Shijiazhuang develops successful and new-style high-powered air-jet loom

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From bureau of Shijiazhuang city science and technology understanding arrives, spin the new-style air-jet loom that knits development of mechanical limited company by Shijiazhuang, development is successful recently, passed national level appraisal. The expert thinks, this our country develops high-grade loom of production independently, achieved international congener product is advanced level, can batch throws production. According to introducing, it is those who satisfy industry of home market spin to change manufacturing requirement without shuttle, shijiazhuang city included city technology research and development task new-style air-jet loom 2003, support fund 80 thousand yuan, formed task group by limited company of Shijiazhuang spin machinery, mix through many market survey develop repeatedly score a success. This kind of new-style high-powered air-jet loom, not only overall design construction science is reasonable, and realized high speed movement is stable and reliable, what can knit cotton, chemical fibber and blending is tall, high density, rare, crass wait for all sorts of fabric, breed adaptability is strong, product quality all achieved a design to ask. CNC Milling CNC Machining