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In mould treatment, exterior precision is most important, choose an appropriate knife handle, very big to realizing the exterior cutting of high quality to machine an influence, the character that needs pair of knife handle and equipment condition have integrated consideration, such ability realize best design to machine a requirement. In treatment of mould surface high accuracy face, it is negligible that the value photograph of the value of knife handle and whole set machining center is compared, but the main bridge that it is main shaft of join machine tool and cutting tool however, producing main effect to machining the stand or fall of quality. In contemporary and large high speed treatment facilities is arrived to produce segment by increasing application below medium condition, how to choose the rotate speed of machine tool main shaft that appropriate knife handle increases gradually with suiting, treatment gives the mould of high accuracy side, technical personnel must consider all sorts of character of knife handle integratedly, the clamping force that leaves in condition of high speed movement especially and precision of radial and jumpy error reach mass of its dynamic balancing, such is helpful for that reduce the vibration that cutting tool itself exists. In addition, the precision of radial and jumpy error of general knife handle should be less than 3 μ M, stem from the consideration of jumpy to machine tool main shaft error, the means that uses the main shaft with low weight, knife handle and band of cutting tool photograph is helpful for obtaining better cutting machines the effect. Generally speaking, the client can raise specific requirement to the cutting effect of knife handle, because different system has different technical character and advantage, according to special application purpose of the client, can find system of very ideal cutting tool clamp. Current, there basically are 4 kinds of knife handles on the market: Knife handle of hydraulic pressure knife handle, stress locking type, general knife handle, shrink knife handle. Knife handle of hydraulic pressure of hydraulic pressure knife handle is the knife handle with a kind of very wide application, because some clients machine a requirement special and employ solution of special cutting tool clamp, but much application domain is OK choose this kind of knife handle (graph 1) . Graph the clip of this kind of knife handle holds knife handle of hydraulic pressure of 1 male gram means has not at system of traditional knife handle. Screw need to use bolt of a pressurization only, what can drive a piston when bolt screws is sealed piece power of oil pressure of a hydraulic pressure produces inside knife handle, this pressure delivers steeliness equably to expand from circumferential direction set, expand wall again cutting tool clamp. Use system of clamp of this one cutting tool, can make systematic radial beats error precision is mixed repeat control of fixed position precision to be under 3 μ M. Because the existence inside knife handle has power of high-pressured oily hydraulic pressure, when cutting tool by clamp when, the oil pocket structure that hides inside and the existence big earth with oily high pressure increased structural damp, what can prevent cutting tool and machine tool main shaft effectively is oscillatory. Actual application makes clear, use system of this kind of clamp to be able to improve treatment precision and quality not only, and the service life in still can making cutting tool is machined in cutting gets twice rises. In addition, this kind of knife handle not only have maintenance-free function and fight corrupt ability, and be used easily and surely clamp cutting tool. Because, when close solid cutting tool, clamp pressure can guide any oil on knife handle or impurity bring expand in sleeve (treatment) in canaliculus chamfer. Can clear so outfit clip uses exterior area, let its keep dry, eliminate skid phenomenon, the torque that assures main shaft can deliver cutting tool well. Collet of type of locking of stress of collet of stress locking type uses means of clamp of much face cutting tool (graph 2) , this is a kind of structure extremely simple, but the clamp plant with design quite expensive function. The axial symmetry that cutting tool outfit places aperture to have via mathematical calculation design is special polygonal, have the aid of uses force to its at a tailor-made to load device, force clip to hold aperture to become a circle inside stretch metabolic limits, load cutting tool smoothly aperture thereby inside, the cutting tool after uninstalling namely by be out of shape tremendously regain power firm clamp. Graph this kind of knife handle that the TRIBOS that 2 hero overcome provides on market of system of clamp of much face cutting tool has the two sort application that differs with suiting purpose. 1.

Slightness knife handle this kind of knife handle agrees with most clip holds knife handle the design is particularly petty and outspread longer cutting tool, but also can use clip to hold shorter cutting tool, this is helpful for reducing the cost cost of the user. 2.

Brawny model knife handle type of build or figure of this kind of knife handle is greater, its tigidity is accordingly taller, raising radial load to compensate a respect to be able to offer higher quality. System of clamp of cutting tool of this kinds of many face applies at lengthen lever in great quantities, they can the treatment task of the difficulty of more agile ground that finish. To domain of application of high speed treatment, system of much face clamp is a great solution, the clamp because of cutting tool or loosening is the implementation inside the stretch deformation limits in knife handle material, can offer not only extremely precision of circumgyrate of upland knife handle, and do not have limitation to cutting tool service life. In addition, of cutting tool change convenient and simple, do not need any outside receive power source, need to use a kind of accessary clamp device to be in a few seconds only in achievable, consequently, system of clamp of this kinds of cutting tool can apply at many domains, ask to change often especially the applied domain of cutting tool. General knife handle is shown 3 times like the graph, general knife handle basically has plan of two kinds of application at present: Apply to light-duty treatment to use a field, agree with medium-sized use a field with heavy-duty treatment. The user can make full use of the main good point of this kind of knife handle and function of its vibration isolation, raise the exterior surface roughness of the service life of cutting tool and workpiece, and its price is OK with compare of photograph of system of high-end bedspring knife handle. Graph this kind of knife handle uses the SINO-R knife handle that 3 hero overcome be similar to hydraulic pressure knife handle expand the technology comes clamp cutting tool, it is its only outspread strength is gained through mechanical method, is not to pass hydraulic pressure medium to obtain. This one advantage can make the knife handle system of the user achieves the effect of vibration isolation and precision of very tall radial and jumpy error, be less than 5 μ M normally. Compare with photograph of pinchcock head knife handle, SINO-R knife handle still has additionally a few characteristics: Knife handle cutting tool installs ministry periphery to one gripping sleeve can grasp the circumstance of quadrature spanner to fall in leave out, rotate its come to secure a place, make knife handle every time clamping force is achieved unified; Can tighten solid and cutting tool of safe clamp circle (collet is OK place the front share of knife handle a few more closely, but the clamp rate of the bottom that place hole is poorer) ; Cover the cutting tool that can get used to all sorts of clip to hold a diameter through using a standard to reduce way; Through using in-house length adjustment screw, can adjust point-devicely axial length. Heat bilges cold shrink knife handle graph is shown 4 times bilge for heat cold shrink knife handle, this knife handle uses heat to bilge cold the technical principle that shrink, quantity of heat originates inductive technology heats. Graph 4 heat bilge cold shrink this knife handle increases knife handle shrinkage fitting buy has induction coil (some device use high frequency coil) , can undertake heating accurately to the area of the cutting tool that inserts in knife handle. After inserting cutting tool, need cools for some time to knife handle, this can be covered through refrigeration accelerate its cooling rate. Knife handle refrigeration relies on its systole force to clip knife handle closely later. Bilge through heat cold shrink the cutting tool of clamp, clamping force is large, and can bear very tall torque. Bilge through heat cold shrink the cutting tool of law clamp is become almost get the cutting tool of type of an organic whole with very even force, have a lot of advantages: Precision of radial and jumpy error is very tall, can achieve 3 μ M to be made the same score in order to enter the water; Transmission torque is big, and the design photograph contrast of knife handle is more cabinet. But its blemish depends on, be told than knife handle of hydraulic pressure knife handle or stress locking type, performance of its vibration isolation is poorer. Epilogue passes pair of above 4 in the contrast of system of cutting tool clamp, we understand the advantage that has its oneself to every kinds of knife handle and inadequacy. When the user is being produced actually, want to undertake choosing according to the manufacturing characteristic of oneself, among them a main demand is: The static character that must know knife handle and trends are characteristic, only such, ability decides safe and effective treatment parameter. CNC Milling CNC Machining