Technology of envelope of passenger car side is improved

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Summary: Put the limitation that be in in the light of envelope of stress of passenger car side wall, brief introduction improves measure a few kinds. Keyword: Side wall envelope; Stress envelope; Framework; Solder the stand or fall of flatness of envelope of passenger car side wall is affected directly truckload exterior quality. If a passenger car, no matter how its establishment is complete, but its exterior quality is very poor, especially side envelope surface has apparent ripple glaze and uneven feeling, fall in radial action even, show when the concealed when existence, glance mixed and disorderlily the effect, also will not gain the favour of the user. At present domestic car plant uses the blemish that 1 stress envelope exists craft of the most extensive side wall envelope is stress envelope (namely tensioning envelope) . This envelope uses artificial, electric heat or critical plasticity deformation point is reached after machinery is tensioning, stick framework of close automobile body to undertake spot welding. This kind tensioning envelope craft is simple, easily batch production, maneuverability is strong, replaced the prestressing force skin in the past. But the production that passes this a few years, already showed the defect that its cannot overcome gradually. (The 1) development as a result of side window technology, side window by the glue in the past window of type aluminous profile already transferred for whole stickup type or window of push-pull of orthogonal aluminous profile, the envelope solder that goes up formerly along bridge below side window is nodded but by glue cover, and present side window already cannot cover, must use atomic grey strickle, construction is more complex, atomic grey dosage grow in quantity. (Because arc is very small,2) side window issues the pillar between edge bridge and waist rail, when making general by oversight, do not have radian pressing look, fall directly by rectangular canal however makings spell solder, cause curve of stress envelope radian can by foremost assure with final pillar, bring about curve of radian of stress envelope middle and design curve to have discrepancy, make the person feels side wall envelope is not full, have inside sunken phenomenon. Have more very person, because rigid attrition is between pillar and envelope, envelope appearance has " dew muscle " phenomenon. (3) to in cheap car, as a result of cost issue, its solder cannot use technology of resistor spot welding, still use CO 2 gas to protect solder, but solder be out of shape uncontrollable, bigger to skin damage, the quality of exterior of direct eventuate envelope that bring about is poorer. The improvement of 2 stress envelope puts the limitation that be in in the light of afore-mentioned stress envelope, can adopt following method to undertake improvement: (1) changes structure of bridge of the edge below side window. Original structure (1a) seeing a picture uses KQJ 40 × 50 two 30 rectangular canals spell solder and become with KQJ 20 × , envelope adds a hem, solder on rectangular canal with side envelope, juncture place solders be out of shape bigger, atomic grey dosage is more, and paint appearance exists " rift " , it is more difficult to solve; After improving (1b) seeing a picture, the rectangular canal that spells solder formerly is replaced with integral different canal, cancel former hem, side envelope height rises; To high-grade passenger car, automobile body framework all uses galvanization steel tube, can use graph 1c structure. Like hem must use punch to shape, ask to have taller solder precision, adopt spot welding commonly. (A) (b) (c) 1.

Side window plays edge bridge; 2.

Hem; 3.

Side envelope; 4.

Stamping workpiece pursues texture of skin of 1 side wall (2) changes welder art. Solder to reduce be out of shape, improve quality of side envelope exterior, can protect gas of former CO 2 spot welding of solder instead resistor. Because resistor spot welding needs automobile body framework and envelope to have conductivity, can use galvanization steel tube and galvanization board, and such doing will naturally raise cost. With cheap passenger car is in a 8 M exemple, if change merely,the bridge of place of a few spot welding is galvanization steel tube, side window issues pillar of edge bridge, waist rail, around, side envelope changes for galvanization armor plate, its are odd a cost can increase 200 ~ to be controlled 300 yuan, installation cost of resistor spot welding is bigger also at the same time. Some manufacturer also use electric priming paint, but the finishing demand of steel tube and armor plate is high, the manufacturer that uses a success is not much. (3) framework and envelope are used stick receive a technology. Put the agitate reputation that be in to eliminate side envelope, raise side envelope flatness, can raise automobile body framework and envelope stick receive strength, if the glue such as Sikaf Lex is planted,use commonly, even besmear is on side framework carling and pillar, envelope classics 2 tensioning hind stick close framework, agglutinate. Adopt this kind of craft to avoid agitate sound effectively, exterior ripple glaze is less also, but stick receive the surface to divide rubiginous workload except oil big, if envelope uses common board, of envelope inside stick receive place to cannot besmear brush antirust paint, executive process is more complex. Stick receive craft to suit little breed, small lot to use. 1.

Side window plays edge bridge; 2.

Pillar; 3.

Waist rail; 4.

Carling; 5.

Boil press envelope to pursue envelope of 2 side wall boils control a construction (envelope of 4) side wall is used boil press craft. Pass craft test and verify for many times, the solder of solder of protection of CO 2 gas that discovers bridge of the edge below side window is nodded (spot welding or solder of a place of strategic importance) the main factor that is influence exterior. Solder to eliminate be out of shape, undertake as follows improvement to texture of side wall skin, if the graph is shown 2 times, upside of side wall envelope boils pressure shape, with likeness of different canal appearance; Solder locating stuff is underlined in the dot, solder nods <615 Mm, 10 Mm of the defect inside pillar, in pillar mid add one carling hem, the black that a wide 40 Mm sticks between carling and envelope is double-faced glue, use carling, make curve of radian of side wall envelope accords with design radian, envelope is used 2 times likewise tensioning craft, the adiabatic damp glue that 5 Mm of envelope inside full in season controls, fill solid framework and envelope clearance to seam. The envelope surface after the course is improved is Gang Ting, full, solder be out of shape to side envelope the surface is affected small, flatness is tall, ripple glaze and agitate sound are not clear. 3 last words undertake improvement to side envelope, must consider integratedly from the respect such as model, cost, craft and lot size, the improvement with fit choice measure. Also can improve a few kinds measure organic knead close, choose a kind of omnibus method, with improving side envelope outward appearance quality is mixed truckload quality. CNC Milling CNC Machining