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Production limited company of machine tool of accept of German Si Bin is exhibited at treatment of metal of 2006 Shanghai international on showpiece much money product, include to exceed SB/C-TMC of center of accurate CNC Turning, high dynamic performance compact model TS66MC/Compact of CNC Turning center; Have the center of tall accurate CNC Turning that appears first more TC-77MCY, multi-purpose SM100 of circular knife grinding machine, and exceed exact pattern to machine RV3-HSM of machining center of vertical of high speed of high-quality goods machine tool. Multi-purpose SM100 of circular knife grinding machine is had very tall practical, use at the blade of lathe tool and milling cutter is ground and be being repaired to grind, the fast blade of special cutting tool is ground, special apply to workshop cutting tool to repair grind, blade of the cutting tool that be not mark is ground. The emery wheel that has patent changes an orgnaization quickly, accessory configuration is all ready, the hand moves an operation handy. As exceed exact pattern to machine high-quality goods machine tool, RV3-HSM of machining center of high speed vertical can machine the high accuracy spare parts of production aerospace, actuating device and weapons system, wide application is made at car, mould, the numerous industry such as electron, horological, telescope, computer, accurate machinery, hydraulic pressure, medical apparatus and instruments and hard mill treatment. RV3-HSM uses a person to make granitic lathe bed, metallic base and casting of man-made granite lathe bed become an organic whole, have very good suction shake ability, tigidity and thermal stability. Use anthology match type to assemble, cooperate precision extremely tall; Its course blows grinding slideway and workbench datum plane artificially, flatness, linearity and verticality are in 2µ . Top rotate speed can amount to high frequency main shaft 24, 000 turn / cent, 12 whole sealing are automatic knife library, mark matchs sparge type oily mist cooling device, but spout of process designing cooling fluid, with segregator of centrifugal type oily mist. CNC Milling CNC Machining