The world precedes laser company uses Delcam PowerMILL to have laser small treatment

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The system of laser small treatment that Oxford laser company is using the PowerMILL CAM system of Delcam to be a company undertakes machining process designing. Use 3 shaftings interconnected system through old success, the company begins to use 5 axes device gradually. Dr. Dimitris Karnakis is the controller of project of small treatment system of Oxford laser company, he is certain on little scope use laser small treatment and traditional machining photograph are compared have huge advantage. Cut of traditional cutting tool implements micron cut very hard, because micron cut asks cutting tool volume is very minor not only, and requirement cutting tool must adamant, relatively, laser can be machined accurately, realize more flowing surface to machine quality at the same time. Same, laser also can produce a small-sized part more efficiently than electric spark machine. Be in early when Oxford begins inchoate laser to consider, oxford laser company already held water. In 30 years of in the past, the company becomes the world's banner laser to produce one of business gradually. During this, the two application domain of laser of company main research and development, laser small treatment and high speed are become picture. Using field of laser miniature bore, the company has the world's banner technology, this technology can use the high accuracy fuel injector that machines car engine. In addition, the company has his laser opportunity, can use treatment not only, still can undertake to potential user the product demonstrates to be made with prototype. Recently, the company is changing research to treatment of laser miniature mill. When Oxford laser company uses PowerMILL to undertake laser small treatment uses laser to undertake mill is machined, it is same that the process designing of X axis and Y axis direction is the same as opportunity of common mill treatment, position of the width that only difference is beam of light, cut and cut deepness pass the camera lens control that moves in Z axis. Cut deepness is decided by laser intensity and attribute of treatment material itself. Use 3 axes device through old success, oxford laser company begins to develop 5 axes treatment gradually. The addition that machines axial is machined through tilt and rotating will come true. This process uses different point of view the surface of spare parts of laser beam machining of different method, optimized exterior surface roughness greatly, reduce surface roughness 1 micron the following. Use laser beam machining also can machine 5 axes to draw form range likewise, general authority thinks laser beam machining comes true very hard to tick off the treatment of shape face, because the angle attribute of itself of laser light beam decided,use laser impossibly to machine completely perpendicular cliff face on 3 axes equipment. "The CAM software that we use at that time cannot satisfy 5 axes to machine the need of process designing. " Dr. Karnakis memory says, "The client suggests we contact Delcam. We are very satisfactory to the software of Delcam, to their technology support serves, especially the professional knowledge of customer service personnel and feedback rate are more satisfactory. " the research department that has many universities at present is engaged in 5 axes the research of laser beam machining, for instance, the research group of Birmingham Aston university is used with PowerMILL union with respect to the system Oxford laser company, in order to machines a diameter 125 micron are fiber-optic inside profound the wide antrum that compare aperture, so that embed inside aperture antrum,photograph undertake like equipment what is actually happening is passed feeling. Compare time-consuming mechanical burnish treatment, use laser beam machining these aperture antrum are more efficient, more agile, more accurate, also won't produce permanent damage. PowerMILL makes the complex and three-dimensional form and structure that machines a few micron becomes a possibility, the design that also is miniature photography equipment provided vaster space. In addition, more somebody combines PowerMILL and look of laser beam machining, what production uses at biochemistry to analyse is small shed controller. Biology medicine researcher passes these small shed controller to hold accuse the fluid inside network of small fluid channel, watch reaction, use this kind of method to be able to reduce waste effectively, analyse efficiency with rising relative to low cost. CNC Milling CNC Machining