The green design of gear cutting machine tool and numerical control technology

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Introductive machine tool is the principal part that manufacturing industry has manufacturing machining. A when study personal classics becomes green to create a field when at present green machine tool processes a system new heat, basically reflect for: of 4 techniques approach? Luan of Pu of Chi elder brother steals collect to need ど  occupies collect of car of  of  of Wa of white ammonia mandarin orange to need  of せ  Bo oranges red conceive still Ting of ば of  of ⑸ of protruding ひ cut up with a hay cutter stops art, the; ② design such as pulverous metallurgy and development go have green environmental protection, if high speed does the; ③ such as machine tool of type cutting machine tool, cutting of microtherm air cooling to be opposite,have many manufacturing machine tool to undertake reproducing technology promotes, if pass number to accuse to change,simplify machine tool structure, increase hermetically sealed shield and oily mist processing system, the contaminative; ④ that reduces pair of workshop environments machines element mediumly through be being machined to the machine tool (fluid of cutting tool, cutting) , the parameter that add land undertakes optimizing, reduce specific power consumption, reduce pollution of treatment process environment to discharge, raise a machine tool to machine the green sex of the process. Gear cutting machine tool is content of a kind of technology tall and the equipment with sophisticated structure, oneself the crucial equipment mouth that becomes machine of car, autocycle, project, wind-force to generate electricity to wait for an industry with shipping especially, generate electricity as car opium trade and wind-force the high speed of the industry develops, increase increasingly to the demand of gear, the efficiency to gear cutting, quality and the requirement that machine wood more and more.

Swing, make gear adds earthy machine tool to generate electricity in car, wind-force does the machine tool of gear cutting of positional mouth tradition with be in waiting for an industry, had mainer and mainer have: of the following characteristic in machining a process? Qi of breed of Fen Xing Gou protects  τ character people Gou of business of Xing Tao wail knocks at  of  of poisonous Ling Ti refute of  of Gua of random  of extensive of  of discuss of evil spirit of Xing of sulphur of left-eyed flounder of cowardly of know of  of glad of  of dredge of persimmon of  of Ji of Na Pingyong け is graceful be short of low-lyingponding? but, the environment of state of oily mist opposite that an ancient type of spoon of fluid of the cutting in process of high speed cutting is splashed and forms and mankind are particularly harmful, of degenerative cutting fluid discharge also can father the oil of leakage of machine tool of ② of; of good pollution environment, phenomenon that mix oil is serious; ③ because the material of the machine tool uses on the high side of scene specific power consumption, oily bad news and additional cost, bring about gear to add generate wood tall, the Mu Sanling that seize day weighs data of the _ on _ to report, wet gear adds the cutting fluid that in be born, drains and cutting juice the charge of additional device occupies the}00ro that machines Cheng Mu to control; ④ efficiency of gear cutting production is low, treatment quality is poor, satisfy the requirement that contemporary company produces hard. Increasing production efficiency, reduce production Cheng Mu while, accomplish environmental protection, clean treatment, this is the foremost end that current abroad advanced developed country studies to the machine tool technical requirement. At present the manufacturer of famous gear cutting machine tool on international, be like GLEASON company of the United States, LIEBHERR company of Germany, the 3 water chestnut of day wood weigh industry company (Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, MHI)- regards a product as the important way of research and development the gear cutting machine tool that has green character in recent years, formed a kind new argue a dominant position unexpectedly, its product characteristic basically is behaved for full numerical control, high speed efficient, green is purified reach defend etc, especially high speed does type gear cutting machine tool will be progressively predominate. Adding design of earthy machine tool and the green character in making and resources environment attribute to undertake an analysis to gear base on clumsy, be based on theory of complete lifecycle project, offer design of green of gear cutting machine tool and production technical framework, design to the green of gear cutting machine tool undertake study with production strategy, the development that points out gear high speed does type cutting technology and whole set equipment is the main trend that prospective green gear adds __ benevolence machine tool to develop. The lifecycle process that the green character of machine tool of 1 gear cutting analyses gear cutting machine tool includes gear cutting machine tool to design production process, gear to add earth to manufacturing process and machine tool fall into disuse or discard as useless process 3 main stage. These 3 phase all waste stock, energy ceaselessly and generation environment is discharged. If the green character summary of machine tool of traditional gear cutting expresses T place not. Compare at other machine tool, wait like bed of lathe, machining center, key, gear cutting machine tool if the transmission catenary such as the gear-hobbing machine, machine that insert tine, mill tine machine oil of the cutting in process of more complex, treatment uses up longer, structure mist of person, Shan and Shan corrupt pollute oil of serious, leakage to mix oily phenomenon serious and cut bits much, this is the main reason that brings about sex of green of gear cutting machine tool to be differred relatively. Design of green of machine tool of 2 gear cutting and the green character that production technology and strategy are based on gear cutting machine tool and resources environment affect state analysis, offer design of green of machine tool of a kind of gear cutting and production technology framework. 2.

Cooling fluid of technology of cutting of 1 dry type includes to use Cheng Mu like the Chengmuyi in use process, purchase Cheng Mu, management to become wooden work clean Cheng Mu, scrap and corrupt oily detached Cheng Mu, waste liquid is discharged handle, the use Cheng Mu of their cooling fluid exceeded cutting tool to reach its to safeguard wooden mouth even in addition, the use of cooling fluid still causes cutting to add the main source that _ factory zoology and workshop environment pollution and handlers health harm, increase of consciousness ceaselessly as people environmental protection and of relevant code increasingly strict, the use that decreases to eliminate cooling fluid even already made inevitable trend. At present dry cutting new technology already became the heat in green processing technique, appeared the dry cutting that the mouth of new technology of accurate dry cutting such as lubricant cutting, air cooling cutting advocates minim currently is not the cooling fluid take out with a simple original medium craft, reduce cutting efficiency, the everybody that has traditional cutting technology however changes, offer a kind of cleanness, safe, efficient new technology for new century. In machine tool of foreign gear cutting, technology of dry type rolling cut got comparative perfect development, typical product has the gear-hobbing machine of GE 150A set of day wood MHI, the Baihaier in Germany (the LC18 of Liebherr) . Set gear-hobbing machine, the United States Gelisen (5 times what the cutting career that the mouth such as the gear-hobbing machine of Gleason 210H set of Gleason) company does type rolling cut to machine a machine tool can amount to conventional treatment, manufacturing efficiency can rise 4 times the left and right sides. With wet treatment is compared, machine tool of treatment of dry type rolling cut machines Cheng Mu to be able to be reduced 45% , among them, cutting tool cost is reduced 40% , one be favored with cuts fat fee to reduce 100% , the spare parts quality that electric power cost reduces 33%; to add _ to go up is higher, and; of dry defecate clean does not have oil mist, dry cut bits, working environment gets ameliorative, more clean, safe. The crucial technology that implements technology of dry type angrily to need to solve includes the following: (Popularly of mouth of speed of 1) tall rolling cut, in treatment of dry type rolling cut, to coating (the linear velocity of high-speed steel hob of TiA1N) asks to achieve 180m/min taller even; asks to achieve 3 00 M/min to linear velocity of hob of steel of 10 hard alloy. To realize treatment of rolling cut of this kind of high speed, the means implementation; that can use electric main shaft commonly to cutter spindle is right 10 workbench, use new-style design have the drive of positive drive system that eliminates gap automatically, replace system of traditional transmission of worm worm wheel, LIEHHERR.

Of the company such as GLEASOIV in mechanic of gear hobbing of small norms high speed makes an oneself use technology of electromotor of pitching moment servo, above of 800 Rlrnin of workbench turn up. (2) cuts the fast depart of bits. Because temperature is high, if cannot break away from cutting tool, workpiece and machine tool quickly,cut bits, cause heat easily to be out of shape, the influence machines precision, because this must eliminate iron filings effectively quickly. In treatment of dry type rolling cut, the high speed rolling cut that adopts hob commonly makes scrap leaves cutting tool and work quickly. A lot of companies are aimed at the problem that discharge bits, still put forward structure of a few machine tools to improve plan, if gravity of have the aid of accelerates the purify of scrap, avoid scrap _ to be like receive fall on workbench, assist high-pressured air cooling again, the effect mouth that can achieve fast and effective purify to cut bits had some of company to still use stainless steel heat insolation to overspread, one square and stainless steel is expressed and smooth, 10 scrap eliminate, another square and the heat of stainless steel conducts coefficient small, reduced scrap quantity of heat to workbench and lathe bed deliver. (The hob data that rolling cut of dry type of mouth of hob of 3) high speed uses develops initial stage to use horniness to add up to Yu Gang, but because Cheng Muang of hob of hard alloy steel is expensive, close year the hob of pulverous metallurgy high-speed steel of development and hob of TiA1N coating high-speed steel have the tendency that replaces hob of hard alloy steel to be used at doing rolling cut to add an ancient type of spoon. Company of Li Baihai Er studies in the report is right hard alloy hob ((hob of high-speed steel of Carbide) dry rolling cut, pulverous metallurgy puts in SS-PM) 's charge firm hob of 1000 rolling cut and groovy high speed (Canv.

Handling time of HSS) rolling cut and treatment undertook comparative into wood. Fruit of comparative analysis abb makes clear, be machined to convention at photograph of type rolling cut and character, handling time is short, into wood lower; uses hob of pulverous metallurgy high-speed steel to have better dry type rolling cut to machine the effect than using hob of hard alloy steel even. 2.

The 2 craft that do not have machinery of the processing technique that cut bits less to make method of useful and accurate figuration make a part, say not to have the treatment that cut bits less. Machine of gear cold rolling is one kind does not have the gear cutting machine tool that cuts bits, belong to green processing technique. But because accept the restriction of character of cold form cutting, although managing raw material is used up, but the existence in machining a process increases person of earthy specific power consumption, noise and process capability finite wait for a problem, still remain to advance the development of its technology energetically. Graph the chance of 3 gear cold rolling that increase earth without bits to be namely. 2.

The numerical control that 3 numerical control turn machine tool of technical gear cutting is changed transform be helpful for its design and production green changing, main show is in the following square and. (Numerical control of 1) gear cutting machine tool is changed transform be helpful for simplifying structure of machine tool machinery, reduce machine tool raw material to reach its to make place require the sources of energy thereby.

Of complementary makings use up, resource conservation, reduce environmental pollution. (2) uses numerical control program, raised the automatic rate of the machine tool, everybody shortened machine tool settling time, improved productivity. (The cutting parameter random such as 3) cutting speed, feed is adjustable, rose to add unripe a few flexible, of cutting parameter optimize. (Bound of 4) interactive type and, the operation is convenient, and use sealed treatment means normally, reduce the labor intensity of handlers greatly, enhanced the security of the operation, be helpful for labor protection. 2.

4 modular those who reach a structure to optimize machine tool of design technology gear cutting is modular the design is a basis client demand, on the foundation that analyses in the function, design different use (or function) , structure, and the function is same, interchangeable shares functional module (include package, component, device or system to wait) with a few special and independent components, the design method mouth of the gear cutting machine tool that the option that carries module next and combination will come to assemble different function and norms is used modular design, can shorten date of delivery, answer the market quickly, and can improve product quality, cheng Mu is lower, performance is more steady, the reproducing that is helpful for a machine tool and safeguard, 10 after discarding, disassemble. Group of Chongqing machine tool is in process of product development design, discover the cutting motion characteristic of the gear-hobbing machine, machine that insert tine and roll flute machine, invented thereby " the collective module that builds 3 kinds of machine tools first, build random again the mutual module between two kinds of machine tools, build respective particular module again finally " gear cutting machine tool is modular can reframe design and produce new method. Additional, in the design process of gear cutting machine tool, still can use all sorts of structures to optimize a technology, in order to improve the green performance of the machine tool. Like: ? Enzymatic duty Qian adds Mao of pace of leap up  in all branny hold Ju of settleclear Piao of fat of leave uncovered of  of Zhan of  of  of planning moisture in the soil of band of Mao of  of  of storehouse of  of act of car of  Wa  shows  of  of cover of take along sth to sb of twinkling of Ge of  of Lu of mother of Xiong of stand upright  to collect  of Dun Gu ⒅ Mao in all, obtained favorable result. 2.

In process of development of design of machine tool of gear cutting of 5 reproducing technology, answer to set out from complete lifecycle angle, the circular put sb in a very important position of resource of mature machine tool, use dismountable reclaim sexual design and modular the method such as the design, after facilitating machine tool discards as useless, undertake reproducing and technology promote. Gear adds earthy machine tool to have taller reclaim use value, but resource of component of put sb in a very important position reclaims utilization rate is higher, and reproducing Cheng Mu is inferior, if reproducing gear-hobbing machine becomes wood to be the 50%~60% mouth of the new gear-hobbing machine of akin technology level to pass reproducing only, machine tool person measures component be able to put sb in a very important position, the process that avoids to make these component (cast, solder, cutting treatment and heat treatment) medium environmental pollution and resource, the sources of energy is used up, also avoided to make reclaiming handling the resource of the process to use up be polluted with the environment to these component. After undertaking to gear cutting machine tool integral performance promotes, realized high quality.

High accuracy, automation is machined, decrease adjust, add earth and examine time, treatment precision is stable, percent defective is reduced, production decreases into wood, of process of well implementation treatment energy-saving, fall a confusion of voices. Around of reproducing of gear-hobbing machine bed is right. 2.

6 other technologies use oily mist to handle device to purify oily mist. In high speed one be favored with cuts a condition to fall, gear adds G2 to be able to produce the oily mist of big star, serious to producing a workshop to cause environment is polluted 2 it is OK to use oily mist segregator undertake depurative to the oily mist of place eduction, national People's Congress reduces the oily mist pollution to workshop environment, can achieve favorable result, if pursue,7 are shown. Use cut bits effectively to reclaim system, what detached scrap and smeary mouth person measure is smeary take away in workpiece be been in by conglutinate and scrap, by 10 scrap bulk small, the amount is large, be expressed always and accumulate very person, and scrap appearance is normally irregular, be helpful for smeary adsorption, the smeary quantity that takes away because of this scrap very person. But in general situation, this problem did not get fuming inspecting, a large number of smeary rods are taken away in scrap, cause environmental pollution finally, because this needs pair of scrap and oily mist,undertake depart. Particular executive procedure can consider to increase to cut bits advancedly to reclaim system, use at depart scrap and smeary, be helpful for scrap on one hand reclaim, another square and justice the mouth of environmental pollution problem that can reduce the waste liquid in scrap is YKS3120 series the device discharging bits of gear-hobbing machine of 6 axes numerical control, have scrap and corrupt oily detached function. The development trend of machine tool of 3 green gear cutting sets out from environmental protection ecology and technical economy angle, effective control or the person quantity with abolish oily cutting use the hasten of general trends place that is development of machine tool of green gear cutting. Wet gasoline tank of configuration of cutting law need and oil path system, still must adopt measure to prevent oily metamorphism, and undertake abandoning oily processing, workpiece is cleaned, cutting oil eliminates processing to wait. And harmful to human body sulfide, chloride is contained to wait in cutting oil. Below condition of dry type cutting, the environment that the means that uses hermetically sealed shield to cheer mist segregator controls cutting oil effectively to arise and the clean loop that health is endangered and realize cutting oil are used is a kind of significant step. Because this kinds of means does not have pair of machine tool structures, tigidity and cutting tool to wait,raise new technical requirement, real off-the-peg wood is consequently inferior, technical span is relatively lesser, because this plants this eye muscle environmental protection wet cutting gear-hobbing machine is existing in the developing country the person estimates demand. The defect of this method depends on and use without what cast off cutting oil truly, its environment.

Still exist with healthy potential harm. And means of gear cutting doing type is what cutting oil eliminates to use on a kind of real significance is advanced add.

means, it is rice comes green of gear cutting machine tool is changed, the inevitable trend of high speed, efficient development. 1000 type gear adds a few minutes to do type and high speed to do type cutting for microtherm air cooling two kinds of means. Cutting of microtherm air cooling is the cutting lubricating oil that adds microtherm cooler well to use thimbleful on existing and efficient gear-hobbing machine and the foundation that insert tine machine to wait, the dry type cutting of this kind of means is changed in the green of existing and efficient gear-hobbing machine in transforming, have relatively person value. In recent years, the development that waits as technology of cutting tool material, coating, present hob linear velocity can achieve 600 M/min, this did the application of type cutting gear-hobbing machine to provide technical safeguard for high speed. Dry type cutting and wet cutting photograph is compared, machine tool of angrily of high speed dry type by 10 do not need cutting Shan completely to reach do not need to increase microtherm cooler, not only the manufacturing efficiency that improved a machine tool greatly, dropped work add _ labour Cheng Mu, and be helpful for protecting environment, managing rich. As environmental protection consciousness rise to take various energy-saving technologies seriously more and more with people increasingly, do fast the target that strikes type angrily machine tool to will become gear manufacturer to buy treatment equipment newly, close year each are big on international manufacturer of one angrily machine tool is in center energy to develop high speed to work type gear cutting machine. So and the main trend that the high speed that makes to green does type angrily machine tool will be development of machine tool of green gear cutting. 4 conclusion   (1) and the gear that makes to green adds I_ machine tool advantageous the 10 oily mist that reduce gear cutting are pollution, clean manufacturing environment and the security that protect handlers and health, through reducing cutting at the same time the use of fluid can reduce finished cost, the favour mouth   that is produced manufacturer and user at present by machine tool of domestic and international angrily (2) what the gear cutting machine that makes to green basically includes to contain hermetically sealed shield and oily mist segregator is wet gear cutting machine of gear cutting machine, cutting of microtherm air cooling, high speed wait at type angrily machine tool. Among them machine tool of angrily of high speed dry type with its high speed, efficient, do not use cutting fluid, sheet produce Cheng Mu the advantage such as low, environmental protection, the main way that makes machine tool of green gear cutting will develop henceforth. CNC Milling CNC Machining