Blessing couplet rolls out opportunity of treatment of high speed of dragon door series to plant

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Classics of experience of company of blessing couplet machinery tries hard for years, it is cornerstone with group of strong research and development and professional Electromechanical personnel, make metal of a high quality, high additional value machine machinery, successful with " FUI-LAND " achieve brand sale oneself, the opportunity of treatment of high speed of dragon door series of research and development is planted, with exceedingly good high speed nicety cutting function behaves be good at, obtain market affirmation and self-identity. Company of blessing couplet machinery establishs initial stage to throw mould manufacturing industry actively to machine the research and development of equipment, product of research and development has discharge to machine machine of center of milling machine of machine, CNC, integrated cutting, teach type CNC lathe, reach the machine of high speed of dragon door series that rolls out recently to plant, at present 90% products all are given priority to with export, this company comes for years too fully of ceaseless research and development, design and essence assemble experience to accumulate, be certain treatment industry begs the mould to demand the diversification trend that change and requirement of promotion product quality newly, treatment opportunity faces towards automation and high speed change development, join hands develops the machine that accords with market demand to plant, cooperate again muti_function the collocation of controller of computer numerical value is used, promote relevant technology and capability of research and development. Chen Jin hair shows president of blessing couplet company, this company comes what can last and stabilize grow for years, basically be pair of market product requirement trend control is correct, because Taiwan tool mechanism builds course of study to process a system thoroughly soundly subtly,also cooperate, let product of Taiwan research and development have competitive capacity more on the international market, as market demand, allow the research and development that high speed, high accuracy and opportunity of high additional value plant, never discontinuous, machine of high speed of dragon door series plants roll out, timely present this company to be in the firm actual strength of technology, experience, can combine the advantage that high speed machine and traditional engine plant, use the practical experience that comes for years on the product, especially, the machine that uses design of all directions hard course is planted, can let high speed machine plant cutting gains much better stability in treatment journey, collocation of optional choose uses formula continuously 10 thousand 2, 000~1 10 thousand 5, 000 turn or inside hide type 10 thousand 8, 000~3 10 thousand turn high speed main shaft, more stick into market demand, and union applies machine of design of 3 course drive to plant, let transmission and cutting ability promote 40% power considerably. CNC Milling CNC Machining