The PDM application in CAD/CAPP/CAM compositive system and research

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As the promotion of computer technology and application, company automation rate rises ceaselessly, a lot of domestic companies already were in products plan, make reached administrative field to use the technology such as CAD, CAPP, CAM and CAE, become more important to the management of information, the issue of administrative lag is increasingly outstanding. As technical progress, the amount of information and newer rate can not be compared before. The different member that design is mixed to the control of these information applying is different. How had used these information, improve design quality, combine news report of data management, network and data control together, run the message that concerns with the product effectively, it is the pressing requirement that at present the enterprise runs to information. The structural frame of 1 PDM, function and the application in compositive system 1. PDM(PRODUCT DATA MANAGEMENT) is a kind of data management and information compositive software, regard the development in computer industry as one of the fastest technologies, PDM basically is accessed in the organization in the enterprise, dominate all product data, process of the product structure related as will whole as the product lifecycle, development and the information that develop personnel manage rise, it designs the product effectively from plan, academic design, detailed structure design, technological process design, production plans to make, the relevant data of each phase inside the product sale, whole lifecycle that till the product falls into disuse,safeguards has definition, organization and government, assure product consistency of data, integrality and security, the member that make design personnel, technology, material purchases personnel and sale personnel to be able to use concerned data conveniently. It is a when the company restructures and develop indispensable great infrastructure technology. Each advanced management of the enterprise plans carry out, attestation of system of quality of international of the reframing of process of battalion of the already that be like look forward to, collateral project, ISO also cannot leave PDM. 2. The tectonic frame of PDM system can be divided to use frame and data frame. This kind of structural frame highlights the function that emphasized a system, interface, standard, method and structure. 2.

Frame of application of 1 application frame involves the design that PDM system interior uses and construction, it comprises by three-layer: Applied layer, system serves layer and network layer. 1) application layer applies a layer to offer all sorts of application functions and consistent, friendly user interface for the user. It includes 3 application package: of management of environment of · of frame of applied frame data controls those who use functional unit to carry out a circumstance in the round, offer a course for whole system compositive. of unit of · application function offers an user to carry out the capability that all sorts of function place need. Applied function unit and other application form whole system to apply together. Develop and carry out what · application serves unit to be systematic application reach compositive application of all sorts of blame PDM system offer application to serve. Application serves unit independence at using functional unit, the influence that with avoiding to accept application the technology changes and reduce software to develop charge and time, raise code but sex of put sb in a very important position, share data between each application. System of layer of 2) system service serves a layer to pass consistent interface to provide the function that visits distributed network layer with independent means. The logic that it agrees to store the data on different physics equipment is offerred is stated. The system serves an independence at applying a layer, be affected in order to avoid data seat when change. It offers consistent port for the user and allowing to use an unit is can transplant, but each other uses, it is transparent to the physical position of function and data. Use system serves a layer to be able to protect the investment on applied layer software. It allows to change data to state and do not affect applied layer software. The system serves a layer to have 5 package: · communication serves to offer independence to transmit a service at the data of communication network unit, it transmits data through communication network unit. · computation serves to be all sorts of computation equipment in the system to offer port. It still has the capacity that provides surveillant computation resource to use a case. of · expression service is all inputs / the interface that outputs equipment to supply equipment of Lai Yu notting comply. For far end equipment offers communication service to call · safety to serve to be a system through the network all unit provide safety and administrative function. If examination, test and verify, visit accesses control, number,reach storage protection to wait according to transmitting. · data serves to store for data equipment offers the port that does not rely on equipment, these equipment undertake through the network physics is configured. For far end equipment offers communication service to call. To client computer / server system, the unanimous data logic view that supplies equipment of storage of physics of Lai Yu notting comply for application. Data service must support the main unit that the logistic data frame that describes in data frame forms. Layer of network of 3) network layer offers primary consideration and communication service function to reach pair of inputs / the visit function that exports equipment. These equipment include data to store equipment and seesaw pattern terminal are reached by all sorts of computers of communication establishment interconnection. This one unit is the most possible as a result of the technology rise and produce change. Serve an offerred standard interface through the system consequently, its feature is unit to applying a layer must be sightless. Network layer has 3 package: · is inputted / output provides the function that be sent from inside the system and receives data. Its hardware allows to undertake operating to all of computer science department of each district. · computation implements computer directive, the management, executive circumstance that controls instruction and process. Network offers · communication to be mixed between the computer the function that data transmits between I/O equipment. This component includes hardware equipment and physics to transmit agency, they become the computer environment of a distributed computation with all sorts of hardware couplet. 2. Frame of data of 2 data frame involves logistic data construction build. PDM system interior applies the data between to be based on implementation of this one frame to share each. Be based on whole industry through build and safeguarding the application of public data model, use in order to decrease what minority occupies converter. This one politic correspondence is used each unit raised all sorts of requirements inside frame. Data frame and applied casing framework became a complete PDM architecture. Data frame also divides a layer: 1) the data view that applies layer application layer to reveal an user. Comprise this one data model to call applied data model. A few application can share model of same application data. The data between application shares finish through following means: · data exchanges to transmit the process of data between the application that does not accord with public data model. Agreement of intermediate file trade is the bridge between model of different application data. Application must use converter to keep data with be being read from inside the agreement. of · view map shares the process of data between the application that accords with public data model. The public data model of notional layer promotes the development that uses data model. The view map that uses layer and notional layer is offerred by interface software. Layer of concept of 2) concept layer expressed the public data view of perforative and whole industry, it is all need to apply a data that share to provide onefold, consistent definition and description in systematic interior. The view that view of this kind of public data compares applied layer and physical layer is stabler. The data model memory that forms notional layer is in data storehouse. The each unit configuration in using frame, message that move and runs place to need offers consistent definition by data storehouse. These information include information of systematic configuration, application and safe strategy to wait. 3) the data view that layer of physical layer physics expressed database controller. These data storage are in pervade in the many storage equipment of whole industry network, the mechanism of the definition that it includes a record or expresses and mobile in equipment of physical layer and physical storage data. The view map of physical layer and notional layer is offerred by interface software. Physical layer also provides following information: · storage allocation is broken up and duplicate data in order to acquire optimal system property. · inquiry allocates to change inquiry and thing processing into any data to serve the format that unit can understand. 3. The basic function of PDM includes: Electronic storehouse and documentation management, process management, product constructs and configure management. Electronic storehouse is the function with the basiccest PDM. It builds the base in relation database commonly, deliver those who offer security, integrality to assure for the data between user and application. It is offerred generate, memory, inquiry, editor and file management, the product information that allows an user to visit a company quickly and the specific position that need not consider user and data. Process management basically is used dog and control an user to alter a course to the design of the product, provide support for automation management. The product is tectonic but utmost favourable geographical position uses existing design to develop new product. Configuration management is rock-bottom support with electronic storehouse, with material name detailed list is constituent core, definition end item all project data and documentation connection rise, achieve the constituent control of product data and administration. Be in compositive below the development environment that change, the function that PDM regards compositive frame as is more main, the compositive environment that it makes place compose is built is had good but retractility, make the company can have something made to order by need all sorts of specific systems. Pass PDM to be able to realize an enterprise to produce what go up with management to optimize combination, decision-making to the enterprise also can provide huge help. 4. Information of CAD/CAPP/CAM compositive system complex, connection is close. In eye antecedent condition falls, the data between different system exchanges a problem to had be notted solve completely. In different company, having different craft standard, the enterprise often reachs a tradition according to the condition of oneself, use more mature engineering technology. CAPP system needs the design information of the product not only, still need the craft information of the product. But in a lot of CAD/CAPP/CAM systems, CAPP system reads the ability inadequacy that takes relevant news from inside CAD system, a lot of craft information still need to be inputted with manual means. In product development and production, what technical personnel uses is blueprint of 2 dimension project, as a result of the polysemy of 2 dimension blueprint, inevitably conference appears mistake. As the computer and the flying development of the hypostatic technology that build a model, the products plan that is a foundation with three-dimensional and hypostatic model and make become hasten of general trends place. CAPP, CAM, finite yuan of analysis, fictitious assemble, the athletic analysis three-dimensional information that also needs a product. These information that PDM system can concern as whole as the product lifecycle unite management to rise, its support distributings, soft hardware platform, different network and different database differ below different compose environment. System of CAD, CAPP, CAM exchanges information through PDM, realized CAD, CAPP, CAM truly thereby without seam compositive. 5. One of core functions of PDM are system of automation of supportive engineering design. The data that it has centralized to lower level subsystem manages and visit control, offer the job to shed control through process management. The always charges an environment to fall each function unit that is based on PDM to unite can realize the alternant operation of much user, the compositive, information of implementation organization and person the function is compositive, compositive with the process compositive. As a result of the open sex of PDM, compose of the different land that can achieve a product, different is designed. It provides single data source to the product, can realize pair of existing software tools and tool of new development software conveniently enclose, facilitate the message that runs each subsystem effectively. It offers the management of the process and control, the process that is collateral project is compositive provided necessary support. Collateral project includes all designs, make, test, safeguard the collateral consideration that waits for function, PDM serves as a client / the unified information environment of server structure, it provided the frame that supports collateral project to run and basic mechanism. What face collateral project with what PDM serves as the CAD of compositive frame, CAPP, CAM is compositive more will effective. The function of PDM and the relation with compositive system the crucial technology of 2 executive PDM 2. System of 1 database management uses the most extensive, technology at present the most mature is relation database. They have relatively stable data structure commonly, in commercial domain very applicable. But the domain is designed in the project, data type is diversiform, the structure is complex, information is changeful, traditional database cannot get used to the need of this one domain completely. Object-oriented database is object-oriented technology and the result that database technology photograph combines, have the abstract sex, character that encloses sex of gender, inheritance, much condition, can satisfy the need of project application, and expand and safeguard of the system easily, have wide applied perspective. Existing PDM system is built mostly on relation database system, become plus an object-oriented layer. 2. Technology of 2 collateral projects is collateral of the member that the project emphasizes a product developing the different person in the process work in coordination, all resource of compositive enterprise, in recombine optimized foundation to go up further a product information and process organic union rises, make design process can accuse, make all works that develop personnel harmonious and consistent, consider all factors related to the product already in products plan initial stage, improve design career and quality. 2. 3 products build modular product model is to point to inside the whole lifecycle that gives a product, the logic of all information that concern with this product is compositive. Product data model is the data gather that after all information are arranged via abstraction, the product builds. The linchpin that product data builds a model depends on a system consistent the earth's surface amounts to the photograph interconnection between data is. Current, the research direction of this one domain has be based on a feature, be based on assemble reach the product model that is based on STEP. 2. 4 become group technique to put in similar problem 's charge into into group technique group, explore the unified optimal plan that solves this group of problems. The field is created in machinery, it is the similar sex classification that presses a variety of spare partses craft already, form spare parts a group of things with common features, with period small lot manufacturing assemble is become bigger into group output, obtain the economic benefits that is close to big batch production. The crucial question that uses set technology is distribute each parts into a group of things with common features. Use at present the most extensive is to classify encode to become group. Technology of PDM of 3 last words makes systematic progress as CIMS, collateral project, intelligence and perfect ceaselessly. The field that it involves already exceeded Technical Division to expand to section of production, management gradually. System of new generation PDM is opening gender, system compositive with support the meeting on distributed computation ability is more mature rise. CNC Milling CNC Machining