The leader of lathe of numerical control of Taiwan CNC vertical

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In last few years, the industrial home of Taiwan people the chinese mainland that changed the look to economy to develop flourishingly, and elder brother hill is motherland mainland stage endowment is concentrated area, elder brother hill is a little place, but here collected motherland mainland however the 1/10 of stage endowment, nearly 6 billion dollar, be equivalent to whole Shanghai the summation of stage endowment. The situation with advantageous hill of this how many profit from elder brother, elder brother hill is handed in at coastal economy belt and belt of economy of the Yangtse River collect a place, east adjacent Shanghai, suzhou is connected on the west, communication is very easy. The Taiwan enterprise of elder brother hill has many 10 thousand, it is company of new and high technology for the most part. And have a Taiwan among them lathe of vertical of production enterprise of lathe of numerical control of the biggest vertical, Taiwan passes European C the earliest.

The attestation of E and EMC also is the firm that enters Euramerican market the earliest, oily machinist job. Recently, our newspaper reporter covered industry of oily aircraft machinery with respect to pertinent question (elder brother hill) limited company executive vise general manager Mr Wuzong. CMN reporter: Ask Wu Zong the development history that you introduce oily machinist job simply and the newest movement condition that are in China at present? Wu Zong: Inc. of oily machinist job founded 1978, main at that time production is weak can machine, special machine, get evade aperture chance. 1981, company business limits begins to involve automation machine tool and a replacement, include automation to make head of product line, milling cutter reach all sorts of oil pressure slip to wait repeatedly. Additional, begin to devote oneself to the research and development of numerical control lathe. 1991, medium or small YV-320A of CNC vertical lathe is in Taiwan a person of same business, banner research and development is successful. Research and development of YH-25A of CNC center lathe is successful 1992, use knife tower to use motor of rotary table oil pressure above all. Oily 1999 machine marchs formally aerospace machines industry, international is famous aircraft engine production company, United States is general reach England the enterprise such as Laosilaisi uses lathe of oily machine large vertical. CNC went against the success of research and development of series of YR-320 of type vertical lathe 2000, main shaft head and manipulator confluence together, solved the cutting problem with lathe the biggest automation. Research and development of HV-320 of CNC vertical lathe is successful 2001, automation production guides formally the treatment concept of vertical lathe, vertical lathe, go against type lathe both union is opportunity of automation CNC treatment. Current, oily machine has a whole world in vertical lathe the most complete machine is planted in all more than kinds 50, treatment places dish of diameter from φ 200 to φ 4000m/m. And industry of oily aircraft machinery (elder brother hill) limited company is the mainland career headquarters that established 2002, it is in order to sell a service preferential, combine business, education trains, spare parts inventory, treatment. CMN reporter: Progress as the ceaseless development of machine tool industry, the cycle that the technology innovates is shorter and shorter, taller and taller also to the requirement of technical level. The user hopes to use sophisticated technology morely, go among the production that uses as far as possible. Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, how is the company to come true is contented client right the demand of product hi-tech content? Wu Zong: Our target is the need that satisfies a client forever, cooperate through keeping close together with international manufacturer and communicate each other, perfect products plan and promotion technology content ceaselessly, in order to offer more high quality product and on-line after service. Oily machine accumulates the experience that abounds 26 years, also be affirmed on design program and mechanical character accordingly by the client. Actually, the production of tall nicety makes those who make equipment use be opposite with the factory those who install a process is strict guard a pass make we the production of every machine can ensure perfect finish, and all sorts of cutting conditions undertake imitate check strictly, just hand in in the client's hand next. CMN reporter: Compare with photograph of other and congener product, what does the product of oily machine have in technical respect special advantage? Wu Zong: Oily machine is Taiwan the manufacturer of lathe of vertical of numerical control of CNC of exclusive and professional production, in all 5 old series more than kinds of 50 norms, have many 1000 to serving in chinese mainland.

Series of our vertical CNC lathe, it is special in the light of high accuracy, tall stability, exceed heavy cut and asymmetry workpiece and design. Crackajack tall sex structure is designed, provide the mechanical performance that exceeds heavy cut, can reach value of the smallest machining error, reach its stability to be able to prolong cutting tool life. Use FANUC high horse power is high torsional main shaft is motor, combinative Germany ZF2 paragraph gear-box, make this machine has tall torque and capacity of high rotate speed at the same time, develop turning function incisively and vividly. CMN reporter: The machine tool of Beijing China International that was about to hold April exhibits CIMT2005 and the Shanghai July mould of machine tool of Dong Boguo border exhibits SIME2005 to go up, will you exhibit what product? Wu Zong: This year CIMT is exhibited on, we basically have exhibiting type lathe of YV-320ES vertical numerical control, suit to be used at Buddhist templeput on the brakes most dish or dish kind treatment; Machine of machining center of vertical of VMC-850-2S double main shaft, comfortable the need that produces a part at large quantities of quantities; Still have YH-28 puissant model lathe of horizontal numerical control. And exhibit in SIME on, to moment we can have new product to exhibit, welcome everybody to seek advice to the spot at the appointed time look around. CMN reporter: Make the manager of the enterprise as a famous machine tool, to the huge success that the company gains at present, whether is there recipe on management strategy, what is what you feel the most important? Wu Zong: I feel, without what the management of a production enterprise is special recipe, the most important is the trade news with hour newest attention, undertake effectively collection and try to analyse, transform them into the product that gets used to market need in appropriate time next. Treat sincerely only to the client, everything heads with the client's interest only, ability wins the client's reliance and entrust, and the company is in to while the client creates the greatest value, come true double beat development. This is the management philosophy that oily machine pursues all the time after the company held water 1977. Be based on our management philosophy, no matter be a stand-alone machine or flexible of production system partially, multipurpose of oily machine product designs a structure to use any fields in industry is your best choice. CNC Milling CNC Machining