " 915 " the program offerred a proposal. In May 2003, association of Chinese hardware products awards an our city " Chinese exit tool produces base " title. City leadership points out, want to be chance in order to give a shop sign, lay world top-ranking level, do do greatly strong " Chinese exit tool produces base " . Hardware products production center is an our city in compendium of program of construction of base of advanced manufacturing industry " one base two centers 5 big industries group " main component. What hardware tool regards this center industry as catenary is forward industry, right backward the industry if black metal and nonferrous metal smelt and pressure delay, machinery and electric make wait for an industry to have stronger pull touch effect. Weave good progress plans, optimize industrial structure and distribution, it is to grab undoubtedly catch new round of key of 5 years of good luck period. [advantage] at present, exit of our country tool occupies the world to export the 1/10 of gross about. The main production base that the our city is tool of domestic dynamoelectric tool, measure, manual tool, kit, gardens, padlock. The advantage of industry of our city tool comes from at group dimensions. According to not complete count, whole town has manufacturing company nearly 2000, among them dimensions above company is close 300, year sales revenue overtakes industry of 10 million yuan of above enterprise of 100 million yuan of 160 more than the home, above 15. Output of main last year product: Metallic cutting tool 7.99 million, manual tool 34.04 million, dynamoelectric tool 59.79 million stage, lock 1.

6.3 billion, measure is close 9 million. 21 what hardware tool exports delivery cost to take whole town manufacturing industry.

40% , it is the extroversion in manufacturing industry spends highest industry. The course develops for years, the area distinguishing feature that our city tool produces is increasingly apparent, the industry measure with the urban district, always health the padlock of dynamoelectric tool of He Wuyi, Pu Jiang is given priority to, class is more all ready. Always health it is the base of dynamoelectric tool production with famous whole world, 56% what crop holds whole town, occupy countrywide 1/5, annual produce already amounted to 5.5 billion yuan. Golden China urban district basically develops horizontal feet, dynamoelectric tool, kit to wait, have a company nearly 200, implementation gross value of industrial output made an appointment with 3 billion yuan last year. Pu Jiang already became the manufacturing base of padlock of countrywide copper iron, existing padlock and fittings production company are close 600, annual produce exceeds 2 billion yuan. Hardware tool industry of Wu Yi in last few years a new force suddenly rises, annual produce already amounted to 1.8 billion yuan or so. According to concerning respect introduction, "Chinese exit tool produces base " the title awards Jin Hua, because we were had,be greatly one large quantities of is in domestic international market has the superior goods with higher rate and bibcock company. With respect to home market character, of horizontal feet and workbench have rate already was as high as 80% , other be like padlock 60% , scissors and planing tool 50% , dynamoelectric tool 35% , kit 25% . Exporting a respect, hammer, curium bend exit ranks the whole nation the first, 80% what file exit occupies the whole nation to export. Hua Feng is dynamoelectric tool company year manufacturing role to burnish machine many 200, already exported house whole nation a few years continuously the first. Energy industry is company of country's biggest horizontal feet production east, produced horizontal foot last year 900 more than branch, crop already occupied world front row, among them 10% what product of high-grade laser series takes an international market about. The workbench of the hot glue gun of company of the kit of company of the horizontal feet of celestial sphere company, Kang Da, Zhen Fei and industry of China harbor, energy, eternal life, all be provincial and even the person above average in countrywide congener product. [challenge] investigation report points out, the tool production of the our city has strong one side, but soft costal region is very apparent also. Standard of the technology with total trade, equipment is more backward, exit product class is not high, additional cost on the low side, lack own brand, lack especially domestic and international well-known trademark. Slant as a result of enterprise dimensions small, capability of internal coordination form a complete set is not strong, a lot of enterprises lean outside buy a spare parts to undertake assembly. And company of production of our city spare parts is less, great majority fittings should be purchased from and other places of Jiangsu, peaceful wave. Still owe with the mould industry closely related this industry develop, a lot of moulds can be machined to the other place only. As a result of in cheap product too concentration, the product is coessential change the trend very apparent, price war happens from time to tome, affected integral beneficial result badly. Global hardware product consumes the market to basically be centered in Euramerican country, of tool of our city exit 80% be in these areas centrally. Enter as our country " ' into the world ' hind transfer period " , the developed country shifts the business developing country production in succession. Abroad's famous tool manufacturer is like rich world of Germany, Mai Taibao, the United States 100, japanese herd cropland, day establishs project machine to wait to already ran a plant in Chinese investment. The dimensions of these enterprises and technical level are very high. Our city tool produces an enterprise to will face austere competitive environment, promote competition ability extremely urgent through innovating. [the strategy] Jin Hua should be made " Chinese exit tool produces base " , must search allow oneself to be in the target of international home market and fixed position. The expert thinks, the our city should capture the world to create the opportunity that the center transfers to China, aim at world metals tool to produce advanced standard, executive difference changes competitive strategy, base oneself upon is small and only, him start shooting brand. The our city should do essence of life to make the dominant product in a few old series such as powerful dynamoelectric tool, industry measure, manual tool, gardens tool, lock mainly; Base oneself upon at intermediate product, around the market demand of high accuracy, efficient, high reliability and special sex, the characteristic product that research and development has own intellectual property and in high-grade product, make the industry of form a complete set such as old spare parts, mould, outspread industry catenary, accelerate industrial assemble, promote an industry administrative levels. Dynamoelectric tool with always health, Wu Yihe urban district is given priority to, wait with friendly Electromechanical of colophony of Hua Feng, Camry, constant, skill for bibcock, hammer of main production electric drill, report, horn to burnish machine, cut machine, development arrives from the family the society is the much breed of each domains, much norms, seriation is dynamoelectric tool. In the meantime, apply new and high technology to develop the intelligence of high additional cost that has own intellectual property to turn dynamoelectric tool, hold the high end in industrial catenary. The market that maintains dynamoelectric tool has rate and exit to be in lead position of the whole nation, strive for crop of dynamoelectric tool of whole 2010 town to occupy 30% above of countrywide, exit occupies 40% above. Be versed in measure is given priority to with the urban district, energy industry is bibcock to the south of, make measuring tool of industry of laser of series of unifinication of big smooth Electromechanical, build the production with the greatest whole world and exit base. Manual tool with the urban district, always health, Wu Yi is given priority to, continue to hold workbench crop and the position that export sales volume whole nation to precede, do essence of life only group the manual tool such as gun of a tool, hot glue, clamping apparatus, scissors, develop the high grade, manual tool product that be saleable, raise the market to have rate. Padlock is given priority to with Pu Jiang, with wintersweet lock line of business, Bai Masuo course of study is bibcock, applied advanced technique tries to transform and promote, do do padlock of iron of copper of essence of life only this one traditional product, become the cupreous iron padlock with the greatest whole world to produce base. In the meantime, development electron is changed, the car lock that intelligence changes and lock of high-grade security personnel, raise content of product science and technology. Through " 915 " hard, whole town plans to breed overtake industry of 50 million yuan of tools 100 above, overtake 100 million yuan of industries 40 above, establish enterprise of 34 provincial above or industry technology center and center of research and development, strive for tool industry realized gross value of industrial output 2010 25 billion yuan, 10% what occupy gross of whole town industry, exit delivery cost is 18 billion yuan, reach domestic advanced level, make be worthy of the name " Chinese exit tool produces base " . (Government of people of golden China city) CNC Milling CNC Machining