Days servo flies in reinforcing steel bar the application in cutting a project

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One, project general situation is current the part of fixed length cut of the machine of straight cut of correct of reinforcing steel bar on the market, use journey switch to add more take the electric machinery that holds brake in the arms to comprise. Working principle is to become when reinforcing steel bar arrives at fixed length to nod, bit body is started from the origin position of the definition, begin roll, finish the electric machinery after cutting rotating origin signal is encountered in the process of circuit, park origin position below the action of brake system, await the arrival of signal of next fixed length next. Because control circuit to be sucked by electromagnetism,close implement form with journey switch, braking system gather into one is unreliable, cause whole to cut an error to be controlled in ± 5cm. Days science and technology was offerred for this transform program. 2, this project used performance dominant position servo of days IMS series controls a system, its characteristic is as follows: Rate of travel of ☆ report accident under 3 times electric machinery can come true when 50Hz rated torsion output, rated torsion outputs the 3 times electric machinery that includes lock of electric machinery 0Hz to time, assured the reliability that electric machinery runs. Function of PLC of the buy inside ☆ (16 enter / 13) , the kind that carries QMCL software process designing undertakes be defininged oneself designing to all I/O. ☆ uses the program that QMCL language compiles, OK and agile set is electric at 0 o'clock, the parameter setting that has defined through the program slants buy value will assure machinery origin and electric the reliable union 0 o'clock. The function of fixed position of electric machinery axis with ☆ compositive system, ± of error of implementation fixed position a pulse (electric machinery turns circuit is corresponding 10000 pulse) curve of the S when electric machinery of set of parameter of system of controller of     ☆ moves and torsion are restricted amplitude. 3, applied plan transforms controller of servo of science and technology of days of project sketch map and electric machinery of form a complete set, circuit of hardware of replaceable former some and electric machinery of bolus Buddhist templeput on the brakes. Its job process is: Controller electrify, a type of local school in ancient times of voluntary movement travel is in servo condition, electric machinery fixed position slants at origin the position of buy. When fixed length signal gives controller, controller basis parameter set, control electric machinery is achieved quickly cut rate (60Hz) , finish cut. When decelerate arriving to nod after cutting, controller basis set parameter, decelerate of control electric machinery arrives the rate that seeks origin (3Hz) . Bit body arrives in the induction in rotational process origin signal, controller enters fixed position mode, walk along a position to slant buy (the error is in ± a pulse) , the fixed position that finish. Servo condition is in after, await the next to cut the arrival of signal. Input signal: C4D0 -- be close to switch, scale cuts signal   C4D1 -- when origin switch =0 effective   C4D2 -- the hand is moved cut pushbutton   C4D2 -- pushbutton of computation to clear 4, the fixed position after bit body of ☆ of applied effect   touchs origin every time slants buy + 4 pulse, location is exact, but repeatability is good. Equipment is cut to cut an error to be in after ☆ is transformed 5mm less than, satisfy client requirement completely. ☆ adopts QMCL program, use monitoring face plate to realize computation, and computation remembers a function. Because ☆ is in-house compositive PLC function, make periphery circuit structure simple, easy configuration, move switch and hand of implementation of I/O mouth linkage with the dot cut a function, with function of computation to clear. CNC Milling CNC Machining